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Aug 23, 2010 2:55 PM

Smelly running shoes

My shoes stink! I've washed them in the washer with some of that Tide Sport laundry detergent and they still stink? My wife has a sensitive "sniffer" and it is driving her crazy. I have to keep them in the garage. But they are getting so bad even my almost stopped up nose is bothered by the smell. How do you get the smell out of running shoes?

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  • grid-rider Legend 235 posts since
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    1. Aug 23, 2010 3:16 PM (in response to Johnny Webb)
    Re: Smelly running shoes

    Thanks,  read that after finally getting my 3rd pair dry.(wet dog smell)  The 2nd pair just went into rotation as I just bought another Mizuno Wave Rider 13

    Gotta buy some Fabreze Sport extreme odor

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    2. Aug 23, 2010 6:51 PM (in response to Johnny Webb)
    Re: Smelly running shoes

    Go to a sporting goods store and buy 2 cans of the extreme shoe deodorizer (think bowling alley rental shoes).  Empty the can INSIDE the shoes.  Leave the shoes out to dry.  Repeat.


    You have fungus (mold, mildew) in your shoes.  The only thing now is to deodorize as best as possible.  Get a new pair (or better yet, two, so you can rotate) of running shoes, and let them air dry thoroughly between runs.


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    3. Aug 24, 2010 7:15 AM (in response to Surfing_Vol)
    Re: Smelly running shoes

    I seem to be backwards so I am of no help to you. My nose runs and my feet smell.


    Kidding aside, I agree that it is moisture causing the smell. Get rid of the shoes, try using Dry Max socks with new shoes.

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    4. Aug 24, 2010 7:40 AM (in response to calbiker)
    Re: Smelly running shoes

    Try the Win sports detergent,  works great on my stinky running clothes.    Only thing we've found that works.  You can find it at Sporting goods stores.

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    5. Aug 28, 2010 12:16 PM (in response to Johnny Webb)
    Re: Smelly running shoes

    Once the smell is gone make sure you dry your shoes completely after every run.  I may get an argument on this, but use a shoe dryer (a lot of people will argue against heat and running shoes - but the one I own is a gentle, slow heat - gentler than a hair dryer). I love it.  My husband uses it for his workboots (he's a contractor) every day and I use it on my running shoes.  We also spray Dr. Schools Odor-X Spray Powder into the shoes before drying them.  Neither of us have smelly shoes with this combination of care. 

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