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Sep 28, 2010
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Sep 30, 2010 11:36 AM

Newbie Runner doing c25k, ok to work out on "rest" days?

I am not quite starting from sedentary, I have been exercising 5 times per week for the past month, so decided to try c25k to change it up and running seems like a great way to burn a zillion calories. I can't believe how much I enjoy running.


Anyway, my shins have been causing me a little discomfort and my veteran runner friend stressed that I need to NOT run on the rest days and to follow the program. I am shocked that I have any desire to run on rest days.  Anyway, I need some guidance. Do you think it is ok to do other exercise on those rest days? I have a number of Jillian Michaels dvds and some pilates work outs. I am sure that Pilates is ok, what do you think about the jillian work outs??


Thanks for reading!

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    It is definitely okay to cross-train on rest days, just watch the intensity and type of exercises you do. Walking, cycling, swimming, light dance or step aerobics, even weightlifting would be okay. Just don't overdue it.

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    Take your days off!  Very important to rest between runs, especially for the legs, knees, shins...


    However, it's fine to do other things.  My personal opinion is to avoid high impact stuff for a while, on your off days from running, simply because the body is adjusting to a new thing.  You may be fine doing all of that impact work, but be smart.  Go slow. If you feel shin splints, take care of them NOW before you end up really hurt.  Look into swimming, riding a bike..  Pilates is good.


    Again, just my 2 cents..


    Have fun!





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    I worked out on my days off from running. I did Zumba and some weight training on my days off from running.  However if I was sore I made sure to skip an extra work out and give my body some recover time. I have never done or seen any of the Jillian Michaels Dvds but from what I have heard they are really intense. IF you are experiencing some pain from running already I personally would stay away from them and let your body rest on your days off until you get use to running.

  • catwithkittens Expert 42 posts since
    Sep 26, 2010

    hi ya i'm doin similar thing as you.. i've been workin out now for about 9 months off and on . had to run on grass to save my shins.. now as i've started up keep fit class on monday, circut trainin on wednsday and i,m tryin to fit in the c25k program also.. on the road to build up my joints to the pressure..people tell me to rest every second day but i want to run and feel good enough as its a run walk and not too much.. i think if my body is tired then i'll take a day off from the program.. i'm currently just done w3d3 but even at that ran for 5min instead of 3 the second time..i'll prob skip today and go tomorrow for i only really started 2 weeks ago but cause i'm kinda fit, tryin to get to the harder weeks earlier... soooooo i know where your commin from wantin to go every day..but listen to your body and maybe try runnin on the grass to save your shins..

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    Between runs, you can do other workouts.  I'm also surprised that I'm getting anxious to run again on my off days.  I'm in this to lose some weight, but my main goal is to get in better shape.  On my off days, I tend to either do nothing or walk.  I don't have any weight training equipment and don't want to waste my money on a gym membership that I doubt I'd use, so walking the treadmill tends to be what I do.  I do try to work some planks and other exercises into it.


    You don't want to get hurt by doing too much on your days off.


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