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Dec 4, 2010 10:03 PM

Training after surgery...

I took on triathlons fairly recently. I did a couple of sprints this year and did ok in the first one and had a good improvement in the second (time came down from 1:30 in the 1st to 1:10 in the second). I have been training steadily and now I have to go through surgery this coming week... Long story short, I had a cancer scare, my doctors thought I had a soft tissue sarcoma in my right thigh. It ended up being something benign (yeeeaa!!); but they still want to take it out. They are basically going to cut my thigh and get the mass out. My doctor told me that if I get in a pool in the next two months she is going to kill me if the infection does not. Sooo, my question is, how much fitness will I loose in two months without training? All of it? I have read some interesting figures and it does not look good... Anyone who has gone through something similar? Any doctors?


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    1. Dec 8, 2010 9:29 AM (in response to lgarcia3)
    Re: Training after surgery...

    Hey, I went through a juvenile angiofibroma surgery which is basically a tumor on the nasalfaringe, before that I was pretty fit and during the recovery process I did lost a lot of my fitness, but the rest that you give your buddy in a sense it's rewarded once you start again, I remembered I started training as hard as ever since I was very motivated due to the success of my surgery, so even though I did lost a lot of my fitness I came back stronger than ever, not only physically but mentally which led me to doing my first full IM.


    I am sure you will get back on track in no time, don't worry too much about how much fitness you are losing but how much stronger you will be mentally after undergoing this surgery.


    wish you the best on both the surgery and getting back on track


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    2. Dec 8, 2010 3:58 PM (in response to lgarcia3)
    Re: Training after surgery...

    Are you just limited to staying out of the pool? Sure, there will be a recovery period for your leg, but can you bike (road, trainer, spin bike) or run sooner? Always check with your doctor, but I would think you could still do weight training and maybe use an elliptical if can't do weight bearing running. Keep up cardio fitness. The swim fitness will come back with a month or two of dedicated effort.


    Glad to hear it was benign. Take care and good luck.



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    3. Jan 16, 2011 9:58 AM (in response to lgarcia3)
    Re: Training after surgery...

    As mentioned above, check with your doctor, but there are a lot of things you can do to keep your fitness.  Additionally, targeting the swim, you can do weight excersises that target the muscles you need in swimming.  Granted it will not be the same and you may feel like a fish out of water when you do get back in...but you may be stronger as well.  I had spinal neck surgery a few years ago and swimming was the last thing that I was able to do.  However, walking, riding my trainer, lifting weights, using the eliptical and finally running when I was able got me back faster than I would have ever imagined.  Additionally, you can concentrate and very high quality foods and change your diet in positive ways if that needs to be addressed.  Resistant bands are great for stuff like this.  Just because someone tells you that you can't do one thing doesn't mean you can't find a solution.  Good luck.

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