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Dec 5, 2010 7:44 PM

Help with Winter Running Tights for 2XL

Hello - I am currently 248 pounds and training for a half marathon. This is my first winter running... and figuring out clothes has been difficult.

I can fit into a Nike XL, but most other brands I am still in a 2xl.

I am currently wearing Cuddl Duds tops and bottom, Nike running pants over the top and a technical shirt. My top is warm enough, but my butt, thighs, and legs are quite cold when the temp gets to 20 degrees or less. Since some of the long runs have me outside for more than 3 hours... I am a bit worried about this.


Everything I see online goes up to XL... apparently fat people are supposed to freeze all winter? Any ideas?

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    1. Dec 28, 2011 10:59 PM (in response to emmaleigh47)
    Help with Winter Running Tights for 2XL

    This is my first reply here, and I'm a new, slow runner, but I've been walking in all weather for a long time.  Are you tall enough to wear men's pants?  I'm female, only 5'6" and around 200 lbs now, but with long legs and arms for my height.  I'm right at that XL / XXL / 1X size range where I have to try on EVERYTHING because you never know how something will fit.  I usually have to buy men's jackets / coats to get the sleeves long enough, so it wasn't much of a stretch for me to try on men's active pants.  My winter go-to is women's compression tights (for support and wicking) as a base layer with men's poly fleece midlayer and men's wind pants as an outer layer.  Again, try on, and depending on your exact proportions you may be in anything from a men's L to 2XL.  But at least the fitness companies seem to understand that big men work out, even if they haven't quite figured out the same for us bigger women. 


    Another suggestion for larger women's active wear is ; consistently high quality and true-to-size or a bit large, but unfortunately also a bit pricey. 

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    2. Feb 1, 2012 9:20 AM (in response to emmaleigh47)
    Help with Winter Running Tights for 2XL

    I love the company Melanzana.  they have some microgrid tights which are good for cool, but not windy, days.  I'm a size 12 and got the large and they fit fine--I have Nike winter pants to wear over in case it's colder or windier.  (the winter pants are pretty much straight legged, thicker material and they have zipper ankles and a small pocket for a small MP3 player. 


    Melanzana is a small company in Colorado--which I'm happy to give my money to small companies. 


    I also suggest checking out Pearl izumi cycling clothes.  (or any cycling clothes) they have some great winter tights or pants that are good for wind/cold, and not all have the cylcing pad! 

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    3. Feb 1, 2012 1:10 PM (in response to emmaleigh47)
    Help with Winter Running Tights for 2XL

    I'd be hesitant to buy something like that online, and would recommend going to a sports shop and trying on everything they have in men's and women's sizing and you'll find something (if the men's are too long roll them up or have them hemmed up). Leadville Fan is correct in suggesting Pearl Izumi, they make great stuff and now have a running line you should check out.

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    4. Feb 29, 2012 8:22 AM (in response to emmaleigh47)
    Re: Help with Winter Running Tights for 2XL

    I'm hesitant also to buy online. I went with the Nike Legend Pants adn they are pretty warm. I'm tall so in addition to being heavy, I have to find stuff for tall women.  The NIKE Legend pants are pretty good but I wear a pair of compression capri's under them to help with the warmth.


    I second the suggestion of going to the mens department.


    Good luck!

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    5. Sep 25, 2012 5:45 AM (in response to Jessica Reno)
    Help with Winter Running Tights for 2XL

    HI all, I just ordered 2 pairs of running tights from Old Navy - I am a big girl (18/20) and the XXL fits great! Best part is - they were $7.99 - here's the link:  The description says cropped but they come down past my ankles and i am 5'8".

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