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Nutrition help for half marathon for sensitive stomachs

Hello -- I started running about 6 months ago and I have done several 5Ks and a couple of 10Ks.

I have no colon (surgically removed because it didnt work and my motility was too slow) and a very sensitive stomach when I run.

I have always ran on an empty stomach -- including my races without any problems.

I generally dont even drink during the race because it also makes me sick.


Recently I ran a 5 mile turkey Trot and drank 1/2 glass at the halfway point and was nauseous with side stiches for the next mile.


Now that I am training for the half marathon, it has come to my attention that I have to eat something and drink something.

Saturday was my first long run ... I did not eat breakfast...

The first sip of full strength gatorade I was totally sick to my stomach for the next mile.

Half gatorade and half water did sit ok ... but I took very very small sips.

For sugar, tried the CHOMPS... first one at mile 3 chewed and was very sick ... 2nd one I sucked for a while and it was slightly better... 3rd one made me sick again...

Mile 6 I hit a wall... really had a hard time ... but I was able to finish the 7miles ...


How can I get through this nutrition thing... its miserable to run when your sick to your stomach!

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    Wish I had some answers for you. Unfortunately I don't.  Just keep trying what you can.  Some people use pure honey packets just like you would a gel.  That is the basic premise behind honey stingers. Just keep experimenting until you find out what works for you.  You should aim for 200-300 cals /hour, 60g of carbohydrates, and sodium, potassium, and calcium.  If you can eventually get to the point where you can drink water, you might try endeurolytes from Hammer Nutrition.  They are pills instead of liquid or gel.  They might be more gentle on your stomach. 

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    You don't really need to eat for a half.  You do need to hydrate.  Thinned sports drink will do the trick, providing fluids and some calories, if your stomach can manage it.  Maybe carry your own bottle, refill it at the water stations and sip it along the way.  Make sure you eat good, high-carb meals in the days leading up to the race to keep your glycogen levels up.  I've completed marathons on sports drink/water, no eating.  I did my first couple half-marathons on water alone.




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    Agreed that you don't have to eat for a half, unless you find that you are consistently running out of energy. I really don't drink much during races either, but I have found that coconut water and Cytomax are easier on my stomach than it might be worth trying out some different drinks.


    i would say try natural foods, that is what worked best for me. I used dates in my last full marathon as my sugar source and that worked very well...straight shots of GU and such create havock for me. Prior to running have you tried something like a smoothie or a Mix1 drink if you need some fuel in your system?  Again I also think coconut water being natural sits better for me


    hope those are some ideas that might help

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