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Dec 16, 2010 9:19 PM

Knee support?

Hello, everyone... Kind of new on here.


Background- started running in December 09.

A few weeks ago, I noticed while training for a half marathon(was up to the 6,6,10 and 6,6,11 mile runs) (Jan) that I was having some knee pain. Not too tramatic, but to the point that I couldnt lift my heel up to my butt after a long run (sometimes). Not all the time this happened. It was like the allignment was off. I was soo upset. This is my first marathon, and I am determined. I have been searching the internet and asking tons of people about it. It is the inside of my knee cap muscle that is sore. No major swelling or anything. I was also having some hip  issues on the opposite side (left) and I figured that I was compensating for that. I got new shoes and was experimenting with different socks. All to no real answer and solution.


I took a week off (it sucked) and I iced, and rested the knee. I finally got back on the treadmill and it was okay, sore. Yes I know its not as good as being outside, but I had to do something. Then this last Tuesday I did 6 miles and it was ok. It is not as sore during my run, as after. I was attempting to pay attention to my style of running and noticing any that may help. I do run mostly on the sidewalk, and sometimes have to go up and down with the street turns. I also notice that after about mile 5 I "pound" the ground. I am not as graceful. I dont really do the heel to toe kind of run, it is more a flat foot pound. - could this be an issue.


Anyway, to get to the point... I have been looking around for a brace, to support my knee. I am a small person 5'1 104. I have a small knee. I can not find a support brace that is small enough for my knee that will be a tight fit to support. I have tried all my local drug stores. Nothing works.  I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions??  I am also going to see my Dr in the morning just to make sure, and so I can have a piece of mind knowing that something is either there or not. However I will be beside myself if there is.


Thanks and happy running



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    1. Dec 17, 2010 10:03 AM (in response to Rbrinkley74)
    Re: Knee support?

    Hi - sounds like you have a case of runner's knee.  Very common for runners.  Some sights will say it sets in often times when someone gets into the 30-40 miles a week (granted not everyone suffers with it).  Not sure a knee support will help as much as if you get into a proper strengthening program, which I think is the more typical/successful remedy.  Need to build up the muscles which support the knee to keep it from floating around so much.  That's the conclusions I've come to from the doctor and my own research.  Seeing a sports doctor is a good idea.  I prefer to not trust running problems with the family doctor.


    Good luck.

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    3. Dec 17, 2010 12:44 PM (in response to Rbrinkley74)
    Re: Knee support?

    A good PT should be able to recommend strengthening exercises and stretching routines that are customized for your particular knee problem. For example, a lot of knee problems are related to weak quadriceps and/or tight hamstring muscles. They can also make specific, customized recommendations for bracing and taping. However, I would not recommend having a PT diagnose the root cause of a knee problem - that is really a job for an MD (preferably an orthopedist) who specializes in sports medicine.


    Usually braces and tape are part of the treatment process - ideally one should no longer need them once the pain or injury is gone. That said, I do tape my knees whenever I run (a particular technique recommended many years ago by a good PT) - although I probably no longer really need it, I find that it does add just a little extra stability.

    I don't like commercial knee wraps or braces either. I'm about the same size as you (5'2" and 105 lb). My knees are a little larger - I can wear size small commercial knee products, but I find that they never fit quite right - they either slip down when I run, or if they're tighter, they cut off the circulation in my lower legs. Tape works a lot better for me - it doesn't go all the way around and stays where you put it.

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    4. Dec 17, 2010 2:09 PM (in response to Rbrinkley74)
    Re: Knee support?

    Get a medical confirmation that's what you're having issue with-don't want to screw up your knees.    I suppose with anything, it can be more severe or less severe.  My doc offered me some exercises, but then didn't even tell me the street name of what I had.  When I discovered out the fancy name was just called "runners knee", I could easily look up exercises on my own.  They've largely kept mine in check-it comes and goes.  When it comes I hit the quad exercises again, and usually it'll disappear.  Some slight swelling around the knee cap usually can be seen too which I may or may not take advil for.

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