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    46. Jan 2, 2011 12:55 PM (in response to Pegjen)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    Welcome Peg! There are quite a few nurses here - good to see us all trying to get healthier!


    I just got back from my second run and i am so happy with myself! I was planning a quick route, but once i got out there i realized that this is my only time with my husband watching the kids, and that i had all the time in the world. I actually was out there for almost an hour and did a run/walk/jog/walk combo. I tracked the route and it was 2.6 miles! Yay! I know this week i would have nearly that much time to get a good workout in, so i am pretty proud of myself!


    I was wondering what everyone is doing as far as their diet? I was planning on really trying to eat better (less cals too), but actually decided to wait a bit and really get into a good routine with exercising before adding anything else into the mix. What is everyone else doing?

    "Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you." - Emerson

    "If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it." - Ben

  • msnwoods Amateur 31 posts since
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    47. Jan 2, 2011 1:05 PM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    WOW - I'm in.....I will do it too.

    This is scarey stuff for me....a

    However, after reading some of the posts, if I want what you all have, I have to do what you all do.....and I might as well start now. I am 51, live in Houston, Tx...and will more or less be doing mine in the gym. Probably at an ongodly time of morning, since I don't want anyone, and I do mean ANYONE to see me. I'v overweight, and have been for years, have recently joined WW - yet again...and desperately want to be in shape. I'll telll you what, I will bring up the rear, and catch anyone that looks like they are trying to go slower than me, and do my best to at least keep you all in sight. I'll be more slogging than jogging, we won't even discuss running at this point, but I will be putting one foot almost in front of the other, probably a little to the right or left, depending on the, since I am rambling I will stop here. I'll start in in the morning on 1/3/2011. WOW - really?

    By the way, reading all the posts - well they are just very encouraging....I cannot believe how fast you all are.



    Natallie - Houston, Tx.

    Someone is always doing, what someone else said couldn't be done. 
  • BlessedJ Rookie 1 posts since
    Jan 2, 2011
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    49. Jan 2, 2011 1:33 PM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?


    I would love to join your group.  I am a 44 year old mom and grandmother.  I have started and stopped soooooo many times, but I am not giving up. I have some weight lose, some health issues to try and reverse and I need to create some time for myself.  I think running can be essential to the successful completion of all those objectives.  I prefer running/walking in the neighborhood, but because I will have to do it so early, I think I will have to start on the treadmill.  I have downloaded the podcast to my ipod and I plan to start in the morning.  I am also looking for a 5k race to sign up for to help seal my commitment.



  • ShutterHappy Amateur 32 posts since
    May 30, 2007
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    50. Jan 2, 2011 3:35 PM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    Awesome!! Lots of people jumping in!! Welcome to everyone. I hope we can be support for each other!


    Funny, I keep seeing nurses jumping in here. I didn't say it in my original post, but I am an RN also. The R now stands for Retired for me, as I don't plan on ever going back, but I guess once a nurse always a nurse in your heart.


    If anybody has questions or needs help with Weight Watcher stuff, just ask and I will be happy to try and help there too. I also was a WW drop out several times before getting it right this time.  I plan on staying at goal so I will never have to pay for it again. ha I am hoping the jogging is going to help me do that.


    Today, I did W1D3.  Finished and I had gone 2.34 miles.  I then did arm weights and crunches.  Love when I get it done!


    Good luck to everyone and again welcome to all the new friends!


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    51. Jan 2, 2011 6:00 PM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    I will join!  I was starting anyway come tomorrow 1/3/11.  I have been running for about 4 months but had some health issues the last half of the year that made running consistently (though I did walk consistently) tough.  But with a clean bill of health now, I am ready to start over from week 1 and get going again.  I also downloaded to the bridge to 10K after I finish C25K.  I participated in four 5K's in 2010, but didn't run the entire way.  So my goals for 2011 are to run an entire 5K and to participate in a 10K by the end of 2011.


    Good luck to everyone!  I would love to hear how everyone does!

  • Mommy2Ema Amateur 34 posts since
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    52. Jan 2, 2011 7:11 PM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    I am starting C25K this week, too.  I love these forums.  I did the first 3-4 weeks once before and the message boards were such a great motivator! I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing in your accomplishments in the journey.  I am a 31 year old mother of 1 (daughter, turning 3 in March).  For years and years, I've admired runners and I always wanted to do it but every time I "tried" I gave up quickly.  I think that the problem all those times was that I was trying to do too much too soon.  That's what I love about this program... it really breaks it down for you so you know just what to do and how to pace yourself.  I am currently 40-50 some odd pounds overweight.  I certainly want to lose weight, but more importantly, I want to feel the freedom of being a runner.  Being able to just get out of the house and go, for miles and miles, to listen to music and look at the trees and enjoy a breeze (or, if I need to use the treadmill, to watch a great movie on the big screen).  I will start my training on a treadmill as I just moved to a very hilly/mountainy area of the Hudson Valley, NY and I am not at all in the kind of shape I think I'd need to be to attack this program AND hills simultaneously. 


    Well, good luck to everyone! Can't wait to read more about everyone's success and to share strategies for the struggles we encounter!

    "Love yourself enough to be better than the self you've become."

    -Me to Myself

    Progress: W1 D1

    Pounds lost: N/A (yet)

  • zanesmama Rookie 4 posts since
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    53. Jan 2, 2011 7:29 PM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    I'm starting too, can I join?  I am 27 and a college student getting my teaching degree.  I have a 4-year-old son and used to run but I haven't really run since high school.  I am trying to get back into it.  I really like running and the way I can clear my thoughts when I run.  I want to run a 5K in March and hopefully go on to run a half marathon by the end of the year.  Ultimately I want to run a marathon and hopefully I will come much closer to achieving that goal this year.  I started today officially and it wasn't that hard for me.  I hope that I can keep it up. 

  • nivrat03 Rookie 2 posts since
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    54. Jan 3, 2011 6:34 AM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    I did W1D1 this morning. It went well. It has been a really long time since I have tried to run. My calves were really burning. I tore the upper calf muscle in both legs last year. Did a good stretch after the workout and I am very excited for W1D2 on Wednesday.


    Have a great day!



  • ShutterHappy Amateur 32 posts since
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    55. Jan 3, 2011 7:16 AM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    Yay Sheri for getting it in today. I will do my W2D1 tomorrow! I wish I was in North Florida like you, I am from Pensacola, but now live in Louisville. ... big difference!


    Ok guys, I have been getting dizzy trying to remember who is who and what they said. I typed up my cheat sheet that I am going to put by my computer for a while until I start recognizing everyone.  I am going to put it here in case anybody wants to use it. It has everyones screen name, real name (if gave it) and a little bit about them. As new people join they can copy and paste it in a new message and add to it if they want. Or else I will just do it on my own. Hope this helps.


    Christiewa (Christie) – running mostly outside (Seattle)  start date 1/1/11

                    40ish  (kids – 4,6,9,10)

    Has done C25K before … stopped when complete. Wants to lose last of baby weight



    Nyla100 – running mostly treadmill (Los Angeles)  start date 1/3/11


                    Started C25K before… haven’t completed it


    JakesMomma running outside when weather allows (Covington, WA)

                    Has a 17 mo. old baby

    Would like to lose baby weight before having another baby.



    dfarley911 (Danielle) running mostly outside (Massachusetts) Start date 1/1/11

                    32 (kids – 12yr old)

                    Just finished P90 workouts in Dec. Never liked running, would like to learn to like it.

                    Shins hurt right away.  5’5  ; 262 pounds.


    ErinCanRun (Erin)  running Sat, Sun, and once or twice during work week

                    Has 2 kids


                    Use to love running, would like to enjoy again. Has gained 60 pounds and hoping running will  help


    Uwould2 (Kathy) Hoping to run outside weather permitting (Michigan) start date 12/31/10

                    36 (had 3 kids in last 5 years)

                    After kids is out of shape and embarrassed


    Nursingstudent17 start date 1/1/11


    Nursing student

               Not overweight at all, but never been into exercise. Would like to make it a priority for health and to better educate patients on importance of balanced exercise and diet routine.



    Latincowgirl  running mostly outside. start date 1/1/11


               Has walked 8 half marathons &1 full marathon since June2008. But has been unable to run more than 2 miles without stopping. Will be running the Princess ½ with husband in Feb.


    ShutterHappy (Lorie) – running mostly treadmill, will try outside some but hates cold (Louisville, KY) start date 12/29/10

                    46 (Kids -16, 20,23)

                    Photographer, Former OB, OR nurse, but no longer nursing.

               Lost 43 pounds with weight watchers from June 15 –Dec 15). Goal is to get in cardiovascular shape and be able to run 5k. (registered for 5K on Feb 26). Husband is athlete and will run with me.


    Cypressmom (Jennifer) – start date 12/30/10

                    35 - Kids (14,9,4)

               Not overweight, has always been athletic, but never a runner. Even so, developed high blood pressure (lost vision in one eye and all feeling in hands).  Is a goal setter and is planning on running a 5K by April and half marathon by end of year.




    AllieRuns (Allie) – running inside (MidAtlantic) start date 12/27/10

               42 (kids- 9, 12)

               Oncology RN (working on MSN/Acute Nurse Practitioner in Oncology  2014?)

               Has about 40 pounds to lose. Joined WW on 12/29/10. Has back issues. Work days leaves house at 6:15 and not home until after 8 PM. Planning on running a 5K in Spring.



                    29 year old Thyroid cancer survivor (!!!!!!!)

               In good physical condition as has been doing elliptical machine for 1:15 min a day f-5 times a week at about 68-73 RPM. Not sure if C25K is right program. (I am guessing can go faster than rest of us) Signed up for a sprint triathlon in July and Chicago half marathon in September


    Runnerb445  start date 1/1/11

                    46 years old has a college freshman

    Medical Professional

    Started C25K this summer, but quit at week 7. Has always wanted to be a runner. Doing a 5K in March and would like to run a marathon in October with Marathon Makeover.


    Michelle2011 (Michelle) – running both indoors and out (Pittsburgh) start date 1/1/11

                    42 (kids -14,17,19)

               Wanted to run Susan G Komen race on Mother’s Day, but didn’t happen. Has watched 3 women in her life fight cancer and they motivate her to stay healthy. Has issues with right knee, so good that this is a gradual program. Enjoys heat yoga twice a month.


    Meg0317 (Meghan) – (Boston area) start date 1/3/11

                    26 year old

               Weighs 230 pounds. Started C25K before, but had to stop when herniated disk 2 years ago.  Has had surgery, spinal blocks, physical therapy and is finally able to start exercising. Goal is to be down 20 pounds by end of program and be able to run a 5K and beyond.


    Walking2run (Lisa)

            Confirmed couch potato. Several years ago had health issues and couldn’t exercise, but all healed and ready to go. Never ran before and need help!


    GunaRun -  running on treadmill (offshore)


                    Weighs 230 pounds. Did C25K and finished, but at very slow pace. Has not jogged in 4 months.


    Nivrat03 – (Sheri) - running outside (North Florida) start date 1/3/11

                    Wants to lose 60 pounds. Currently does Taekwondo and should get black belt in August



    IWannaGetFit  running on treadmill.

                    36 (has 2 kids)

                    Would like to lose 10 pounds of baby fat and have more energy and be healthier for family.


    Bauer05 (Tammy) – start date 1/2/11

               Completed C25K in May, but stopped running after completing goal. Curious to see if running will be easier this time.


    LSUnUTMommy – running mostly outside (Louisiana) start date 1/3/11

                    24  has a 5 month old baby

               Has lost babyweight but trying to lose 75-100 pounds more. Has been running a mile, but can’t seem to get passed it. Cross trains with weights and cardio at gym.  Signed up for 5 K in Feb and March and a 10K in April. Also signed up for a lottery spot in NYC marathon.


    jennyrb78  running mostly on treadmill (Southern KY)

                    32  - has 4 year old

                    Goal is to get in shape, get more energy and lose 40 pounds. Planning on joining WW 


    JoTenHoven  running on treadmill (Ohio)


                    Just finished Masters and about to embark on a career!

                    Would like to lose 40 pounds and regain confidence before entering the working world.


    Ace5666 start date 1/6/11

                    37 year old in the UK

                    Has started before for 3 weeks, but work pressure got in way.


    YouCanYouWill start date 1/3/11

                    45 (kids 5, 10)

                    Middle school Chorus teacher

    Needs to lose at least 35 pounds. Doing C25K, joined a local Team Lean weight loss competition. Plan on running 3 days a week and weight training or Zumba on off days.


    Pegjen (Peg) - running on treadmill (Iowa) start date 12/31/10

                    41 (kids – 4,5,13,18,22)


               Would like to lose 20 pounds by oldest daughters wedding in June. And would like to run some 5K’s this spring and summer.


    Msnwoods  - running mostly on treadmill (Houston, TX) start date 1/3/11


                    Recently joined WW, is overweight and really wants to get in shape.


    BlessedJ walking on treadmill, but prefers outside.

                    44 year old mom and grandma

               Wants to lose some weight and reverse some health issues. Has started and stopped many times but is not giving up!


    Kpasha1 start date 1/3/11

               Has been running, but health issues derailed it. Did 4 5K’s in 201, but didn’t run entire way. Goal is to run an entire 5K and participate in a 10K this year.


    Mommy2Emma – running on treadmill (Hudsom Valley, NY)

                    31 – has a 3 year old daughter

                    Has 40- 50 pounds to lose but more importantly want to feel freedom of being a runner.


    zanesmama started 1/2/11

                    27 – has 4 year old son

                    College student – Teaching Degree

               Used to run, would like to get back into it. Plan on running a 5K in March and hope to run a half marathon by end of year


  • JoTenHoven Amateur 9 posts since
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    56. Jan 3, 2011 7:32 AM (in response to ShutterHappy)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    Wow! That was an excellent idea...I'm glad you broke everyone down - it seems so much more manageable. I feel a greater connection and accountability to this group of people! I'm so excited - in fact, I will be thinking of everyone as I run the treadmill today!




  • JoTenHoven Amateur 9 posts since
    Oct 15, 2010
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    57. Jan 3, 2011 7:45 AM (in response to ErinCanRun)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    Hi Erica,


    Here is a slideshow presentation of familiar foods that will help increase your metabolism. Although I generally eat these foods, since the holiday's I have made a greater conscious effort to incorporate more of these foods consistently throughout the day while reducing portion sizes and I have lost 4lbs in 4 days w/o exercise!


    Here is a more extensive list of foods that I use as well:


    Good luck, I hope you enjoy the same success!


  • msnwoods Amateur 31 posts since
    Apr 18, 2009
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    58. Jan 3, 2011 8:00 AM (in response to ShutterHappy)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    ShutterHappy (Lorie),


    You are awesome, getting all that organized. Msnwoods - Natallie - 51 - (3) grown daughters (ugh!) living in Houston, if you don't like the weather here, hang on a few seconds it will change.....I do have some questions for you on the WW, mainly involving consistency....dare I say it? Veggies, how you break down your meals etc. Me - Southern girl, Louisiana Cajun...think gumbo, gravy, all things fried....but it's killing me. We won't even talk about emotional eating, hiding from life. loneliness sometimes, empty nest. etc.....But life is passing me by, I am overweight, and am not comfortable any longer. 5'9", 283 (hmmm, was 285 yesterday morning) so there it is, I said it for the world to see. I am doing this just to "feel" better, lose weight yes, but "feel" better - about me. Went to Lukes Locker here in Houston (love those guys) got the shoes, and am ready to I will slog along today, and then again on Wednesday, and Friday. That will be my schedule. Thanks for the encouragement, I do appreciate it, you have no idea! Can't share this with my family, they've watched from the sidelines, I'm sure.... Natallie - Houston, Tx.

    Someone is always doing, what someone else said couldn't be done. 
  • Mommy2Ema Amateur 34 posts since
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    59. Jan 3, 2011 8:05 AM (in response to christiewa)
    Re: Starting C25K 1/1/11! Who wants to join me?

    Thanks so much for putting that list together! I was just going to work on doing the same thing today- I didn't realize just how many people are following here.  It's amazing!  I am going to print that out today so I can use it and hopefully get everyone's names right.  I realize I forgot to mention my name, though!


    (in the tone of ______ Anonymous Meeting): "Hello.  My name is Sandra.  I am an over-eater and under-mover."  BUT!!!! Not anymore!!!!


    I did W1D1 today.  In the past, when I've tried this program (as I do with probably all things), I try to be perfect or better or faster or push harder, etc.  I watch shows like the Biggest Loser and I see this falsified sense of reality where these people are doing tons and tons of exercise right off the bat.  You feel like, "Well, if they can do it, so can I!"  The difference is that I am not removed from real life, I don't have a half-pint trainer yelling in my face, and I don't have a team of professional masseurs rubbing my aching body at the end of it all (which, let me tell you, would be worth going on the Biggest Loser for that alone! ha ha).  I have to remind my self that even though I am trying to improve, that I can't do it all at once.  I have tried that route and it always brought be back to the starting point AND a little farther.  So, while in past tries, I would have, thoughout each workout, tried to go a little faster and a little faster and a little faster... I didn't do that today.  Doing it that way before only made me NOT want to do it again, and so I wouldn't.  I have been keeping a journal for food and in the back of it am going to log my workouts, the general paces I stick to for the running and walking portions, and the total mileage I complete for that day.  For the 20 minute main portion of the training, I walked at 4.0 (which I admit may be a little faster than I should... but I managed to do it without any real problems, so I will try to stick to it) and I jogged (I wouldn't call it running quite yet) at 4.5 and then 4.6 toward the end.  I clocked  1.97 miles.  So, day 1 = DONE!


    Someone asked about diet and I see that a lot of people are trying WW.  I rejoined a few weeks ago when they implemented all the new changes.  Before that, I hadn't done it in quite some time.  I still am not really living by it completely.  That's another problem that I have: I get completely consumed by these things and then I burn out!  So, I decided to start small this time.  While I may not be able to help myself from time to time, thinking to myself "I'm gonna do this and that and then that and ALL this stuff right away," I am trying to stay away from that 7-headed monster.  I want to be clear and specific in my goals and objectives.


    So, my goal is to become athletic, to become a mover, to have energy.  None of these things are exactly measurable, for the most part, so I have decided to choose 1 goal per week that I will focus all of my energy on to make sure I get it right and not some half-assed version of 8 things that I forget about by the week's end.  My goal for this week is to simply write down everything that I eat, the good, the bad and the ugly.  This worked for me in the past, years and years ago, but in the last year or two.. each time I told myself I'd do it, I always conveniently forgot to do it when I'd overeaten or eaten "bad" food.  So, now, that's all my focus is. Of course, with this, I've already started to make better choices because now I am actually being accountable to myself instead of just acting like I am.  Writing it down gives me that moment's pause when I say to myself, "I am eating this because..."  I really need that in my life.  I really need to get to the root of my emotional/stress eating.  So, that's my main goal.  I have an, I call it, "auxilliary" goal for the week and that is to complete week 1 of the C25K program.  I want to do it, but if I don't I am not going to beat myself up about it.  For this week, I foresee no excuses other than my own head for why I couldn't get it done, so it shouldn't be a problem.  Now that I've ranted, it's time to get more accomplished today!


    Good luck to you all and can't wait to "hear" more success stories!

    "Love yourself enough to be better than the self you've become."

    -Me to Myself

    Progress: W1 D1

    Pounds lost: N/A (yet)

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