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Dec 31, 2010 8:46 AM

Newbie to half marathon training? Help?

Hi, I am a newbie here.

I am signing up to run my very first half marathon in September 4th (Disneyland half marathon), I have been trying to build up my running little by little but have some questions for all of you experienced "halfer's" out there.  Here goes...

  1. Since my race isn't until September how far should I be running now? The Galloway plan say  start 16 weeks prior. The race is in September which would mean I would start the training in May. So what do I do until then? Do you just run a little every other day and a long run on the weekend and try to eke building it up little by little?
  2. Is there a better plan than Galloway for middle aged moms like me? I haven't decided if the Galloway plan is the best plan yet, but I like the fact that I have been able to go from running 3 miles to finally being able to run 7 (my best yet), by giving yourself the permission to walk for a minute. I have run for years but could never run more than 3 miles.
  3. GPS watch ? I do not have a way to track my miles yet. So for now I go home and look it up online with a tracking program. I think a watch would help but don't know if it's really needed or not. I don't know how to check my heart rate which i noticed everyone seems to do here. I just assume if I am breathing hard at the end of my run, I am getting a good work out. Galloway method would say,Finish with a smile on your face" (which I do).
  4. Do I need to get in a running group? I see all these sections on speed work outs, long run buddies etc.. Can't really say if I can commit to that with kids at home and their schedules. Yet, have no clue what my mile split time is or how to do it or what my estimated race time will be since I have never run a marathon. Only a few 5k's.  I think I would learn these things and get motivation from running with others, so it's a toss up.
  5. Any opinions on ipods? It says not to use therefor safety reasons but I NEED it for encouragement, I just only wear one ear piece so I can hear. Do they allow them in a race?
  6. Shin splints, I have a dull ache in my left outer shin. I have replaced my  shoes and even purchased a second pair. I think it is from running up hills, I was trying to build up my leg strength and it seems like it always bothers me after my hilly days. Suggestions?
  7. Why does it seem like I am so hungry and not losing any weight even though I am exercising for 30 - 60 minutes 5 days a week? Hate that! Would like to whittle away that belly bulge. Don't quite understand it.
Thanks in advance to any and all of you for your advice!
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    1. Dec 31, 2010 10:23 PM (in response to Run4Chocolat)
    Re: Newbie to half marathon training? Help?

    The earlier you start, the better you'll do right?  Already at 7 miles with 34 weeks to go???  Like, that should be no problem at all ...


    I've seen the maps generated by those GPS watches ... I wouldn't trust one for "accurate" numbers.  I map out my courses online if I want to know the detailed mileage afterwards.  Unless you run some place with no tall buildings or trees nearby.


    Running groups are a good way to feel motivated, meet people, and learn new exercises.  But you can read about various training strategies all over the web or from books, thought it's not quite as social or motivating perhaps.


    MP3 players -- most events say "not allowed" but everyone has them.  I think  it's just a legal defense for the organizers (understandably).


    Shin splits, depends on how bad you've got them ... Try walking for a while before running, and starting your runs very slowly.  It may take some time to work past the shin splits long term.


    Losing weight is more about proper diet than healthy exercise.  You burn some calories exercising, and you raise your average metabolism, but if you run the # of calories vs a ounce of fat ... well, the joke is that a cookie is a one hour run!  ^_^  It's better to be healthy and have some excess, rather than thin but not exercise.

    Just Do It!

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    2. Jan 3, 2011 6:24 AM (in response to Run4Chocolat)
    Re: Newbie to half marathon training? Help?

    I will be training for my first half-marathon this year too but I've been running for a little over a year...


    I use for tracking my distance and to keep track of my training.  Love that site.  I don't have a GPS watch because I've heard a lot of mixed reviews and I really don't think it's worth the money. I plan to get a good ol' inexpensive digital watch with a stop watch capability from like Walmart soon to help me keep track of time. I hear those are more reliable than the expensive watches.


    As for losing weight, I've learned through experience and through research that running is an okay way to lose weight but not the greatest. Like anything else, your body will hit a plateau when it comes to weightloss and running.  Every other day, I do some sort of cross training and cardio in conjunction with strength training to maintain a lean and strong appearance and to shed any extra pounds that I don't want to carry on a run.


    As for iPods, I can run with or without one but honestly, I need mine on a long run.  I prefer it. And yes, I plan to run with mine during my half-marathon.  Like the previous poster said, it's a matter of safety and liability, but people sneak them in and still run with them. Just be careful if you're in an area with a lot of traffic.


    I've been thinking about joining a running club to help me train, but quite frankly, I like to run alone and I don't really have an issue with motivation. I figure a running club could be helpful to guide your training and to stay motivated, but laying out a well thought out schedule could help you to stay motivated as well.


    Even though my training for the half doesn't officially start until June (my half is in October), I have many other goals between now and then. I'm working on gaining speed so I'm on a 12 week interval training plan right now. After that, I'm going to work on training for a 10k. There are other goals you can work on in the meantime. Maybe it's building flexibility, strength training, speed, etc.


    Good luck!

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    3. Jan 7, 2011 11:46 AM (in response to Dreamstate)
    Re: Newbie to half marathon training? Help?

    A couple things I will add.


    - I have a Garmin 305 - with Heartrate monitor.  I LOVE IT... you are eitehr gonna like them or not... I am in the boat that loves it.  It is very acurate and good to log your run - you can then look and analyze your training online as to speed - distance - HR and much more - I love it.  I think it has helped me in my pace as I really work on HR more than my overall pace so that I can control my tempo.


    - I 100% use my IPOD - jsut run toward traffic and learn how to dodge cars if needed - but I have to on runs over a few miles or I get sort of de-energized at times.


    - I use Hal Higdons guides... He has 3 half marathon running programs you can google and get for free and a walking one - follow it - you will improve.


    and for losing weight - It comes with Diet also, but if you are dedicated dont be too mad if you gain a lb or two - it very well is muscle build up which weighs more then the flub.


    Hope that helps and if not - ummmm blame the poster before me...

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