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Did you know that the Law of Attraction can help you to lose weight?

Everyone is talking about the Law of Attraction nowadays. “The Secret” has really brought out the importance of how you  attract certain situations to yourself by your thoughts and  feelings.The Law of Attraction also works for Weight Loss

Without  working with a good belief system about your success with weight  loss,your efforts at a weight loss program can be useless. Many dieters  have claimed that after trying a variety of weight loss programs,and  having failure with each one,or very little success,a strong belief that  they would become slim semed to do wonders for them. Proving that the  law of attraction does work.


Manifest Anything You Want

Your  belief is a very potent thing , and the law of attraction has every  thing to do with belief and feelings. It is what brings everything into  your life , including your present weight.


A person who  is utilising the Laws of Attraction to change their life to attract a  job, a relationship, more money, health or success need to visualize his  or her goals to be successful. He has to believe that he would attract  his goal if it is to manifest in his life. He now not only has to think  it and believe it but has also to expect it and act as though he has it  already.

You Can Manifest Your Shape

We  can also achieve weight loss through using this technique of The Law of  Attraction, and can indeed have success. It is very simple.

In  fact we use this technique every single day to do the complete opposite,  that is to remain fat although we are on a proper eating diet and are  doing exercises everyday. Whenever we look in the mirror while on a  weight loss program, and feel totally disgusted with our little  progress, we are causing ourselves to be unsuccessful at weight loss.  You must learn to look in the mirror and see yourself the way you would  love to be slim and curvaceous. What you envision would become  desired  weight and shape.

Visualize Your Goal

There  is a difference between imagination and visualization. Visualization  means analyzing your goal and all the ways it would affect your life.  How will you feel when you lose weight? Will you be more outgoing? How  will you feel physically? How will weight loss enrich your life and the  lives of your loved ones? Where will you go and what will you do once  the weight is gone? What will your life look like?

You really  have to think about what you want . Visualising your goal is very  important for the Law of Attraction to work.But if you persist you would  achieve it.Eventually you would find that you would automatically  gravitate towards healthy food that maintain a good weight, and would  start rejecting the ones that don’t.

Manifest Your Dream!


Plan Your Action

Of  course, it takes more than visualization to lose weight. What steps do  you need to take in order to accomplish your goal? Make specific plans  about when, where, and how often you will exercise. Plan which foods you  will eat, and how you will get adequate hydration and sleep. If you  have a great deal of personal stress, plan ways to reduce it. The  specific details are the difference between planning and dreaming.  The  Law of Attraction would absolutely help you with your goal.


After  you’ve made plans, go out and purchase the necessary supplies. Do you  need comfortable clothing to work out in? Will you join a membership, or  exercise outdoors or at home? Where will you shop for fresh produce and  lean meat? How will you make room in your food budget for fresh, whole  foods? You would be surprised to see all that the Law of Attraction   would draw to you. All that you need to make your dream come true would  be brought towards you.

In the end you have a reward system in place for surmounting each weight loss hurdle.

Your  milestones don’t have to be measured in pounds and inches, although  that’s a fine approach if it works for you. You might measure your  success in terms of physical health, lower blood pressure, or joints  that don’t ache. For each milestone you reach, reward yourself with  something that makes you feel good and uplifting.

Act As Though You Have It Already

   Keep your mind on your weight loss goal,when you are about to eat ,  make sure that you are eating how a thin person would eat. Would they  rush to get a second helping or would they take their time to chew their  food, properly enjoying every bite? Would they feed sugary drinks or  drink water throughout their day? If you want to be slim like them you  have to do what they do. Do they slum down after dinner with some junk  food to watch their favourite show, or would they go for a walk to get  some fresh air. You have to learn to think like them in order to become  like them. If you begin to move around and act as though you are slim  already you would be surprised at the motivation  you would receive to  carry your plans out.

When you use the Law of Attraction, weight  loss is easier than ever. If you visualize a thinner you, and you live  like a thin person, you will get thinner. Take heart, because a new you  is on the way!

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