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    Feb 27, 2011
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    1,740. Jan 9, 2012 4:22 PM (in response to nikkicarr1)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    Terranss Your a Beast!!!! Great job, Those changes in elevation are frightful.

    Nikkicarr Keep up the dedication. I started improving when my scheduled runs became as important as anything else on my schedule.

    Oshcat Sound like you'll be well prepared for your April HM.

    GinnyinPa Keep adding some hills in weekly. March is just around the corner.

    As for me I got some kind of sinus thing going on that won't quit. Scheduling short easy runs for two weeks. Then it's speed training and crosstraining only for 6 weeks. Then I'll switch back to my HM training plan for The Indy Mini in May. If all goes well I think I'll sign up for my first full Marathon at Chicago in October. we'll see what happens. Need to break 2hrs in HM first.

    Keep running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2012 Races: Tony from Florida

    Jan.7,2012 Walt Disney World Half Marathon Orlando FL 02:09:14 PR

    Oct 7 2012 Chicago Marathon Chicago Illinois 05:17:43

    Feb 10, 2012 Rock N Roll Half Marathon St Petersburg FL

    2011 Races:

    Started running at 58 ( Nov 23rd 2010)

    Half Marathon Results

    Oct 31,2011 Fl Halloween Halfathron 02:18:22

    Sept 4, 2011 Dodge Rock ‘n’ Roll Virgina Beach Half Marathon 02:28:20

    April 30,2011 Country Music Half Marathon Nashville TN 02:56:02

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    Jul 4, 2011
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    1,741. Jan 9, 2012 6:01 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Terranss great job! Between the weather and the elevation it had to be a real challenge. Sounds like the kind of race you really had to dig deep and one when you finish the memories will last a life time. The winds would be the toughest thing for sure, talk about your resistance training. lol. Looking forward to the pics. Congratulations!

    MelodyLea you are really doing great! Keep up the great work.

    GinnyinPa I've run a few races in Chambersburgh. Always a great place to run. The weather has been great here in Pa, glad to hear your able to get out and run.

    Webpro that is an awesome time! That amount of people would make it a lot of fun but can kill your time for sure. Sounds like a blast. Going to check out your pics for sure.

    Good job everyone. As for me, not much exciting. Went to therapy today and all went well. Ultrasound, ice and stretching. 3 miles on the dreadmill. Keep running all and keep posting. Its keeping me going more than ever.

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    Apr 13, 2011
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    1,742. Jan 10, 2012 12:26 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    I think it's great everyone is running during winter! This is my first winter running and I'm praying for light snow. I ran 3.5 miles in the park with the wind hitting me a few times.


    I made two goals this year:


    1. Run in the rain during summer.

    2. Run in the snow, if it ever happens here.

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    1,743. Jan 10, 2012 12:57 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    My 1st marathon is officially in the books! 


    I ran the Disney marathon in Florida last Sunday.  It was as fantastic as everyone said it would be.  I'm so proud that I actually did it.  I loved it (except for the sore ,achy feet and shins) after.


    The race announcer said that there were 20,000 runners.  I felt the energy of all of them.  Starting temp at 5:30 a.m. was about 52 (f) degrees w/light winds.  However, it is Florida.  The temp quickly rose into the 70s after the sun came up.  It was still pleasant for the most part.


    This week is just rest.  I'm enjoying the time off.  I'm not quite sure where to go from here.  I'll use this time to decide when and where to go for my 2nd one.  I want to continue to enjoy running marathons so I will probably keep it to only one or two a year.




    Have a great week of running, everyone.

    Live, love, run

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    Dec 14, 2007
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    1,744. Jan 10, 2012 1:25 PM (in response to Runningcolorado)
    My last run was yours?

    Congrats to the Disney racers, I had a lot of friends running that one, and to Terrans for the trail race. 


    I ran the Florida Keys Ragnar Relay this weekend.  199 miles from Miami to Key West.  I was part of a 6 person ultra team.  We finished in 28 hours and 20 minutes and placed third in the mixed ultra division.


    I have never done anything so difficult that was so much fun.  I ran six legs totalling 35 miles, managed about 30 minutes sleep, and survived off of nothing but trail mix,  gels and similar snacks for nearly two days. 


    Highlights included an 8 mile leg through the Everglades on a rocky trail that followed the Southern Glades Canal in the middle of the night and a 9.3 mile leg that took me over the 30 mile mark and was as difficult as any of the marathons I have run.


    I'd do it again tomorrow if I could.

    2010 Space Coast Marathon 4:27:39

    2011 Charleston Marathon 4:25:58

    2011 Croom Fools Run 50k 6:16:51

    2011 Marine Corps Marathon 4:24:48

    2011 Jacksonville Bank Marathon 4:44:12 (4:45 Pace Leader)

    2012 Florida Keys Ragnar Relay 28:20:47 (3rd place-Mixed Ultra)

    Check it out - I'm bloggin'!

  • BOSNPM We're Not Worthy 2,482 posts since
    Nov 20, 2007
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    1,745. Jan 11, 2012 6:15 AM (in response to rbird)
    My last run was yours?

    RBird:  Sounds like a great race.

  • OshCat Pro 179 posts since
    Mar 15, 2011
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    1,746. Jan 11, 2012 6:25 AM (in response to rbird)
    My last run was yours?

    Rbird - sounds like an amazing experience!


    New Year's Color Run (5k) - 01/01/13

    Oshkosh Half-Marathon - 04/21/13

  • MelodyLea Legend 329 posts since
    Oct 4, 2011
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    1,747. Jan 11, 2012 11:55 AM (in response to OshCat)
    My last run was yours?

    A nice slow nine mile run this morning. Nine is my long run, but it's starting to feel a little easier. I might bump it up next week to an even ten! Beautiful winter day here, with bright sunshine and temps at about 25ish. Sweet.



    GinnyinPA Gotta love those hills! I have plenty, plenty of hills around here (the Berkshires Mountains, Ma).



    Webpro11 Hope you kick that cold in the behind!



    nikkicarr1  Good to hear that your family is behind you.



    6xchampsfan  Thanks!



    igotwings  Running in the snow is kind of fun! The only thing I don't like is running in freezing rain...but I do it! Running in the rain when the temps are above 50 is great! Once you get warmed up, its a blast. Very invigorating.



    Runningcolorado Fantastic on your marathon!!!!



    rbird "199 miles from Miami to Key West" <~ OMG You absolutely blow my mind! Congratulations, what an inspiration you are.


    My Fine Art Website

    Age: 53

    1980 Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

    Best 5K time: 31 minutes

    Best 10K time: 1:12

    First 1/2 Marathon: 2:43

    Raised $4491 for animal charity through running

    For 2013:

    Memorial Day 5/26 10K- I hope to raise $3000 for animal charity in my "Run For The Critters"

    Maine Marathon 9/29- I hope to finish 2:30

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    1,748. Jan 11, 2012 2:23 PM (in response to MelodyLea)
    My last run was yours?

    If anyone is interested, I just posted my writeup of the Ragnar Relay here:


    2010 Space Coast Marathon 4:27:39

    2011 Charleston Marathon 4:25:58

    2011 Croom Fools Run 50k 6:16:51

    2011 Marine Corps Marathon 4:24:48

    2011 Jacksonville Bank Marathon 4:44:12 (4:45 Pace Leader)

    2012 Florida Keys Ragnar Relay 28:20:47 (3rd place-Mixed Ultra)

    Check it out - I'm bloggin'!

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    Aug 3, 2011
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    1,749. Jan 11, 2012 4:16 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Thanks for all the encouraging words running friends!  Every time I don't feel like running I read your posts and it motivates me to get out and run.  Had a great run today after work.  62 degrees and sunny today with no wind or humidity.  You just can't get any better than that!  We are suppose to get worse weather tomorrow or not looking forward to that!  I did set a personal record today, not by much but I love that my time keeps improving even if it is just a few seconds.  Ran 5.03 km in 30:33 averaging 9:47 a mile and the last mile was my best! 


    Keep running my friends!

    Started C25K - June 17, 2011

    Completed C25K - August 21, 2011

    First 5K: September 17, 2011 (Wipe Out Kids’ Cancer Oktoberfest Run) - 34:44 (avg 11:10 a mile)

    Best 5K run in 2011 - 10/24/11 - 30:34 (avg 9:51 a mile)

    October 29, 2011 (Trek or Treat 5K) - 31:56 (avg 10:14 a mile)

    Personal Record - 1/29/12 - 5K - 28:27 (avg 9:12 a mile)

    March 3, 2012 (Allen Eagle Run 5K) - 31:20 (avg 10:06 a mile)

    March 31, 2012 (Firefly Run 5K) - 31:15 (avg 10:01 a mile)

    August 12, 2012 (Hottest Half 10K) - 1:13:18 (avg 11:48 a mile)

    October 27, 2012 (Dallas 13.1 Marathon) - 2:41:36 (avg 12:20 a mile)

    November 22, 2012 (Dallas Turkey Trot 8 miles) - 1:33:08 (avg 11:38 a mile)

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    1,750. Jan 12, 2012 2:16 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Today was supposed to be a short easy day after yesterday's tempo run, but when I saw the blue skies and felt the 53 degree sunshine, I knew I wasn't going to limit myself to 3 miles. Since I know the forecast is for a cold wet weekend, I decided to switch my long run to today and do the treadmill on Saturday instead. I may regret that decision later, but the run went well. After 10.8 miles, I ended up tired, but not hurting.

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    1,751. Jan 12, 2012 4:18 PM (in response to GinnyinPA)
    My last run was yours?

    rbird - WOW - just WOW.  I was on the edge of my seat reading your blog.  That is absolutely amazing!!  You and your team  rock.


    Ginny and RunningQueen - I'm envious of  your weather.  Rained all day here - snowing just a few miles farther north when I got to my meeting. 


    I just can't handle the cold  so I've been stuck on the treadmill on weekdays - outside on weekends when I can be in the sun (as long as the temps are above 35).  I feel absolutely reptilian.


    I did manage to ramp up my speed a little on the TM today - from penguin to turtle. 


    Happy running all.

  • nikkicarr1 Legend 315 posts since
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    1,752. Jan 12, 2012 4:40 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    my run today was horrible had to walk every mile, my legs fealt like huge lead weights hanging from my knees, then I got and aweful cramp up the outter part of my left calf followed by foot slapping...what the hell is that?  Pool laps felt good, but now I feel like I have shin splints, havent felt that in what?  Rest or Run?


    2009: Opperation Troop Appreciation 5k oct 29:44 (first race), Greensburg Turkey Trot 5k nove 31:09

    2010: On Deck for the Cure sprint 1mi 1-4 9:00, Race for Grace 5k 3-20 32:11, Yough River Council 1/2 marathon 4-10 2:16:39 (goal for 1st 1/2 2:25) 3rd in AG, Pittsburgh Komen Race for the Cure 5k 5-9 30:08, Jerry Mahar Jr Parkinsons Awareness 5k 6-5-10 29:28 6th in AG

    Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon 12-5 5:01:?? FIRST FULL MARATHON (with calf tear)

    2011: Race for Grace 5k 3-19 30:56, Alpha Fitness 5k 4-9 28:57 8th in AG, Pittsburgh Half Marathon 5-14 2:17:52, 9/11 Heroes Run 5k 9-11 27:34 (PR) 5th in AG, Pittsburgh ZooZilla 5k 10-2 28:03, Greenburg 5k Turkey Trot 11-24 28:35

    NEXT PLANNED EVENT: Race for Grace 5k 3-31-2012, Pittsburgh Marathon 5-6-2012, Great Race 10K 9-30-2012

  • AlfNiner Pro 103 posts since
    Oct 10, 2011
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    1,753. Jan 12, 2012 9:25 PM (in response to nikkicarr1)
    My last run was yours?

    GinnyinPA - awesome job taking ur easy run to 10.8 miles!

    Today I ran 5k then did the usual 1hr intense spin class! tomorrow is 5k then swim training. Oh, i have the LA Half on sunday...wish me luck.


    11/13/11 - Mission Inn Run 5k Riverside, CA: 23'52" PR

    12/11/11 - Holiday Half Marathon Pomona, CA: 1hr 55'50" PR

    04/07/12 - Hollywood 10k Hollywood, CA: 48'16" PR

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    1,754. Jan 13, 2012 7:06 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Rbird - That blog was amazing, I am speechless! 


    RunningQueen26 - congrats on your new PR time


    GinnyinPA - congratulations on the good 10.8!  I'm envious!  I know I'll get to that distance soon... mostly I wish I had your weather!  Especially after the snow that got dumped on us yesterday


    nikkicarr1 - my opinion is rest & ice, then go back with a slow run.  Know the difference between "injury pain" and "muscle use" and STOP if you feel any "injury pain"!


    Alfninerx - best of luck on your Half, you will Rock it!


    I did a 'tempo' 4.5 miles on the dreaded treadmill yesterday evening during the snowstorm... finally my body felt good at the faster pace, back to how I felt in Sept when I hit my 5k PR.  I just pray that my runs continue to feel that good!  Looks like my long run on Sat. will likely also be on the treadmill due to time constraints plus the forecast saying it'll be 19 degrees, plus the fact that *some* people in this city are a bit lax on their shoveling duties and my route is along busy streets so running in the road is not an option.


    New Year's Color Run (5k) - 01/01/13

    Oshkosh Half-Marathon - 04/21/13


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