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  • Dobrobuck Pro 151 posts since
    Apr 17, 2011
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    2,730. Apr 28, 2012 11:33 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    I MADE IT!!!!!   Finished my first 1/2 this morning. 2:10:38. Ran with a pacer and she kept us right where we needed to be as she broke off to finish the full and left us alone for the last mile. It was an awesome feeling running with others at my level as we all encouraged each other throughout the race. I highly reccomend running with a pacer if you have a specific goal in mind. I haven't posted here lately on purpose ( just a superstition thing) but have followed all your posts. I hope you all know that you are a huge part of my inspiration no matter how fast or slow we all are!!! Now, time to go get that 13.1 sticker lol!!!

    4/30/11 IL Marathon 10K 57:43

    5/14/11 Kirby Derby 10K 57:49 3rd place in div

    7/4/11 Freedom 5K 28:59

    Lost 80lbs since 6/17/10 starting wt 280lbs

    Joined Second Wind Running Club 9/2011

    8/27/11 13.38mi 2:32

    9/17/11 13.45mi 2:27

    Habitat for Humanity 5K 12/31/11 26:42 PR

    4/28/12 IL Marathon 1st 1/2 2:10:38

    Cycled 1600 mi summer of 2012

    Cycled Hilly Hundred 10/25/12

    Upcoming races

    April 2013 1st full marathon..

  • jmsab23 Legend 243 posts since
    Aug 19, 2011
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    2,731. Apr 28, 2012 12:12 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Got back from Vegas vaca late last night. Ran three treadmill workouts in the hotel fitness center, totaled 14 + miles. Wanted to try to find a place to run outside, but didn't know the area well enough and it seems there are people on the strip at all hours of the day, so kept it indoors. (Didn't win anything, either, but didn't play much.)

    Runbetter.... Very good time on the mile!!!!! Congrats.

    Dobrobuck.... Glad you found someone to run with, and a heart congratulations on the HM!!!!

    Oshcat.... No pain is good!

    Melody... I saw some bunnies in Vegas.

    Az1414.... Did the West Rim tour, saw the Skywalk but stayed on the landwalk. Simply beautiful country.

  • MelodyLea Legend 329 posts since
    Oct 4, 2011
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    2,732. Apr 28, 2012 1:38 PM (in response to jmsab23)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    DobrobuckYAY!! WHOOT!! BRAVO!! CONGRATS!!


    linuscatch Thanks
    NHLA Ouch, indeed!
    RunBetter HoleyMoley!! That is fast.
    OldPlodder Thats sounds just dreamy...nice run!
    OshCat Good to see you back at it!
    az1414 Fantastic miles, yay! Nice to see you and best of luck on that half.
    countryrunner1 Good luck adjusting to those temperature changes on your marathon!
    OldPlodder The perfect run, the perfect start to the weekend! **High Fives**
    jmsab23 I hope you enjoyed the vaca!

    I ran a sluggish 3.5 miles this morning (friggin' cold too), 20s with the wind . Its either the need for more rest, allergies OR this new diet. I'm on day three of Timothy Ferriss "Slow Carb" diet. Its pretty healthy with protien, vegies and beans, but no grain, diary or sugars (including fruit). My goal is to trim these last 5 pounds and become a mean-lean-running machine! LOL. I read that runners on the Slow Carb diet need time to adjust since our bodies are used to fast burning carbs. At any rate. Still excited about the diet...I dropped 3 pounds in 3 days. So, I plan on sticking to it for at least a week, then go from there.

    My Fine Art Website

    Age: 53

    1980 Humboldt Redwoods Marathon

    Best 5K time: 31 minutes

    Best 10K time: 1:12

    First 1/2 Marathon: 2:43

    Raised $4491 for animal charity through running

    For 2013:

    Memorial Day 5/26 10K- I hope to raise $3000 for animal charity in my "Run For The Critters"

    Maine Marathon 9/29- I hope to finish 2:30

  • NHLA Legend 354 posts since
    Feb 23, 2012
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    2,733. Apr 28, 2012 2:14 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    15 miles 2 hr 13 min. Ran around Lake Summit. Nice soft dirt. Great 1/2 dobro.

  • 6xchampsfan Pro 184 posts since
    Jul 4, 2011
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    2,734. Apr 29, 2012 4:22 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    Hello all. I don't have much time these days to post here but been trying to keep up with all your posts. Congratulations to Dobrobuck on your first half marathon! Awesome job. Also to everyone else who are doing so well and those coming back from injuries. I've been running well in spite of my recent heart issues. I've been giving a choice of another operation with a possible pace maker or to continue to keep running to put my heart back into normal rythum. At least for as long as it continues to work. Seems like a no brainer to me. I'm thinking of changing my name here to run4mylife. lol. I'm getting ready for another 5k this weekend with some different family members than the last. Awesome stuff. It soooo much fun running these races with my neices and nephews. What a blast. I want to post a picture from a local race this weekend because you all inspire me so much. I think this may do the same for you all as it does for me. This is my new hero. I hope this works this time as it didn't the last time I tryed a few minutes ago. Untill next time... keep running everyone and thanks for keeping me going.

  • 6xchampsfan Pro 184 posts since
    Jul 4, 2011
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    2,735. Apr 28, 2012 4:49 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Sadly I'm not able to post this picture because it throws me off the site. I will try again later because I really think you will enjoy it as much as I do. Run on everyone.

  • AlfNiner Pro 103 posts since
    Oct 10, 2011
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    2,736. Apr 28, 2012 6:53 PM (in response to 6xchampsfan)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    Dobrobruk - congrats! always feels great to finish any race!

    Today i ran 4.5miles before the family got up, then we joined a couple of other family members for a 1.5mile hike up a steep trail. I ran intervals (or tried) most of the way up. wow, that kicked my butt, but i feel/felt great having accomplished that. I had planned to run 9mi tomorrow, but after that trail run...right now i'm feeling i might or should rest.... we'll see how i feel at 5am tomorrow. cheers.


    11/13/11 - Mission Inn Run 5k Riverside, CA: 23'52" PR

    12/11/11 - Holiday Half Marathon Pomona, CA: 1hr 55'50" PR

    04/07/12 - Hollywood 10k Hollywood, CA: 48'16" PR

  • Guayquilwriter Legend 511 posts since
    Mar 18, 2011
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    2,737. Apr 29, 2012 3:13 AM (in response to AlfNiner)
    Re: My last run was yours?

    Dobrobruk ------ Congratulations!



    Yesterday morning was a fine example of why I carry my cell and a few dollars with me on every run. Was planning to do a long run at 5:30 am, but at about 3.5 miles my cell sounds. My wife is saying she has horrible pains and is calling a taxi to take her to the emergency room (she was still asleep when I left). I was actually closer to the hospital so I ran over there to meet her. She ended up having an emergency endoscopy and the staff kicked me out to go home at 8:30 pm since she was in the ICU recovering and they have a no visitors policy after 8:30 - and since she was going to be sedated for the next 8 hours or so.


    Long day.

    OVER 50 PRs

    5K - 31:50 5K La Joya 2011 - Aug 2011

    10K - 1:14:30 at Guayaquil Half Marathon - Jul 2011

    Half - 2:32:22 at Guayaquil Marathon - Oct 2011

    2012 Races

    InterAmerican Family Fun Run (5k) 36:04 (Previous Year 39:22)

    Emelec 5K 33:16

    Upcoming Races

    15 June - 5K Ciudad Celeste

    22 June 5K por los Ninos

    1 July - Guayaquil Half Marathon

    5 August - 5K La Joya

    2 September - 30K Milagro

    7 October - Guayaquil Marathon

    18 November - 5K Villa Club

    2 December - 5K DM3

  • Debm2011 Legend 361 posts since
    Jun 12, 2011
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    2,738. Apr 29, 2012 1:36 PM (in response to Guayquilwriter)
    My last run was yours?

    Guayquilwriter - I hope your wife is doing better!  I'll be keeping you both in my prayers.


    Dobrobuck - Congrats!! WooHoo!!  You should be very proud of yourself.


    6xchampsfan - amazing.  I hope running keeps you going strong for a long time - way better than surgery


    MelodyLea - good for you!  I have been so bad lately I still need to drop the 10 lbs I regained over the winter - but I couldn't give up my grains, dairy, or sugars.  way to go!


    OshCat - wonderful!  pain free must be quite a relief


    RunBetter - WOW. That is amazing. 


    Friday night I tried trail running with the dog.  Nope.  I manage 1.2 miles but had to ice my ankles when I got home.  I just don't think my ankles will stand up to rocks and roots.  I did my long run after church today instead of before due to an inaccurate weather forecast (thanks Mr. Weatherman - there was no frost and it was not freezing this morning).  Temps around 57 and beautifully sunny.  I managed 8.6 miles today - a new distance.   (Note to self, take a bigger water bottle next time.)  It seems weird to me,but my body seems to like distances.  The first 1-2 miles is tough - but once I get past 3 miles I settle into some kind of rhythm and I feel good.  Not fast (although I often run negative splits) - but good.  I'm still amazed that I can run 8+ miles - heck I'm still amazed I can run any distance. 

  • linuscatch Pro 143 posts since
    Sep 18, 2011
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    2,739. Apr 29, 2012 2:16 PM (in response to Debm2011)
    My last run was yours?

    Guayquilwriter: Hope your wife is doing better by now.  Definitely a lesson about having a cell phone while running.  It is a pain to carry in pocket which I do every time thinking it will be me on the ground after falling or getting hit by a car.  Glad you had it and could be there for your wife.

    Dobrobuck: AWESOME!!!  One down, many more to go!  Congrats!

    RunBetter:  did you really run a 4:59 mile?  That is amazing!  Wish i had half your wait, I do have HALF your speed!

    OldPlodder: sounds like you had some really good runs this week...and yes, it is good to get off the streets from time to time.

    Did 3.75 miles yesterday, and labored the whole way.  Not sure why but was glad when it was done.  So went out for LR today not knowing what to expect, and sure enough started laboring again. Slowed down a little more, and finally hit groove around mile 4.  Did 13.05 total in just over 2:16 with over 600 feet of elevation gain.  That time was only 6 minutes slower than my actual HM time on a flat course so am encouraged about ability to do better at next HM.

    Hope everyone recovering is doing better, and everyone running is avoiding injury.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and keep up the great work!

  • NHLA Legend 354 posts since
    Feb 23, 2012
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    2,740. Apr 29, 2012 3:49 PM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    6.42 miles 52 min. Beautiful day. 53 miles for the week.

  • countryrunner1 Expert 41 posts since
    May 3, 2011
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    2,741. Apr 30, 2012 5:40 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    Dobro, great job completing your first 1/2!

    MelodyLea, I've been trying to lose my "last 5" ever since I started running and actually it's become my "last 10" by now, lol.  It sounds like you're onto something with your new diet changes.

    6xchampsfan, I'm happy to hear the running continues to allow you to avoid surgery. It.  Seems like a no brainer to me too!

    Guayquilwriter, What a scary phone call! I hope your wife is doing better.

    Debm2011, Ouch, hope your ankles are feeling better. I have only run trails a few times (not more than 5 miles at a time) and there was a lot of tripping and slipping involved! As pretty and peaceful as it was, I'm not sure if it's worth the risk of injury for me.



    Did my final "long" run of 8 miles on Saturday. And on Sunday, because I'm a superstitious freak, I went to visit the race route again. I've run this race before, but somehow it helps calm me down a bit to have the route fresh in my brain.

    Upcoming Events

    Eau Claire Marathon-May 6

    Ellsworth Cheese Curd 10k-June 23

    Red Wing 4th of July Road Race-July 4

    River Falls Days 10k-July 14

    Ronde des Cyclamens-Aug 5 (First Int'l Race!)

    Whistlestop 1/2 Marathon-Oct 13

    14th Annual Turkey Trot-TBD


    5k - 27:50

    10k - 58:41

    10 mi- 1:39:58

    1/2 - 2:16:38

    Full - 4:56:50

  • Terranss Legend 268 posts since
    Feb 14, 2011
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    2,742. Apr 30, 2012 7:42 AM (in response to countryrunner1)
    My last run was yours?

    Dobrobuck: Congratulations on running your first half!  Great time, too!


    jmsab23: I'm going to Las Vegas in early June, and while there are some sketchy areas of Las Vegas, staying to the east of the 15 Freeway is pretty safe.  I have a route planned that follows the Strip down to the airport, and after a loop around the airport I head back up.  It's a 12-miler, and it's pretty much contained in the better part of the city.  Don't worry, there's always plenty of runners in Las Vegas, so you'll never be the only one out there (even in the hottest parts of the day in the hottest parts of the year!).


    MelodyLea: You're a machine!  Best of luck with your diet, as well as your training.  I hope the weather warms up for you a little so you can finish your training in strong form.  Only a month away to your big race!  Woot!


    NHLA: Great training runs, man!  I love your training volumes--very inspiring!  Keep up the strong effort!


    6xchampsfan: Sorry to hear about your troubles with your heart; I'm glad that the running is keeping the surgery off the table, though.  It's such a blessing to have your family support you in your running--best of luck on your 5K this weekend!


    AlfNinerX: Hey buddy!  Sounds like the half training is going well for you!  Sadly, it looks like Fontana Days is already sold out, so I won't be running that one with you, but I'm looking forward to seeing you again this weekend!  I have another friend coming with me who I think you'll really get along with.  He's done a couple of the XTERRA trail series races with me, and he's a really good guy.  We'll see you there!


    Guayquilwriter: So sorry to hear about your wife--I hope she's doing better today!  Yeah, I'm pretty bad about carrying my cell phone with me on runs, but I think this scare that you had has convinced me to make more of an effort to bring it along on my long runs.  I think I may start heading out with my Camelbak even on the sidewalks and roads--this way I can carry additional supplies in case of emergencies. 


    Debm2011: Great job on increasing your distance!  Re: the trails, they take some getting used to, but they can be really rewarding!  I can tell you from my own experience that learning how to run trails has helped me to improve immensely on the road.  I hope you try them again in the future! 


    linuscatch: Awesome job with your long run!  It sounds like you're better prepared for your next half, which bodes really well for a PR.  Have you decided when your next one will be?


    countryrunner1: I've been avidly following your marathon training, and it seems like you're doing everything you need to in order to succeed!  Best of luck on your marathon this weekend, and don't worry about being a "freak" on this thread; I think you're in excellent company here!

  • NHLA Legend 354 posts since
    Feb 23, 2012
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    2,743. Apr 30, 2012 8:00 AM (in response to LemonaidLucy)
    My last run was yours?

    6.26 miles 50 min. Champion Hills. I was running on the ridges with fog down in the vally. Town was covered and you could see the moutains sticking up thru the fog.

  • Terranss Legend 268 posts since
    Feb 14, 2011
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    2,744. Apr 30, 2012 8:28 AM (in response to Terranss)
    My last run was yours?

    Race report time!


    Yesterday, April 29th, I ran the XTERRA Malibu Creek Trail Challenge, a 22K (~14 mile) adventure through the hills and canyons of the inland side of Malibu.  For those of you familiar with the show, MASH was filmed in this park.  Here's an interesting bit of trivia for you, too: there were more episodes of MASH than there were days of the Korean War, on which the show was based.  Crazy, huh?


    When we first arrived at the park it was pretty cool for Southern California, with temperatures in the low 40's.  However, like any good desert environment this place heats up quick, and being on the back side of the park we didn't benefit from the cool ocean breezes.  Nope, it was all sun, all the time!  The first two miles were fairly flat, with just a little bit of rolling hills here and there.  The race started on the canyon floor, which thankfully had shade, and during this part of the course we crossed stream beds and ran over the soft floor of a deciduous forest trail.  Once that was done, however, we came out into the full sun and were faced with the Bulldog mountain trail, a torturous 1,700 foot climb over 3.3 miles.  The total climb for this run was almost 3,000 feet, so over half of it was contained in this small section.  Switchback after switchback greeted us, testing our resolve at every corner.  After the ascent up Bulldog, we rolled along the crest of the Malibu canyons, which had a variety of technical terrain, including scree, loose gravel, boulders, and sharp rock outcroppings.  What a course!  Miles 9 through 12 were hard and steep descents, over similar types of terrain.  I know some people took some spills on this section and had plenty of cuts and scrapes to show for it.  As soon as we hit the bottom of the canyon again we were greeted by the Bulldog trail's little cousin, who the locals affectionately call the Angry Chihuahua.  Although it's only a 400-foot climb, it covers a little less than 3/4 of a mile distance, so it's plenty steep despite its short stature, and after 12 miles of hard running it feels twice as hard as it would be otherwise.  I can honestly say I've never been so happy to see a finish line in my life!


    With regards to my own performance, I feel like I just did "okay" on this one.  I didn't feel like I ran it as "tough" as I normally run races, and unfortunately I let the runners around me dictate my own behavior.  When I saw the people around me give up on the run and begin power-hiking up the hills, I did the same, even though I probably could have pushed a bit further.  I also started this race with a sore right calf, which didn't help matters for the first few miles.  Once the muscle warmed up everything seemed to get better for me, but I still babied it a lot and didn't attack the climbs and descents like I know I can.  Final result was 2:15:10, a 9:38 pace over 14 miles, and I came in 52nd out of 316 runners.  I really enjoyed the heck out of this course, though, and I'm looking forward to doing better next year. 


    One of the best things about this race was the after-party--being the last race in the XTERRA SoCal series for the 2011-2012 season, they gave us a heck of a beer garden (Dos Equis, with no drink limit) as well as a rock climbing wall and other various festivities.  I got a special keychain for completing the whole series this season, which was kind of nice, too!


    Yup, I'm definitely coming back to this one next year--for redemption, and for the beer!


    Happy running, everyone!


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