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Following are the few ways to shape your butt bigger and stomach smaller


1.  For a smaller stomach you need to do cardio exercise. Cardio is the  best fat burning exercise. A healthy diet is essential, too. Make good  use of 'fat burning' foods and quality protein. In addition, colon  cleansing can help. Eliminate all junk food and refined (processed)  carbohydrates. Allow yourself treats just once per week. Doing yoga (for  breathing techniques) while doing cardio exercise can also help.

2  To get a better butt do weight training. Eat small amounts of good  carbs such as low carbohydrate berries and non-starchy vegetables before  working out. Make good use of fat burning foods such as quality  protein. Increase your daily water intake by at least three glasses.  When working out always increase your resistance and reps at least once a  week and change your exercises every few days.

3 Contrary to  popular belief, crunches alone will not help you get a flatter stomach.  All this will do is build muscle UNDERNEATH the layer of fat that  already exists. To get rid of this layer of fat, you must first change  your eating habits (more veggies and less refined carbohydrates and  fatty foods. Do cardio exercise, such as brisk walking, for 20-30  minutes 3-5 times a week. Only do abs exercise after you have lost the  fat.

4 You need to burn off calories through cardio exercise.  Change you eating habits. Eat less saturated fat and use beneficial  fats. Let go of the junk foods and refined (processed) carbohydrates.  Refined (processed ) carbohydrates are the major cause of fat  accumulating around the abdomen.

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