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Mar 29, 2011
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Apr 8, 2011 4:21 AM

Injured? Or wimp?

Brief history:  Started jogging again after years off in January. Took it slow, gradually building up my miles with a run-walk program. (Years ago, I ramped up my miles too quickly and ended up with a broken foot). Last weekend, I ran (ok, slowly jogged) the Cooper River Bridge Run, which is a 10k with a 1-mile 4% uphill grade and roughly the same downhill grade. I took it very slowly and managed to finish just inside of m 1:10 goal.  I took two days off and did a slow 2-mile recovery run on Tuesday. It was fine, but I had to admit to myself afterward that there was a dull ache on my left medial shin at about the halfway mark. I waived it off, though because I didn't plan to run again til Thursday. Which was yesterday. But the dull, but very localized, ache was still there. So even though it was a gorgeous day and I had been looking forward to it, I propped my leg up, applied an ice pack and sat that one out.  Here's where it gets weird: when I was done icing, the shin ache was, if nothing else, numbed and unnoticeable. But now my left arch is very uncomfortable with every barefoot step. Huh??  So, my question is, am I just being paranoid? Are these just the normal aches and pains of a 35-year-old, or do I have some kind of injury that is going to need medical attention and/or lengthy recovery? A couple more little facts: I am moderately bowlegged, and though I walk slew-foot, I think my jogging gait it relatively straight. For whatever that's worth.  I don't want to be a wimp, but I don't want to be a fool either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Apr 10, 2011 3:36 PM (in response to cjblazer)
    Re: Injured? Or wimp?

    hi ya, i'd broken my ankle on 18th jan and its 11 weeks since now. cast came off 4 weeks ago and i'm trying to get back to runnin again by doin the c25k plan. did 2 days and my ankle hurts too much and i'm also very aware of not hurting it too much again....

    ssssooooooo i don't think your being whimpy but your being careful..listen to your body and take it slowly...if your bod hurts then its screaming slow down..i'm going to try again tomorrow and do w1d3...i'm not a whimp cause i'm lookin after myself..and you need to take care of your one else will.

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    2. Apr 10, 2011 4:26 PM (in response to cjblazer)
    Re: Injured? Or wimp?

    It's not unusual for one ache (shin) to mask another (arch).  Or the arch may simply have  taken some time for the ach to become apparent - I've had that happen.  You may have a mild case of shin splints, and maybe the beginnings of plantar fasciitis.  Stretching and strengthening the calf and achilles can help with both.  Also check these articles.




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    3. Apr 11, 2011 4:05 AM (in response to cjblazer)
    Re: Injured? Or wimp?

    Arch pain is the #1 symptom of Gastrocnemius (upper rear calf) muscle tightness. Since your pain started out on the medial belly of that muscle, and you taxed it with the 1-mile uphill climb, I am not surprised.


    You can foam roll this muscle upwards toward the knee, or drag it over the edge of a chair in the same direction for a similar effect. You can also get more specific pressure with your thumbs or a tennis ball to relax the tight spots. Relax that muscle and your arch pain will likely disappear.

    I'd say you're only a wimp if you can't handle working on your own muscles, lol.

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