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Apr 14, 2011
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Apr 14, 2011 9:23 AM

another new runner...jogger...walker...

Hi, all.

I started a C25K program on Monday and am here because I want to be accountable to someone other than myself to finish!


Monday was really hard and I was still sore yesterday, but I made it back out this morning for the 60/90 mix.  The running actually *seemed* easier this morning,  Maybe it was all in my head, but I'll take tthat!  I've never been a runner..actually haven't really exercised at all in my 35 years except for some yoga over the last several years. After realizing this winter that my metabolism was no longer sustaining my eating habits (read = my clothes don't fit) I decided it was time for me to get out and move.  I'm out of shape and overweight by about 35 lbs, but I really want to do this for myself, my partner and for my kids.  I'd want to be active with them and for them.


I know it's going to be a lot of hard work but I'll keep you all posted on my progress (or lack thereof).  I'd love to hear encouraging stories as well; I know I am going to need them!!




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    Jul 7, 2009
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    1. Apr 14, 2011 10:03 AM (in response to SloMI)
    Re: another new runner...jogger...walker...

    Welcome to your new world. Good luck with your running, and yes, you are a runner.  You may be a new runner, you may be a slower runner (for now) but that is ok.  You are still a runner.


    Being around the community will keep you motiveated and informed.  Have a question?? Ask your friends.  Think you have an injury?? Ask your friends in the community. 


    Be sure to follow the c25k program.  Don't run two days in a row for now, and take it slooooow. 

    Running the straight and narrow,


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  • flamomof3 Legend 1,928 posts since
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    2. Apr 14, 2011 12:00 PM (in response to SloMI)
    Re: another new runner...jogger...walker...

    Good Luck with your training!

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    3. Apr 14, 2011 12:14 PM (in response to SloMI)
    Re: another new runner...jogger...walker...

    Welcome!  I know that I'm not as active on this site as I'd like, but I would like to recommend another site to you which maybe you will feel will hold you accountable (it certainly holds me accountable, or that's the way I feel).  I'm on there, brishell95.  Feel free to look around the site and if you sign up, add me as a friend.  I like so that I can check out local 5K's (and more) in my area.  If they weren't so costly I would be doing SO much more!


    Welcome again!



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    Apr 8, 2011
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    4. Apr 14, 2011 12:31 PM (in response to SloMI)
    Re: another new runner...jogger...walker...

    Welcome Sarah.  My wife and I are new at this too.  We are all in this together, so we will support you and you support us.  We did W1D3 today at lunch time and are ready to tackle W2D1 in a few days.  Good luck and keep us posted.



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    5. Apr 14, 2011 12:39 PM (in response to SloMI)
    Re: another new runner...jogger...walker...

    Welcome Sarah.  I was overweight too and was able to lose 45 pounds on Weightwatchers - not advocating that method to lose weight, just stating what I used - and went from walking as a form of exercise to jogging and now running quite a few miles.  I had not heard of C25K until I had completed a few 5Ks so I don't know what that training entails, but like others have said, take it easy.  You don't want to rush into it and risk hurting yourself.  Also you may get some quick temporary success only for it to not stick.  There is a lot of hard work ahead, but if you are willing to stick with it, there are many here who can help you go through it and encourage you, as well as many here who will be encouraged by you.  Keep us posted of your status, your struggles and successes.

    To paraphrase Newton, "A body in motion tends to stay in motion", so keep those feet moving ....

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    6. Apr 14, 2011 2:11 PM (in response to SloMI)
    Re: another new runner...jogger...walker...

    Hey, I just did Week 4, Day 1 this morning, so I'm only a short ways ahead of you, and let me tell you, I don't doubt for a moment that your second run was noticeably easier than your first.  When I started out, I could only just barely do the first run, and the progress I've seen in myself in just a few short weeks amazes me.  Starting out, it was a struggle to pick up my feet and run for another sixty seconds after only 90 walking.  Now I can breeze through three minutes running, and am struggling again with five minutes.  I've never run five consecutive minutes before as long as I've lived, and in less than a month, that's where I've gotten.  Take it from someone who has also never been a runner in his entire life; if you stick with it, you will feel progress, and much faster than you thought was possible.

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