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Apr 21, 2011 7:20 AM

2.8 miles today, no issues...

Today, I was running alone (running partner Andy is out of town), and was a little nervous about W7D1, which has me running 2.5 miles for the first time.  As I chronicled previously, W6D2 was a little tough, and I felt like I'd struggled to run a 1-and-1.  The 2.25 mile run went better on Tuesday, and I attributed that to having my running partner to push me forward.  In any event, I was awake at 6:30 this morning, and after three days straight of training, Sunday to Tuesday, and using yesterday as an Off-Day (with massive hailstorms here at home), my body was rearing to go.  So, I got my warm clothes on (polypro legs under windpants and two layers on top), and headed out into the balmy 33F morning for a 2.5 mile run, the first of my life...

I killed it!  I definitely ran slow at first, after my 5-minute warm-up walk, and struggled in my usual uphill climb by the Library, but Mile 2 went swimmingly, and when I reached 2.5 miles, I was on auto-pilot.  I ran the last 0.3 back to the car where I usually walk.  I don't like to go "off program" since I'm usually very by-the-book on this stuff, but I felt so damn good, I just wanted to keep running.  I thought, what will an extra quarter-mile hurt?  I really could have continued through to 3.1 if I'd been so inclined.


So, I'm starting to see a pattern, and that pattern is that when I get to about 2.25 - 2.5 miles running, I find a second wind or second gear, like my body takes almost 2 miles of running before it's "warmed up."  Those of you who've been running longer than me probably understand more about this phenomenon, but could someone give me some insight into why this happens, and what, if anything, this says about me as a runner?  Does this bode well for future longer distances?  Or does it mean that I am not yet in shape enough to run the earlier miles at pace?  Any thoughts would be very welcome.


Looking forward to W7D2.

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    1. Apr 21, 2011 7:29 AM (in response to Jarrod_Dumas)
    Re: 2.8 miles today, no issues...

    Congratulations, and way to go on adding additional mileage when you didn't need to!


    For me, I find that when I start out my run I usually feel really stiff and not really into it for the warmup, which I usually spend about 10 minutes doing. After that warm-up my first fast mile usually still feels a little stiff even. At mile 2-3 I tend to start getting into the groove of the run and go well for about 4 or 5 miles before I start feeling a little tired. That's usually when I need to add in some kind of carbs and I'll get another surge of feeling great at mile 8 or 9, etc. I might have to go through this again depending on how long my run is. So, yes its pretty normal for me to have ups and downs all through a run



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    3. Apr 21, 2011 1:25 PM (in response to Jarrod_Dumas)
    Re: 2.8 miles today, no issues...

    Jarrod, its always exciting to hear a new runner starting to figure out why so many of us are addicted to this sport.  Many people that start out dont make it to the "a-ha" moment that you had on your run.  If you are patient, follow your plan and stay injury free, you will continue to improve and find that the period of time that you feel so good will become longer and longer.  I get excited just hearing about it!  As for the physiological reason for it......its endorphins!  Excercise releases endorphins into your bloodstream which gives you that feeling that you could run forever.  Everyone is different.  Some people may notice right away, but most take a little while of getting warmed up before they feel it.  Its also not uncommon to have some days that are a struggle just to get through your run.  As long as you realize that tomorrow is a new day and another opportunity to experience a runners high.  Good luck with your training!


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