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May 11, 2011 6:02 PM

Fatigue with Knee/Joint Pain

Howdy. Recently started running (again) and last week developed some knee pain that will not go away (funny how you can't simply ignore that stuff until it abates). A little background, seeing as I'm a newb in these parts:


Ran cross country in high school, back in the early to mid- nineties. Have run on and off ever since, but this year I decided to really get back into it and run some road races: mostly going to be 5K's with possibly a 5 miler or 10K toward the end of the season. Started as soon as the snow banks were off the edges of the roads (I'm in New Hampshire), first of April, and was going very well. Breathing was good, pace was great, but my hip, at that time, was bothering me (I seriously hurt my hip-joint several years ago, and although I had run since that time with no adverse affects, this time was different). Long story short, a chiropractor fixed me up to the point that I went form a non-believer to an adament follower. As the hip healed, and my runs got more productive, I proceded to run my first 5K, Sunday May 1st, to the tune of 22:27 (a full minute and a half faster than what I was hoping for, considering I hadn't run a race in 10 years). Needless to say, I felt great, was happy with the run, and everything was proceding according to plan. I took that Monday off to rest, and ran a 5 mile on Tuesday (I had all ready run that particular route a couple of times prior), but was not any where near where I had been the previous week. In fact, my legs felt as if they were concrete, and I just could not get loose. The next day I ran a shorter 3.4, but all hills - my challenging route. I felt the same way as I had the day prior, although I did start to loosen up at the end of my run, about the last 3/4 mile, where a damn steep hill begins. I felt great at the end of the run, but that is the first day that my knee started to hurt, which is on the opposite side of the hip that I had hurt. I ran the 5 again the next day, and then the 3.4 again the day after that. I felt good only at the end of the 3.4 of that Friday, again when I got to the hill. Well, my hip was twinging a little, so I went to the chiropractor again that night, and decided to take the entire weekend off to rest the knee. But that didn't work. The weekend turned into 3 days due to work, and when I ran last night, I still could not get loose, my legs were again heavy, and my knee began to ache even more than it had the prior week. Instead of relying upon stretching and a hot shower, I decided to try to ice it, which felt great... Until this morning. The knee ached like crazy most of the day, along with my opposite ankle, which I just thought was damn odd. Against my will, I ended up taking today off, as well. Yesterday was also the first run on new sneaks, New Balance's 729s (if I remember correctly).


The knee actually hurts to the touch on the inside of the shin bone, but below the knee cap. The ache comes from the same area. (Sorry, I am not very well versed in anatomy. Well, of the knee, any how.) It doesn't appear to be a muscle, as it feels as if it is on the bone itself, which leads me (and my limited knee anatomy knowledge) to believe it has something to do with a tendon. And it doesn't hurt so much as I run, although it locks up pretty tight after I stop, even as I'm on my cool-down walk: I started doing a brisk warm-up and cool-down walk of about 5 mintues each to try to help out in conjunction with my stretching, which I do, and have always done, pre- and post- run. I have never had knee problems before, other than minor ahces and pains, just the typical stuff that comes with a workout. I should also mention that I awoke last Tuesday with a sore throat, which I fought all week until it really got at me on Sunday, then proceded to travel into my lungs and sinuses. I've never had allergies before, but I am almost 34 now, so who knows? I'm pretty sure its actually a cold, though. I'm also pretty sure that is where the fatigue is coming from, but the knee thing is actually starting to worry me. I'm not going to head to the doc's for an emergency visit, though, and that means that obstinate-ol'-me will try to run through it as much as possible until I can get in for a normal check-up. In other words, I'm hoping that someone may see something familiar and be able to give me some advice as to what to do, and hopefully that still entails running.


Thank you in advance for any help that anyone may be able to provide.

- Jeff

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    1. May 12, 2011 2:57 AM (in response to jkstevens21)
    Re: Fatigue with Knee/Joint Pain

    I would take a long break from running - at least a week.

    If the pain comes back, have an expert look at your running technique, or even just look at a movie of yourself running on a treadmill.


    If technique is part of the problem (e.g. heel strike):

    Google and have a look at 'pose running'. When running without cushioned shoes the body tends to land between the middle and ball of one's feet which is generally considered the best (i.e. most efficient / least pressure) way of striking for distance runners.

    Occasionally running laps on my socks at the local football field has helped me a lot.


    Good luck!

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