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Jun 5, 2011
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Jun 23, 2011 7:10 AM

Finished week 7, but not clear on what a good run pace goal should be, given the circumstances

So, I've just completed week 7.  I'm 42 F, 157 lbs....its been hard, but doable thus far.  The thing is, I'm preferring trail running MUCH more than road running, and the trails are only open 6:30a-8:30p.  Mornings are impossible due to schedules, so I've been arriving there around 7:30-7:45 to get the 3 mile loop done prior to the preserve closing. I've been running at an 11 minute pace, which I'm a bit depressed about....but the heat index is consistently 95-100 (typically at this time, its 90 degrees with  50-60% humidity). I don't think I can do much faster...sure if I really push it, maybe 10:30, but thats really really hard.  Problem is, I'm worried that I'm going to get too comfortable at this pace and experience "performance plateau" whereas my body just doesn’t know how to get faster.  Since I'm not even ready for a full 5k run, it seems premature to try fartleks and such as I really want to get my endurance for a 5k and finish the full 9 weeks first!


I think within the next 2 months, I'll probably drop to about 145 (serious low carb here….even on running days, as I really want to drop the weight and teach my body to use my fatty acids for energy moreso than carbs right now), and in about 3.5 months, the temps should be around 75-80 with rather low humidity


I've seen Galloway's predictions of how heat affects performance, but I gather this is more for seasoned marathon runners, rather than newbies like me. J  That being said, his predictions imply that given the same fitness level I am now, I would be running a 9 minute pace….and that’s assuming I don’t get better, which I fully intend to do.  While I know it shouldn't matter, striving for a goal (distance and time) does increase my desire to keep going...but I also want a realistic goal that I won't be discouraged by not obtaining.


Any thoughts? Guidance?  What is a realistic pace for me in the fall (for a 5k, 10k, etc)…assuming I continue onto the bridge to 10k in the fall.  I do want to do the princess half marathon in February.  So, again, its all about maintaining my sound mind and still being enthusiastic with achieving stretch goals!


I keep on telling myself that if I can do the C25k now in the worst Florida weather, I can do anything….but I also want to do it well (at least given my experience and fitness level).

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    Apr 7, 2010

    Hi Nanette, Welcome to Active!  Go out and run when you feel comfortable running ,its tough to run in the heat but every runner has to deal with it at some point.  DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR PACE!!! Right now you just want to get to the point where you dont stop running DONT WORRY ABOUT YOUR SPEED.  Once your able to do 5k without stopping then you can work on getting faster.


    I suggest continue to do the C25k program until your comfortable to do something more challenging. As for doing a 5k I say go for it.  Dont worry about how fast your finishing it just do it and have fun! As for a realistic pace I say 11 minute pace is the right pace for you.  Your pace will improve over time just dont rush it.


    Remember stay healthy and have fun!!!!

    Try different things, until you find a routine that works for your physique, metabolism, time constraints, etc. Then train smart, with consistency and intensity, and you will be successful.” Iron Charles


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  • BradW44 Pro 119 posts since
    Jun 15, 2010

    As I have said many times......Patience grasshopper!  This is not something you can rush, it is also not something you should be depressed about!  Your times will come down drastically once you have the foundation in place to build the next level.  If you push this too hard you will end up injured and then you will be REALLY discouraged.  So take it slow, follow the plan and get completely comfortable at that distance with the heat.  Please keep in mind that coaching programs and what you read in a book are kind of like diet books.  They dont work for every person, you have to find the one that works for you.  So while your calculations may say 9 minute pace, your body is telling you otherwise.  Listen to your body.  Do some cross training on your off days.  Cycle or use an elliptical, lift some light weights.  Improve your overall fitness as you build your base and you will be doubly ready for the next level.  Good luck, keep us posted.


  • growlerius Pro 74 posts since
    Aug 15, 2009

    In my experience, the word 'aggression' in running usually means 'on the road to injury', and this is a road I've tread many times.  In my opinion and the opinions of many others, your first 5K goal should be to finish, whether it takes you 25 mins, 40 mins, or 60 mins.  Go to the race, soak up the energy, leave your watch at home, and run.  If you really need a goal, why not strive not to be last?  A sub-30:00 5k, for a new C25K graduate, is quite lofty unless you're 18 years old.


    It's tough for a lot of people, but running is so incredibly personal.  No one's going to look at a 35 min 5K time and think 'Wow, that's slow.'  If I were you, I'd make finishing a 5K, 10K and Half my goal for this time around.  After you (healthfully) finish the Half, maybe then worry about times.  As others have said on here, pushing too hard while striving for a number often (even most likely) leads to injury.

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