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Dec 21, 2007 4:54 PM

My Top 10 Adventures

The Gear Junkie recently posted his top 10 adventures for 2007, which includes Subterranean Cenote Swimming in Quintana Roo, Mexico and an Extreme North Dakota Adventure Race. This got me thinking about my top 10 adventures for 2007. While I did not ski Utah's Interconnect Tour or swim in Mexican caves, I did have a few adventures of my is my top 10:


1) A road trip across Spain--flew into Madrid, drove to Toro on the western border near Portugal, then drove all the way to Barcelona stopping in all the famous wine regions along the way including Ribera Del Duero, La Rioja and Priorat. We also went rock climbing in Siurana but couldn't appreciate all the world class climbs because one, we are not that strong and two, all that wine really weighed us down.


2) Testing snowboards at Copper Mountain in Colorado--it is always nice when someone else pays for slope-side accomodations, and you get to ride and the newest equipment! Plus, Copper Mountain is fabulous fun with a great terrain park and a laid back atmosphere. 


3) Shopping in the garden center at Home Depot in Troy, New York--with my 93-year old grandmother. It sounds like this should not fit into the adventure category but trust me, it was quite an adventure!


4) Notre Dame/ Michigan State game at Notre Dame. I grew up going to ND games but it's been 10 years since I have been able to make it back. The whole family was there, which is always an adventure.


5)  Introducing my very conservative, religious parents to my boyfriend's extremely liberal, outspoken, anit-religious mom.


6) Santa Fe--We spent the first part of 2007 here and loved it. The town is quaint but cultural and there is easy access to any activity right from the center of town. Santa Fe gets snow, which I have been really missing in Southern California, but the temperatures are mild enough that you can still ride your bike. Plus, all the best Colorado ski resorts are only a few hours away. And if you don't want to drive, the local hill is just a 20-minute drive from town! My adventures here included a very exhausting first-time-on-tele-skis, and dragging my wheezing brother on a local hike in which he and my boyfriend threw snowballs and pine cones at me...that hike was filled with adventure! 


7)  Massive Pit session in Keystone Colorado--"oh, is there skiing here?"


8) San Francisco, San Francisco, San Francisco--the end of the year has

seen a lot of trips to San Francisco--Exploring the city; visiting

Santa Cruz and Half-moon Bay; hiking and running around in the Santa Cruz Mountains; going to the exploritorium with my geeky boyfriend that likes to explain how things work before I even have time to see what the exhibit is; seeing Avenue Q at the Orpheum Theatre.


9)  Playing trains with my nephew. My favorite question in the world? "Tia Belle, do you want to play with me?"


10) Dinner with my sister at LAX--call me sentimental, but having that moment before sending her off to India for 4 months is a great memory. Besides, driving to LA is always an adventure.


All right, now let's hear your top 10!

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    1. Dec 22, 2007 8:29 AM (in response to mvalenti)
    Re: My Top 10 Adventures


    here are my top 10 this year.






    1. Hiking to the bottom and back of the Grand Canyon with my Dad.  He decided that if he could lose 100 lbs, he could challenge himself, and hike the Grand Canyon.  We had a great time, and it was a physical challenge for both of us. 




    2. Spending a couple of days introducing my 6-year old daughter to the wonders of Yosemite National Park.  We saw all the sights, did all the hiking her little 6-year old feet could do, and continued the process of creating a dedicated steward of our wilderness areas.




    3. Winning the “other” division of the Steve Moyer Memorial Kayak Fishing Tournament with a 5-lb Bonito, and coming home with a brand new Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160i and a bunch of other cool new kayaking gear.




    4. Spending a weekend at The Sierra Club’s Foster Lodge becoming certified in Wilderness First Aid.   I got to spend the weekend with a lot of really great people with interests the same as my own, learning interesting and valuable skills.




    5. Spending a week and a half with my family  (wife and two daughters) and loads of friends, car camping in Mammoth Lakes.   Fishing, hiking and kayaking too our hearts content.




    6. Snowshoeing into the Sierra’s for an overnight backpacking trip, and experiencing weather that was milder than back home in San Diego.




    7. Driving the back roads of East County San Diego a week after the wildfires, and witnessing the unreal destruction Mother Nature can unleash.




    8. Leading a troop of 6-year old Brownies on a day-hike through Mission Trails Regional Park.  (also known as herding cats)




    9. Becoming certified as an Chapter Outing Leader for the San Diego section of the Sierra Club.




    10. Being a father, husband and a outdoor junkie,  and trying to make them all work.







    I can't wait to see what 2008 brings.






    Happy Holidays,






    Outside San Diego



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    2. Dec 24, 2007 10:28 PM (in response to mvalenti)
    Re: My Top 10 Adventures

    Nice! Your number one sounds amazing ...and your number five sounds the most nerve-racking--but you lived to tell the tale!


    I love this thread and I'd like to offer up my top 10 adventures of 2007. In chronological order:


    #1. New York City

    I took off to explore Manhattan a few weeks into 2007. I had never been there before and found pretty cheap air fare, so it seemed to be a good time to have a New York City adventure with a few good friends. We squeezed in as much as we could: Ellis Island, dinner in Times Square and a show on Broadway, World Trade Center site, Central Park, etc.


    #2. _Chicago Wins U.S. Olympic Bid_

    This was one of the greatest highlights of the year for me. I am obsessed with the Olympics and have been for as long as I can remember. On April 14, the United States Olympic Committee chose Chicago over Los Angeles to be the U.S. applicant city for the 2016 Games. I help volunteer with the Chicago 2016 organization and was able to be at the press conference where the live news feed came in. Knowing that Chicago got a step closer to hosting them made me really happy.


    #3. Memorial Day Float Trip

    Went home to St. Louis for a relaxing float trip a little ways outside of the city.


    #4. _Oklahoma City_ 

    This might not sound exciting at first, but was also one of the coolest parts of the year for me. I had the opportunity to go there to cover the World Cup of Softball for I was able to watch and write about great softball as well as meet and interview the best athletes in the game. As a bonus, a good friend of mine currently lives there and we were able to have a nice visit.


    #5. Pacific Northwest

    Took a trip to Portland and Seattle to hang out with two former college teammates of mine. Softballer reunions are way up on my list of favorite things, and we were also able to hike to the top of Multnomah Falls.


    #6. Labor Day Camping

    Drove to St. Louis again to spend some time outdoors with a group of old friends.


    #7. _Pensacola, Florida_

    I took off at the end of September to visit a good friend of mine who moved to Pensacola. It's beautiful down there; I had a blast!


    #8. _Chicago Accenture Triathlon_

    Completed my first triathlon. I found out right before my wave jumped in the water that the Chicago triathlon was officially recognized as the largest in the world.


    #9. _North Shore Century Ride_

    Also completed my first century ride.


    #10. _Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks_

    I was able to explore two amazing National Parks with my friend/roommate over a long weekend. This was a big thing to cross off my life to-do list.

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