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Dec 12, 2009
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Jun 30, 2011 8:29 AM

Mid Year: Goals Met, New Goals

Half the year is gone....eeek!  Did you set goals at the beginning of the year?  If so, how have you done? What do you plan for the remainder of the year?

Goal of 365 continuous days of activity,I missed 2 days. It irks me that I missed them, so won't let it happen again.

Skipping no more than 2 days between runs, running 4 days per week. Done, except for 2 weeks off running due to injury, did cross training instead.

My goal of running a half marathon by end of year, still working on. Ran a 10K in less than goal time 1:01:28.

Lose 17 lbs.Almost half way there, down 8.


If you didn't set goals, now is the time to start.  Share them & let us hellp hold you accountable.


Marie from Tennessee

Training for Disney 2013 Goofy Challenge.....Yes, I'm certifiably CRAZY!

61 year olds must be out of their minds to run a half marathon followed by a full the next day!

Disney Half Marathon 1/7/2012 2:37:59

Bear Hunt 5K 9/24/11 28:28 pb

Trojan Trek Trail 5K 8/6/11 31:45

Expo 10K 5/28/11 1:01:28,

Expo 10K 5/26/12 1:05:39

Eastman 10K 9/8/2012 1:01:11 pb

"Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us." Hebrews 12:1

  • WIguy Pro 136 posts since
    Jun 24, 2010
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    1. Jun 30, 2011 9:29 AM (in response to PaintingLady)
    Re: Mid Year: Goals Met, New Goals

    My goal for the first half of the year was just to start running and losing weight again after taking the winter off due to injury, laziness, and moving.  Mission accomplished.  Goals for the second half the year:


    - consistent running and exercise throughout the rest of the year

    - graduate from the "200+ pound club", reach my optimum weight, and stay there

    - at a minimum beat personal best 5K time from last year (24:20), but preferably finish a 5K in under 23 minutes

    C25K - graduated 7/9/10


    Justiceworks' JustRun 5K - 9/4/10: 24:52

    American Cancer Society Walk/Run 5K - 9/19/10: 24:20

    Lettie's River Run 5K - 10/9/10: 24:59

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    2. Jun 30, 2011 10:21 AM (in response to PaintingLady)
    Re: Mid Year: Goals Met, New Goals

    My goal for the first part of the year was to start running, stick with it, and complete a 5K.  I started the first part of March and just ran my first 5K last weekend!  For the second half of the year I have started the training for a 10K.  I'd like to try and run a Half Marathon this fall, but I'm not sure if that's going to be totally feasible or not.  If not, I'll get that knocked out the first part of next year, no biggie.  But definitely want to get a 10K under my belt and keep upping my mileage

    Follow me on Twitter: @KatieRUNning

    Race Results

    6/4/11 - Salvation Army Dash From Disaster 2 Mile Run - 18:55.5

    6/25/11 - Tomato Festival 5K - 28:15

    7/4/11 - The Great Commission 4 Miler - 37:30 (2nd place in my age group)

    7/9/11 - Swinging Bridge 5K - 31:12

    7/16/11 - Hit The Bricks 5K - 28:36

    8/6/11 - Run For The Son 5K

    Find me and follow my training on by searching for

  • akaerock Pro 120 posts since
    Apr 7, 2010
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    3. Jun 30, 2011 11:50 AM (in response to PaintingLady)
    Re: Mid Year: Goals Met, New Goals

    My first half year goals was to train consistantly, finish my first half marathon and set new PRs. Which I have accomplished those goals, I should have trained better in April but that was just a blip in the radar.


    My goals for the next 1.5 years is:


    Summer'11: Consistent training

                        Continue Training for Hamptons Marathon

                         Continue to set new PR's in 5ks and 4 milers

    Fall'11 & Winter'11:         Start HRM and HIIT Training

    Spring'12:                        Set new PR's achieve sub 21

                                             Achieve sub 1:45 half marathon time

                                             Achieve sub 4 Marathon          

    Try different things, until you find a routine that works for your physique, metabolism, time constraints, etc. Then train smart, with consistency and intensity, and you will be successful.” Iron Charles


    Training Log at Daily Mile

    My Facebook Page

  • flamomof3 Legend 1,928 posts since
    Dec 14, 2007
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    4. Jun 30, 2011 12:00 PM (in response to akaerock)
    Re: Mid Year: Goals Met, New Goals

    My goal is to train and run a Half Marathon this year.

  • OshCat Pro 179 posts since
    Mar 15, 2011
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    5. Jun 30, 2011 12:56 PM (in response to PaintingLady)
    Re: Mid Year: Goals Met, New Goals

    I started running in November of last year as an Early New Year's Resolution so I'll count the goal set then. 

    My original goal was to lose the 10 lbs I had gained when I quit smoking 4.5 years earlier.  Happy to say that has been accomplished!

    After I had been training a short time, my goal was to finish a 5k.  Have done that as well, and will be running a second one this coming Saturday.

    Next goal now is to RUN the entire 5k, I have not done that even in training yet.  I am progressing slowly but surely toward that, and I'm sure I'll hit it either this coming weekend or in the 5k that I will be running on July 30.

    Next year: 10k and eventually Half-Marathon.  I do not have any desire to go for a full marathon.


    New Year's Color Run (5k) - 01/01/13

    Oshkosh Half-Marathon - 04/21/13

  • DigitalRunner Amateur 18 posts since
    Jun 17, 2011
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    6. Jun 30, 2011 1:24 PM (in response to PaintingLady)
    Re: Mid Year: Goals Met, New Goals

    I just started running in May so I haven't completed anything yet.


    Goal for the rest of 2011

    -Finish c25k in July (on track for July 21st)

    -Start bridge to 10k in August/September

    -Run my first 5k in September

    -Run a 10k by the end of the year

    -Continue to eat healthier

    -Lose 50 by the end of the year

    -Stay injury free

    -Begin training for a half marathon for 2012

    Started c25k on 5/30/11

    Finished c25k on 7/21/11

  • kate_mac Legend 330 posts since
    Jul 4, 2009
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    7. Jun 30, 2011 3:15 PM (in response to PaintingLady)
    Re: Mid Year: Goals Met, New Goals

    Good idea to check on goal progress!


    My 2011 running goals:
        Train for and run half marathon
        Improve pace - take 1 minute off race pace
        Enter and run a new race
         100 Days Challenge to move for 30 minutes/100 consecutive days


    Started the year (actually in December) training for a 10k in March. After that race we started HM training and ran the 13.1 miles in early June. Now settling into a program at Fleet Feet. Weekly track workout as part of "Faster 5k" - but shaving a minute off my race pace is awfully optimistic and probably unrealistic - I think I'll be happy to cut 1 minute off my race time!  Ultimately would love to run a 30 minute 5k.  And last goal got me through the cold winter months. Had that nifty chart on the fridge as an incentive and managed to get out and do at least 30 minutes every single day to put that sticker on the square.  Especially proud since we had such snowy, icey weather here in CT.  New race was the Holyoke St. Patrick's Day 10k.


    Looks like I've checked off all already! Mission accomplished.  Hm, any suggestions for what to add to motivate me to move the next 6 months? I think I'll work extra hard to improve my pace (hills and track here I come). I will add a second round of the 100 day challenge late fall. Something else I did that I've always wanted to do but didn't include in my goals was to volunteer at a race.  Found a race, inaugural Weight Watchers race, and enjoyed helping. Will try to do that each year -

    Kate in CT


    Old Wethersfield 5k ~ 36:00

    Blue Back Square 5K Mitten Run (Dec 6, 09) ~ 31:58


    Lake Merced Run 4.5 M - San Francisco (Jan 3) ~ 48:30

    Baja 5000 5K - (May 2) ~ 36:39

    Red Dress for Women (July 10) ~ 36:34

    Hartford Marathon Relay (Oct 9) ~ ran the 4th leg (10k)

    Blue Back Square 5k Mitten Run (Dec. 5) ~ 32:25


    Holyoke St. Patrick's 10k (March 19) ~ 1:08:41

    Amica Iron Horse Half Marathon (June 5) ~ 2:25:13

    Old Wethersfield 5k (Nov 2011) 30:40 PR

    Blue Back Square 5k Mitten Run (Dec 4) ~ 31:09


    Redding Road Race HM "A Run for the Cows" (May 6) 2:31 (hilliest course on record!)

    Red Dress for Women (July 7) ~ 33:43

    Pounding the Pavement for Pink 5k (October 6) ~ 33:04 (1st place in age category!)

    MxCC Scholarship 5k (Oct, 27) ~ 31:56 (2nd place)

    Blue Back Square 5k Mitten Run (Dec 2) ~ 32.22


    Quinnipiac University (CT) Physicians Assistants 5k (Apr 13) ~

    Cox Rhode Race 5k Providence (May 11) ~ 32:12

    Blum Shapiro 5k Cromwell CT (June 8) ~

    Blue Back Square 5k Mitten Run (Dec 8)

    You don't stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running... quoted Dipsea Demon/Born to Run

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