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Boys 7U Select Tryouts for 2012 - Manchester MO

Boys 7U Select Tryouts looking for 4-6 players for 2012 Season

This will be a brand new Select team being formed now.


We are planning to play at the 8U level in the 2012 season!


This would be boys born on or after May 1st, 2004. All of the boys are 6-7 years old.


We are only interested in boys with a good attitude, love baseball, have the desire to get better, and have some ball skills.


We are an instructional team and have a very good program designed to be a lot of fun while teaching baseball skills & sportsmanship.


Communication, attendance, and being on time are things that weigh heavily on how we judge each player/family. The other is attitude.


Before you commit to playing on this team, you should consider your childs calendar & your family calendar to see how many of the team events he will be able to attend and be on time for.  I know this is difficult to do when the schedule is not published yet. However, if he is booked pretty much every night & weekends, it probably will not be a good fit for him to join our team. We need everyone at pretty much all events to keep everyone near the same skill level as the practices build one upon the next. When each practice begins, they need to be mentally ready to start practice, not trying to find some piece of gear, or finishing their snack.


While I highly advocate multi-sports for your son, what I do not advocate is scheduling your son so tight with activities that he misses or is late for practices and games with regularity.


The select level team will be a new team that requires attendance at team practices starting in possibly January and practicing at home a minimum of 3 times per week, or a total of 75 minutes or more per week, and I do emphasize minimum. This 75 minutes does not include any batting time, it’s fielding & throwing only. Extra batting time is good but not required at home. This 75 minutes per week is in addition to team practices. We will fill the roster for this team by recruiting new boys through tryouts. My goal for this team is to build a team where everyone has basically the same level of commitment, very high, and that commitment is fired by their love for baseball. I will be managing & coaching this new team.


Thoughts when considering if this team suits your son:


Team Practices

As I’ve said in the past, I believe in allowing your child an opportunity to play in multiple sports. In regard to this, while I totally encourage multi sports activities, next year I will expect a bare minimum of 85% attendance of all team events. indoor practices will start in January (1 per week), and batting cages will start in February (also 1 per week).


My defensive portion of practices build one week upon another (like building blocks). If your son misses 1 practice, he’ll be at a disadvantage at the next practice. If he misses several practices, he will be way behind in development compared to the majority of the team. For the team, it is very difficult to move forward with skill development if the boys don’t all possess a certain level of defensive skills.


Practice at Home

I need a minimum of 60 minutes per week minimum of defensive practice at home. A stated above, this does not include any time spent with a bat in his hand. You can slice & dice the 75 minutes any way you need to (as long as you get at least 75 minutes in each week) , but optimally, this would be split into 3-4 sessions each week. This is time exclusively reserved for throwing and catching. The throwing portion should start with short throws to allow the arm to loosen up, then progress into long throws. In inclement weather, throwing a sock or a waffle ball in the house is an alternative. Also, fielding grounders works well in the house if you have a non-carpeted area. The focus should be on footwork.


Before May 1st,

The goal for throwing is to be able to throw accurately with good pace 50-70 feet with a quick transition from catching the ball into a throwing position.

The goal for catching is to be able to:

  1. Catch a ball with good pace that is thrown to you 4 out of 5 times
  2. Catch an easy pop-up thrown to you 4 out of 5 times
  3. Move under pop-ups that are not thrown directly to you and get your glove on the ball
  4. Field an easy rolling grounder and an easy bouncing grounder, quick step, and throw accurately to a target
  5. Know where are all of the force outs are before the ball is hit (good quiz for drives in the car-chapter 1)
  6. Know where the best force out is before the ball is hit (good quiz for drives in the car-chapter 2, after he’s mastered chapter 1)
  7. If you’re in the outfield, know where you’ll throw the ball if you catch it
    1. In the air (looking for the double play)
    2. After it has touched the ground
    3. If it gets past you


If this sounds like a team you would like your son to be a part of, please contact Dave Simon at 314-368-1034 for tryout dates, times & locations.

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