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Jul 21, 2010
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Aug 6, 2011 7:16 PM

New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

I bought Saucony sneakers a few weeks ago.  Return policy was I could return them if I didn't wear them outside. (I bought them at Famous Footwear--is this a common return policy for sneakers?)   I thought they were ok when I wore them at work for about 4-5 hours and at home for a few days.  I am doing the C25K and started at W2D1 w/ them.  The first day they were cool.  No problems.  Next day, eh.   Today tho My ankles and shins are sore.   and my heals.   Someone mentioned to me that new sneakers should not have to be broken in if they are the correct sneakers.   I can totally agree w/ that. She mentioned someone here recommended going to a sneaker store and getting fitted for running shoes.   I guess there's no way I can do that for less than $50, huh?  I spent $60 on the sneakers and I'm thinking of selling them, I couldn't afford the $60 to begin with.  I'll go back to my Avia's.  That's what I was wearing before and I thougth I'd try something with more cushioning.   I do tend to walk differently in new sneakers, as my older ones are much loser.  I may try losening them up more and see if that works.  If not , I'll go back to the Avia's.  Thanks for any help/advice anyone has!

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    1. Aug 6, 2011 10:23 PM (in response to FallenAnjel)
    Re: New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

    I'd definitely recommend going to a good running store and having your gait analyzed so you can make an more informed decison regarding your shoe purchase.  It will help to see whether you need a motion-control shoe or a neutral shoe or a stability shoe.  You don't necessarily have to buy the shoes they recommend at the store; you can get some recommendations and go online to see if you can find them a little less expensively.  Wearing the wrong shoes can set you up for injuries and that's much more expensive in the long run than a pair of properly fitted shoes!  Good luck!

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    Aug 11, 2011
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    2. Aug 12, 2011 2:25 PM (in response to glassgirl33)
    Re: New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

    I agree with glassgirl, go to a performance store and have the gait eval done.  You'll be so much happier and your shoes will be the right type and fit. 

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    3. Aug 12, 2011 2:42 PM (in response to FallenAnjel)
    Re: New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

    My last shoes were asics GT2150s for 65$ on sale. Fitted by my local running store and worth every penny, no sore feet ect. Stay out of the non running shoe stores and your feet will thank you for it.

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    4. Aug 12, 2011 3:08 PM (in response to FallenAnjel)
    Re: New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

    Unfortunately, running stores are specialty retailers and you can expect to pay list ('specialty') prices.  I was fitted for Asics DS Gel 16s in May...they list at $110 on the Asics website, and the store was selling them for $109.99.  For beginners, though, their advice is worth every penny.  I learned that I'm actually a very efficient runner, that my shoes had always been a size too small (and this caused leg injuries and foot pain), and I was tying my laces WAY too loosely.  I thought I'd throw that in, since you were having issues with loose/snug fitting.  On that note, maybe try to tie either pair you have more tightly/loosely?  In my experience, your feet should be close to falling asleep while running. 


    I treated it as a one-time that I know my foot and shoe type, in the future I can confidently go to a DSW or similar retail outlet and pay discounted prices, not having to worry that I'm buying the wrong type of shoe.  Totally understand the $$$ frustration, took me almost a year to save enough extra cash to justify going to a running store. 

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    5. Aug 12, 2011 5:38 PM (in response to FallenAnjel)
    Re: New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

    You're at W2D1 in C25K, which is quite early in the program. Are you 100% sure that your leg soreness is due to the shoes? If the soreness is in your muscles (not joints) and goes away on its own after about two days, it may just be delayed onset muscle soreness, which is a normal part of improving your fitness.

    P. S. Most reputable sporting goods stores will take back shoes if they can be resold as new. That is why they will usually tell you to walk around in them indoors first, preferably on a carpeted surface, before taking them outdoors. Once they've gone outdoors, the soles start to scuff, the uppers collect dirt and they are no longer in new condition.

    If your price limit for running shoes is about $50 or $60, you can often meet that, even in a specialty running store, by buying last year's models. The stores are typically in a hurry to move them out and will significantly discount them. Below about $50, however, you're usually getting what you pay for.

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    6. Aug 13, 2011 8:35 AM (in response to FallenAnjel)
    Re: New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

    There is often a period where your feet and lower legs need to get used to the new shoes, especially if you havent run in proper running shoes before. Unfortunately the only way to tell if they are right for you or not is to do a few weeks of running in them!



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    7. Aug 14, 2011 2:03 PM (in response to Kinver88)
    Re: New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

    I would go to a running store and get fitted for a pair of shoes.  Take your old Avias that you were running in before and they can look at the bottoms for a wear pattern to see if you are pronating or heel striking. They can also watch you run and walk.  That is the best way to get fitted for at least your first pair of good running shoes.


    Once you find that shoe, there are sites like Running Warehouse where you can get that shoe for $20 off retail.  I buy my $95 shoes for $70 with free 2 day shipping from there.   I know what kind of shoe that I do well in and I know my size.  This is a good compromise for someone who cannot afford running store prices.


    That said, I completed C25K in a pair of $45 Nikes from Kohls with no issues... Except shin splints during week 3, but that wasnt the shoes' fault. So, I dont personally believe one needs great shoes starting out.  I dont know if it makes that much difference.


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    8. Aug 23, 2011 5:10 AM (in response to FallenAnjel)
    Re: New sneakers, feet hurt, ouch.. :(

    Hi!  I can agree with the assessments above. I have been running for quite a few years. I started out in cheaper shoes and then went to an athletic shoe store an hour away and got a pair of Asics gel-Nimbus. It was like putting on a cloud and my times improved tremendously. I had to replace them eventually and decided to save the gas money from driving an hour and go to Kohl's since they were advertising Asics.  Let me tell you, that was a huge mistake.  First of all, the sales people at Kohl's are of no help with fitting you with a good shoe.  I tried on several pair and purchased a pair for $90.00 (my originial ones from the athletic store were 102.00 on sale so price ended up close)   The new shoes felt good at first, but after a  few races over the summer, I noticed that my feet hurt, but I attributed it to adding mileage as I was training for a 10k at the time.  I was at a Race for the Cure this last weekend doing a 5k, and 2.5 miles into the run, I had to walk. I developed such horrific heel pain, that I had to limp across the finish line. Besides being a bit humiliated as I have never walked a race in my life, I couldn't figure out what happened.  There was no twisting injury, no fall, no premonition that this was going to happen.  I went to my doctor and had xrays as I thought I popped a stress fracture, but I was diagnosed with plantar faschitis.  I have been doing my R.I.C.E. faithfully and stretching out, especially in the morning. No running until it heals, I was told.  My doc, who also runs, told me that the cause was probably running on shoes that weren't cushioned enough.  I have learned my lesson. In my attempt to save a few bucks, I have set myself back.  I plan on swimming and cycling in the meantime, but my next shoes are coming from a running store that actually tapes you on the treadmill and then works with you to find your best shoe.  I did email Asics and complained about the inequality of shoes at the different stores and that I felt my money should have bought a decent shoe at that price, but I have not heard back.

    Moral of the story:  Buy quality because if the feet aren't happy, your running won't be happy!



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