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Aug 12, 2011 12:22 PM

Training, ITB and Graston

I just recently started going to a Chiropractor for my ITB and hip problems.  I have been through one treatment of Graston and tried to run, but I was only able to complete 1 mile!  I was up to 12 before my ITB hit me.


I am concerned that I will not have enough time to complete my training for my Marathon on 10/30.  Has anyone been through this treatment?  Does it work?  Should I be taking time off and picking back up in a few weeks?


I appreciate any help here!  I want to complete my marathon, but do it healthy and the right way


Thank you,

Frustrated Runner

  • joannadnc Expert 48 posts since
    Jul 18, 2011
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    1. Aug 12, 2011 1:51 PM (in response to Diana8104)
    Re: Training, ITB and Graston

    Hi. I'm not sure what "Graston" is (I probably should have googled it before posting!), but I also have ITB and hip (and sacro-iliac joint) issues, and I also see a chiropractor (and a massage therapist). My hip and sacro-iliac issues are largely from sitting too much at work, so getting up and moving around during the day really helps me. I think my ITB issues actually also stem from sitting too much, since my pelvis is off-kilter and so I kind of "swing" with the right leg, overworking the hip. IT band stretches can be very helpful (you can find them online -- there's a physical therapy website in the UK that's awesome for that stuff), done a few times a day and before, during, and after a run. The IT band also responds well to massage, and one of the best ways is to use a foam roller, and lay across the roller on the side with the hurt IT band, then roll up and down so that the roller massages your IT band using the weight of your body. It hurts like heck, but it's really effective. I'm sure my description leaves a lot to be desired, but there are probably an infinite number of YouTube videos you could find. Running stores sell "Foam Rollers", but I just bought a foam swimming pool noodle at Target and it accomplishes the same thing.


    Regarding continuing training, I really irritated my IT band on my run last Thursday because I didn't have enough time to cool down and then sat in a meeting for 90 minutes. Ugh! It hurt so bad I downed a bunch of ibuprofen and iced my hip thoroughly Thursday night. Fortunately, Friday and Saturday were both non-running days, and I didn't even walk on those days because I know walking irritates it once it gets mad at me. (It got mad at me for shopping at Target after work on Friday, so I knew actual exercise was not on the docket!) Sunday I wasn't sure what would happen, but I set out for my first ever 10 mile run, and it went fine. I stretched it thoroughly before and after and have been good about stretching it, and so far so good. I did a short weekday training run on Tuesday morning and it was fine (stretching before and after), and I would have had a short run this morning but played too much volleyball last night and made lots of parts of me angry. So today is a recovery day! I'm taking ibuprofen when I need it, and stretching it and moving around, and hopefully it won't get any worse. I'm definitely keeping a close eye on it though.


    My best advice would be that if you are trying to run or walk and find that your ITB is affecting your form, stop and give it more time -- go stretch it, go massage it. If you compensate for it, you'll probably end up hurting something else. So, if you only made it through a mile because it hurt too much or because you were running funny, you probably need to hold off for another couple days before giving it another try.


    Those are my two cents, but others will probably have other experiences to share. Good luck!!



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    2. Aug 12, 2011 7:25 PM (in response to Diana8104)
    Re: Training, ITB and Graston

    I had Graston treatment for my IT band injury. I had five treatments overall. After each one my knee/leg would be black, blue, and sore. It would take about a week to recover from each treatment. The strangest thing about my injury (and the Grastons) that I haven't figured out yet is that constant soreness. My IT band area is constantly sore and No matter how much icing, stretching, and PT I do. It's like it's permanently damaged. My PT says the Grastons breaks up the scar tissue on the IT band. It will feel okay for a few days after Grastons, but then it gets tight again. After three months I can run again, but only 2 miles.   It's a slow road back.

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    3. Aug 12, 2011 7:53 PM (in response to Diana8104)
    Re: Training, ITB and Graston

    I'm not sure about Graston treatments, but I know my husband went to a physical therapist for quite sometime for his ITB.  They gave him a bunch of exercises to do that really helped.  I think if you are still experiencing discomfort when you run you need to take it easy for a little while so you don't injure anything else.  It's very possible you will have to hold off for a little while to help your ITB heal.  Sorry. 

    Manik Runner - Training for a Marathon

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