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Dec 19, 2006 8:33 AM

100% Plant-based Diet- Works for me!

I had a cancer scare a little over 2 years ago. I had watched a couple friend of mine go from 6 months to live from prostate cancer to cancer free in only a few months. I watched how they changed their diet drastically. I knew that is what I would do if... I ever had a problem. Not knowing that all my minor problems would also be effected if I did the same as my friend. Anyway, 2 years later, I had my own crisis. Had to decide- taste buds or life. I had been researching very diligently those 2 years. I went from a S.A.D. to a 100% plant based raw diet. I eat lots of colors in my diet. Variety has been key for me. Let's see, my 32 years of menstrual cramps- GONE, 23 years of adult acne- GONE, 30 pounds of stubborn fat- GONE, ache in my knees while running- GONE, 15 years of yearly bronchitis- GONE, oh yea, cancer- GONE! I wouldn't have believed it... I was my own lab rat study. I look the best & feel the best I have in years. Many years. I have added a few cooked plant items to my diet. Still no meat, dairy, eggs, etc. No flesh or animal of any kind in my lifestyle of eating. I read "The China Study". WOW! Explains the why. The best book yet! I read "The Hallelujah Diet". WOW! Explains the how! I read "You're not sick you're thirsty". WOW! Explains the body's need for more water! I read "Senior Fitness" another great book that gives the athlete the why & how. I love it! I will never go back because I don't want any of my old symptoms back in my life... EVER! Life is exciting. I don't have to be sick. I didn't know that. I thought the stuff in the grocery store was good for me... not killing me... or giving me disease. I didn't realize the companies that were selling products were all about the bottom line- PROFIT. How silly was I? Wow! What a wake up call for me & my family. Life is good! My current goals are to be "Pill free, Pain free, & Disease Free" the rest of my long healthy life! So far so good! I actual look forward to turning 50 in 4 years! Now that is a miracle! ;o) Glad I was able to turn my life around from disease making to more LIFE! Thanks for listening to this veggie eatin' girl!

Love God, Eat Raw, Live Strong!


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