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14U So. Cal Diamonds Elite-Open Tryout August 21st-So Many Choices!!!

With So Many Choices Who Should You Choose?


Let's face it there are so many 14U teams to choose from.

Each one claims to be the best.


*So how do you choose?


*Start by asking how long has the team you're looking

at been in existence?


If it's been less than 5 years you may want to think twice.
Most new start up teams don't last more than a season or


*How many teams has the head coach

been with?


If the head coach has been with more than 2 teams in
the last 3 years, it should throw up a red flag.


Here's a BIG QUESTION...

Don't be afraid to ask "How many years have you been

coaching TRAVEL BALL?"


There is a big difference between rec and travel.
Do you want to play travel ball and be coached by
a rec coach who is learning the ropes? Also
just because someone has played in college, it does not
necessarily qualify them to be a head coach. 


*Do you want to develop a well rounded daughter, or

a daughter who's only interest is softball?


Is the organization, or team you're looking at joining feeding

your ego by telling you that you have to play for them

in order to get seen by college recruiters. If so, think twice.


Let's face it, if your daughters only interest is softball

She could be headed down the wrong road.


Ask your daughter this question?...What would you do if

softball were to end, or what do you want to do when your

softball playing days are over. If she looks stunned or is really

stumped for an answer, it could be a warning sign.


Softball is a GREAT sport can play an important part, but for the

vast MAJORITY of players

there is no future as a PRO softball player



Also you need to realize that most scholarships are partial in nature.


A full ride can simply mean tuition and books. IF... your daughter

gets a scholarship to a big school you could still get saddled with

a HUGE bill for all the non covered expenses like room and board.


Are The Coaches

Personable, Or Are They Grumpy and Disrespectful

Towards The Players?


Take a close look at who you choose!




So what does all this mean...(In our opinion?)


At this age parents should seek to develop well rounded players.

Look for an organization that has a stable history and experienced



coaches that have the same goal in mind.


If getting a scholarship or playing in college is something that

interests you we can show you how to get there WHEN THE TIME



In the meantime look for a team that you can have FUN on, and has

great team chemistry, and will allow your daughter to grow as a
player and person.

Remember softball is supposed to be fun, NOT




No one outside of softball will remember... (or care) if you won every

game, or lost every game, or won nationals. They will remember what

kind of person you have become.


We are the So. Cal Diamonds Elite and sincerely hope these words


help in some way. There are

plenty of fine teams out there, just


be sure to do your homework when you choose.


We hope you will consider attending our tryout


Sunday August 21st 11AM-1PM

LOCATION: Agoura High School Varsity Field
28545 West Driver Avenue, Agoura Hills, CA 91301
Varsity Field is located on Thousand Oaks Blvd.

We are seeking strong committed players who want
to have fun and work hard. All positions are open.


For Further Information:


Steve Polk


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