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    I agree with a lot of what you said but I disagree with "Put in stricter penalties for CBO meaning if you bat the line-up and someone gets injured / hurt then when that spot comes up you get an out."

    So, your pitcher beans my batter and now every time my injured player isn't available to bat you get an out.


    Let the beanings begin !!! 

  • callblue Amateur 19 posts since
    Oct 23, 2001

    Pete_Booth wrote:


    I will break-down my answers into 2 groups 1 for administrative "stuff" and the other for rules


    I. ADMINISTRATION:   I do not like any system that says "everyone makes it" There should be try-outs and unfortunately not everyone will or should make it. When you are in school even in the small grades not everyone makes the debate team or spelling bee team etc. etc. You have to EARN it. LL at least from my experiences has been a baby-sitting service. Some parents simply drop off their kids and either pick them up or in some cases have their neighbor pick them up and drop off.


    The 11/12 yr. old age brackets should play 50-70 so that F1's learn the nuances of pitching. You have DDK's etc. etc. In other words play at least some form of "REAL" baseball. From my experience the kids "love it" when they play this type of ball. Yes sometimes the games turn into trackmeets but so do some LL games as well even on the traditional 60 ft. diamond. LL will not or most likely never do this because of the success of their show which of coarse is the Regionals and ultimately the WS which are on TV.


    II. RULES:  If LL did go to the 50-70 format then 7.13 is "out the window" As it stands now you could put some 20 umpires in a room and still not fully understand rule 7.13. Get rid of 7.08(a-3) and replace it with an MC rule ala FED or a collision rule ala NCAA. For LL Juniors / SR.'s / BIG LEAGUE adopt the FED or NCAA FPSR.


    When you get to the SR / BIG League level get rid of the F2 to F1 restrictions.


    I agree with some others get rid of the SPR rule and replace with a more traditional CR rule.  


    Put in stricter penalties for CBO meaning if you bat the line-up and someone gets injured / hurt then when that spot comes up you get an out.


    Have consistent rules from regular season right thru to the WS. As it stands now you have regular season rules and then Tournament rules. Use ONE set of standard rules throughout the year.


    Those are a few things that IMO I would like to see changed but it most likely will never happen which is the reason Travel ball has excelled.


    Pete Booth

    How many leagues cannot change their fields to accommodate the 50-70 format? Many of our local fields are the HS softball fields that will never be allowed to change. What about the costs of changing the infield sizes and next the fences? Does anyone have an idea how much that would cost? {City owned parks would have to have city workers only do these changes).


    With 12 year olds allowed to move up to JRBB and 13 year olds allowed now to play SRBB, those kids can EARN their way into playing more "REAL Baseball", prior to getting to HS, without the expense of travel ball which in my opinion is becoming more of a for profit business than preparing them for HS ball.


    I have Umpired 5 kids out of one LL that that have been drafted and are now playing professional baseball, (minor league). All as pitchers. 2 of them played LL through JRBB, one of which pitched in the College WS.


    Unfortunately, you end of with the same volunteer Managers and Coaches in JR/SRBB who will sacrifice arms to get the TOC or win their divisions to become the "ALL STAR MANAGER". The LL restrictions prevent this. Even now in MLB that are evaluating pitchers at 100 pitches that have 4-5 days of rest.


    Real Baseball does not have CR so the SPR rule gets more kids involved. My understanding is that the CR is the one who made the last out, not a kid on the bench. I do not see a reason for the pitcher to have a CR, only the catcher, and that can be accommodated by the SPR rule.


    Pete, thIs is not a knock on your post. I have always valued your insight and opinions on many issues, these are just mine.

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