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  • HugoTafurst Legend 515 posts since
    May 25, 2007

    NELL_blue wrote:


    . I also hooked my glove on my belt like that!



    Do you also hook your Mask on your belt by the throat guard!!!! 


  • HugoTafurst Legend 515 posts since
    May 25, 2007

    Frank_B wrote:


    Oh yes, also remember the bat for choosing sandlot games players.


    First, the bat was thrown from one "captain" to the other.

    The "hand over hand" to the nub of the bat for 1st choice of available players started from where the other "captain" caught the bat.








    When we did this, the last person with a hand on the bat was also required to hold it while the opposing team had one chance to kick the bat out of his grasp...

    (I guess to establish "secure posession")





  • HugoTafurst Legend 515 posts since
    May 25, 2007

    Rich_Ives wrote:


    Keep leaving early the way it is.


    1) This isn't softball. If you want softball rules play softball.


    2) In softball it will always be an out - to the day you die.  Not so on baseball so why use the softball rule now?


    The out in softball is the most common, probably because it is not a "youth" rule.

    However at younger levels in other some other baseball organizations, When my son played AAU ball, I believe an out was the penalty until they moved up to 50/70 and open bases....


  • HugoTafurst Legend 515 posts since
    May 25, 2007

    Frank_B wrote:


    Hey Easy Ed:


    Your "man-up"  post has me convinced you are blood-related to beowulf. 




    No, Easy Ed's sense of humor is much less hidden than Beowulf's.


  • PJ_ Expert 42 posts since
    Apr 24, 2000

    A few have mentioned the leadoff rule........mostly, just the penalty for the violation though.


    Since I don't really get out to many LL games during the regular season, I'm not sure how often teams actually use the straight steal (not on wild pitches or passed balls).  However, at the advanced levels of play (for LL anyway, like at Williamsport), stolen bases are very rare.  As someone who is a longtime college and high school level coach, it would be nice to see more player development in this area.....both offensively and defensively.


    Assuming the rule (and penalty for violation) is the same for LL Minors and LL Majors, would it be possible to keep the rule as-is for Minors and below, but allow a change for Majors?  Allowing runners to leave their base(s) once the ball leaves the pitchers hand, would be a good medium between the "ball reaching the batter" rule and going to open stealing.  This would better develop play around the entire diamond (pitchers, catchers Inf and OF) as well.


    The way the rule is currently, catchers need to only keep the ball in front of them and runners will not steal, defensive players relax and play (for the most part) just stops till the next pitch.  Pitching strategy is not even a factor.  Base runners should be learning to recognize count vs possible pitch selection (0-1 or 0-2 off-speed pitch is a great time to run).  With the rule change, a modified secondary lead would be possible too.  With two outs and moving on contact (base hit to right field), runners would go first to third alot more often.....improving outfield play, 3B play and situational backups.  Leaving when the ball leaves the pitchers hand would give them the opportunity to do this.  Catchers and middle infielders would develop a better awareness in bag coverage, hit and run variable positioning and catchers would definitely get to throw more.


    Penalty can be the same for leaving early, but just allow the lead / steal on pitch release.



  • Frank_B Legend 1,311 posts since
    May 30, 2007



    With our bat--[I use "bat" singular, because we only had one---usually one discarded by the older guys in the "City League" because it was broken or splintered]--we would tape it up or tack it best we could to avoid splinters,


    Gloves???  Were shared by both teams. For the most part the defense would just leave their gloves on the field at the end of each half-inning for their counter-part's use. Wasn't unusual to see a righty wearing a lefty's glove, and vice-vers


    Not enuff gloves?  Some kids simply wore a winter mitten as a BB glove.


    But hey we had fun, and built forever friendships.


    No computers, no video games, no hi-tech stuff,; kids either went outside on their own--OR, were "thrown outside" by their parents.


    Empty field lots, school yards, or street games-----as kids, life was good!



  • Frank_B Legend 1,311 posts since
    May 30, 2007

    ONE--[there were several]-- of my favorite Rockwell's----he had a state trooper in full uniform sitting at a drugstore soda fountain, with a young boy looking up at the trooper.



  • Lou_B Community Moderator 1,291 posts since
    May 25, 2007

    1) Do away with the SPR.  Baseball players need to be able to run the bases, it's part of the game.

    2) Runner leaving early is Out (as in softball) or, if you don't like that, how about a runner leaving early goes "Poof" !!!

  • BlueBeak Legend 293 posts since
    Nov 26, 2002

    From Hugo: Read Kyles statement:

    Kyle: "It is, by far, the most fun rule to enforce. I've hade two poof plays, but the bases loaded triple, where the BR gets thrown out at the plate is the best. Don't take the possibility of calling that again away from me. Just calling an out is boring. Pulling runners out of the dugout, putting them back on the bases, and having the parents go "what, what, WHAT!?" is awsome."



    Me BB: I've read Kyles previous posts on the "old" board of how he looks forward and actually hopes for the "poof" play. If I go my entire career and NEVER have to call this, I will consider it "fun". I would of course call it when it happens, but how do you equate this with "fun". Its just part of the game of LL baseball. I don't look forward to appeal plays, nor runner leaving early silent appeals, etc its just part of the game, part of doing your job.


    From Hugo's response to Kyle's post:

    HUGO: My comment was soley addressing Kyle's remark that the rule should be left as is because it is "FUN" to enforce, and the implication that it is FUN to enforce because of the reaction from confused players, coaches and fans. It is the motivation stated - the ability to make a call that says "I know more than you" which borders on "the game is about me" that I object to.....


    Me BB: I could not agree more with Hugo's assessment. If any of us are deriving fun by calling the obscure (which MUST of course be called), then a self asessment is in order. Later on Kyle pulls back on the reins and posts:


    Kyle:Naw, I'm pretty casual in my approach to enforcement. No bellowing calls, etc. On the poof plays, I just say to the scorekeeper that run doesn't count, and to put 7.13 in the book. Then I just go over to the O manager and quickly explain it. No showboating on my part. On putting guys back on bases, I just explain it to the manager, and let him put the guys back out. I'm pretty low key on the field, trust me.


    Me BB: I sense a well applied Kyle back pedal here (Maybe not so fun, just wanting to get it right?).



    Kyle: The "fun" is actually knowing this intricate rule, and being able to apply it. That's the rule geek in me, I guess.



    I know the intricate rule myself and derive no "fun" from applying it, which would not stop me from applying it. Part of the game, part of my job. The fun derived for me is doing a good job, getting the calls correct. But NEVER looking forward to the obscure ruling by me as Kyle intimates here and previously.


    Just always trying to get  it right.

    Time wounds all heels.....

  • Big_Ump_56 Amateur 33 posts since
    May 30, 2007

    I think you're being a little rough on Kyle. I agree with Kyle in a big way. One of the reasons I spend so much time, money, and effort pouring over autoritative resources for umpires, like the JEA, J/R, MLBUM, RIM, PBUC Manual, etc., is so that I can take pride (and pleasure) in knowing how to properly apply the more obscure rules of the game. I enjoy a challenge, as I would hope other umpires do as well. And being able to nail a tough ruling is FUN to me.




  • EasyEd Amateur 15 posts since
    Jul 6, 2004

    So I've been told, to some degree, we are all related, except for YGTBSM, aka Mike CVUA...he is one rare breed.



  • Rich_Ives Legend 1,273 posts since
    May 25, 2007

    I don't get what you're after here.


    The point of having the players sub have to go 6/1 is not about playing time, it's to prevent a coach for taking slugger out and puting him back in two batters later to keep the inning going.

  • Rich_Ives Legend 1,273 posts since
    May 25, 2007

    Get an out. Right.  Teach runners to be gun-shy.  Really productive.


    The SPR keeps Johnny in the dugout ready to go instead wandering the site (mentally - sometimes physically) looking for something to do.


    Sometimes I think the umpire side of the game doesn't have enough dugout experience to understand what's really going on.

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