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Sep 2, 2011 4:02 PM

Hip Pain - New Runner needs Advice!

I'm a relatively new runner (started in May of this year).  Since  I graduated from C25K at the end of July I have been running between 3 and 4 miles 3 times a week (working on a 10k training program).  I am conservative when it comes to increasing distance  I don't feel like I'm overtraining.  I am registered for a 5K on 9/11.  On Thursday morning I went out for a 3 mile run and  felt fine during the entire run - pretty comfy pace with lap times of 12:20, 11:40, and 11:20 - totally conversational the whole way - until I stopped running and started my 5 +/- minute cool down walk.  As soon as I started walking I felt pain on the outside of my left hip - right on top of the hip bone.  Enough to be bothersome, but not  enough to prevent me from walking.  By the time I got home (5+ minutes later) it hurt a little more so I iced it.  All throughout the day the outside/top of my hip hurt.  It wasn't a weight bearing issue, because I could stand on it without pain.  But if I walked it hurt (I was limping a bit during the day).  It hurt more when I got up after sitting for a while.  But what's really odd is if I walked sideways it didn't hurt, but if I walked straight forward it hurt.   I'd  say the pain was about a 3 (I'm also very tough when it comes to pain) I do not recall anything that happened on my run that might have caused an injury (but then again who can remember every misstep etc).  I run on sidewalks and occasionally the street - not always on the same side of the street.  I iced it all day, went to bed early last night and my hip did feel a lot better this morning.  Still a little achey but definitely better than yesterday - probably about a .5 or a 1. 


Any thoughts on what this might be, what might have caused it, how to prevent it from happening again?  How long after I am pain free can I run again?  The siren song of the road is calling me.    Any issues with running my 5K on 9/11?  It's my first and I"d really rather not be a DNS - although I'm also not an idiot and I'd rather not cause serious damage. 





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    1. Sep 13, 2011 12:02 PM (in response to Debm2011)
    Hip Pain - New Runner needs Advice!

    I am a long time runner (25+ years) and have been pretty much injury free throughout... until about three or four weeks ago when I experienced pain on the outside of the hip after running.  Kind of feels like I bruised it, but I didn't hit anything during the run.  After doing some reading, the hip bone area where I feel the pain is called the Illiac Crest and this is where some ligaments that become the IT band connect.  I took a week off (swimming and mtn biking didn't aggravate it)... and plan to start some easy runs this week.  Good luck and keep us posted on your experience.

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    2. Sep 13, 2011 1:38 PM (in response to Debm2011)
    Hip Pain - New Runner needs Advice!

    I've had some IT band issues from running on canted roads and would feel the pain in my knee and hip.  I still get occasional hip pain which I attribute to years of running.  The advice I've gotten from a few different PTs is to use a foam roller to loosen up the muscles in that area. has some great articles on how to make your own foam roller and how to use it.  Whenever I'm starting to get some hip pain I know I need to get back in the habit of using the foam roller for a few minutes a day and then the pain is gone.

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