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Dec 19, 2011 5:14 PM

Recommencing C25K - should I skip pre-run stretches?

Hi forummmers,


I have completed C25K earlier this year (Nov) but I lost motivation to continue running, after finishing the program!

I intend to re-start at some point.

Not sure exactly what my mental blocks are - maybe I am feeling too self-confident / positive body image at the moment which is preventing me from stressing about doing anything healthful! It's also summer in Australia now and I haaaate running in the heat. I intend to join a gym for air conditioned runs, but that will come in ~1yr when I am working full time after study.


Anyway, one of the things I know bugged me was the stretches I would do prior to setting out.

Static stretches, about 6 different types of position, holding each stretch for 15-20 seconds.


I am wondering, in a lazy-half-assed-athlete way, if I could skip those stretches if I made myself use the 5-minute-warm-up-walk in a more violently physical manner!

Like, really rapid walking and some leg swings and sh*t.


Anyways what do you bunch reckon? Or am I just asking for trouble if I stop pre-run stretches.


I could always hold myself to lots of post-run stretches...? That way I can grab that motivation to get into my running gear and GO and just... not do the whole boring stretches beforehand thing.






ps The other thing that mucks me up is having to avoid eating prior to runs. I am a compulsive nibbler. It's rare for me to go 1hr without eating something! And I get crippling stitches if I run anywhere near when I've eaten. But I have issues with low blood sugar and getting aggravated/irritated. So I don't like to run first thing in the morning.

pps Also losing a schedule when uni finished in Nov - this led to a loss of motivation also... Cos I kind of just do whatever to fill the days at the moment!



[omg - my first forum post and it posted under my real name?!?!?! That is so not cool, - checked my profile and it was NOT ticked to show publicly. like, seriously? Had to delete thread and change my details then re-post! grr. ok, grump over| SECOND edit. It was showing my email, ALSO not elected to show publicly, when I hovered my mouse over my username ... w...t...f. UNCOOL! GRR! ok grump over now]

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    1. Dec 19, 2011 2:08 AM (in response to mpbc)
    Recommencing C25K - should I skip pre-run stretches?

    In what appears to be an artifact of a (sort of) recent upgrade, personal details (e.g., real name) appear only to the poster. The rest of us would only see your screen name. Your information was not, as far as I know, viewable by anybody else. If you'd logged out and looked at the thread, you'd have seen your screen name, but not your real name. I have no idea why this happens and why hasn't done anything about it despite many requests.


    As far as stretching goes, the dynamic stretching associated with a five minute warm-up walk -- non-violent or otherwise -- is likely enough to give you some protection from injury. Static stretching before running seems not to provide any protection from injury and, in fact, can increase your risk of injury. You're likely better off doing your static stretches after your warmup or after your run entirely. That way your muscles are a bit warmed up and you're not asking them to stretch while cold.



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    2. Dec 19, 2011 8:53 AM (in response to mpbc)
    Recommencing C25K - should I skip pre-run stretches?

    Unless your real name is mpbc, I think you're safe.  That's all I see.


    Static stretching (the kind we did in gym class, touch your toes and hold....) isn't supported as useful for runners by research. Best they can find is that short duration stretching doesn't hurt runners, but doesn't help either. Stretching and holding for longer duration, like a minute, actually makes you run slower and doesn't actually help prevent injury.

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    4. Dec 19, 2011 6:22 PM (in response to mpbc)
    Recommencing C25K - should I skip pre-run stretches?

    I have read that static stretches before a run are more likely to be harmful than beneficial, so I haven't been doing them at all.  What I do is either a 5 minute warmup walk before starting to jog or a very slow jog.  If I've been sitting a while, I'll do some moving stretches - i.e. knee lifts, lunges, etc. to get warmed up,  before starting my walk or jog.  After I run I do a series of stretches while my body is warmed up.


    Re: motivation - is there an upcoming race that you can sign up to do?  Do you have a friend or local running club you can run with?  Can you set a goal for the new year (besides just finishing the c25k) that you'd really like to accomplish - like running 1000 miles, or doing a 10k or half marathon before the end of the year or finishing the One hour Runner program or trying trail running? 


    I decided I want to do a HM next year, which has really helped motivate me to keep running after I finished the program and to increase my distance and time.  I think that without a goal, it would be too easy to just say, "no, I'm not in the mood."  Instead I'm aware that I have less than three months to gain the fitness necessary for running 13 miles, and I can't afford to skip workouts.

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