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vermiculite processing equipment and magnetic separation

what is vermiculite, the use of vermiculite

Vermiculite is a kind of hydrate, a massive, the flake. Between the layer of water molecules by high temperature burning, the increase in size 6 to 15 times. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, aluminum and iron, magnesium, silicate composition etc. Ore after high temperature higher values can rapidly expanding its volume roasting 8-20 times, after inflation the proportion of 130-180 kg/m3, has the very strong thermal insulating properties. Ding prosperous vermiculite processing equipment have been applied to building, metallurgy, petroleum, shipbuilding, environmental protection, thermal insulation, heat insulation, insulation, energy saving, gardening, etc. Animal husbandry aspects: expanded vermiculite has a unique structural properties and surface properties and non-toxic, sterile and chemical inert, can be used as the carrier, absorbent, a solid agent, and feed additives.

Vermiculite process flow

Mine in vermiculite grade only 30% fluctuation and the gangue content 1 kind common in 50% above, so must hold choose don't work, from ore gangue and impurity evacuation out. Based on the difference of material component values quarry, choose other depending on the degree of difficulty, the dressing will bring into dry and wet two kinds. Also have accepted dry wet method of the process of a joint sorting. Dry processing method used to choose don't higher grade, the particle size of thicker the values of the quarry; And wet dressing used to choose don't lower grade and particle size fine quarries.

Preheat: higher values ore chip moisture content on the positive influence expanding properties. 1 kind common values when higher 5% higher than mine water content, should hold a dry. At the same time also on vermiculite crusher processing equipment material held preheating. Usually accept natural drying (sun exposure or drying) and dry kang dry. Burning: burning is the production of expanded vermiculite is the most crucial one of the processes, in calcination held in kiln, the calcined vermiculite can accept shaft kiln, tubular kiln and rotary kiln, za countries vermiculite industrial 1 kind common accepted shaft kiln. Cooling: from burning out of kiln expanded vermiculite should get away from the environment of high temperature natural cooling held, brilliant link vermiculite intensity, from brittle.

what is magnetic separation

Magnetic dressing method, hereinafter referred to as the magnetic separation. It is the difference between using magnetic minerals, not even in a magnetic field, make magnetic materials to separate different a mineral processing. Mainly used for low intensity magnetic separation and part of the weak magnetic minerals. Such as black metal ore (iron ore, manganese ore stone) choose don't; Non-ferrous and rare metal ore selected; Non-metallic minerals from raw materials from the iron impurity; With magnetic separation and purification of water production and life

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