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Indonesia mineral resources and equipment

Indonesia produced laterite nickel ore, an important raw material for stainless steel production. Has proven reserves of 3.2 million tons.

Nickel resources in Indonesia are mainly basic and ultrabasic rocks in the weathering crust of laterite nickel ore, located in the eastern part of the archipelago, the ore belt from Sulawesi tracking the Hal Mahe La Obi, Wye Georg Islands and Yi Lian Jaya bird head peninsula in Tana Meira, Indonesia ultrabasic rocks with weathering crust are widely distributed, so its lateritic nickel and cobalt mining ore prospects. gold processing machine


Indonesian nickel mine nickel content of about 1.7% of the majority, according to traders introduced nickel grade of about 1.7% nickel ore prices are reasonable, the market demand. In addition, because Japan and other developed countries early in the 20th century began with Indonesia's cooperation, a joint venture mining company mining high-grade nickel ore, high grade nickel ore almost Japanese importers, containing 2% nickel monopoly. refurbished jaw crusher


Indonesian nickel mine iron content between 10.66% -17%, and the range of 38.51%, standard deviation of 11.16 percent, high volatility.
  Generally the lower nickel content, the higher the iron content, the nickel content of nickel, iron content of about 9% in about 40%. The fluctuation range of the phosphorus content of 0.001% -0.024%. Indonesian nickel mine phosphorus content is generally low, most of the phosphorus content is below 0.01% 0, very few phosphorus
  Containing more than 0.02% moisture content ranges between 28.9% and -1%, poor 16.2%, standard deviation is 5.06%, the quality fluctuations. The moisture content of more than 40 percent, accounting for 55.26%, the moisture content is generally higher. mining conveyor prices

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