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Mar 5, 2012
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Mar 5, 2012 7:56 PM

New runner: Advice on mid-foot pain.



I had my first official 10K run this weekend, it was my Personal Best 54 minutes. I run 15-20kms per week, I have been running from last few months, did 10k twice before this. After this 10K run, i have pain in my right mid foot, its more toward out-edge of foot. I use Nike Air Max Moto+ 8. i face no issues in smaller runs, I have very slight pain in calf muscles, but i know thats normal, but am really concerned about pain in mid foot outer edge, I am not sure if i put my heel first or midfoot, once it will heal, i will try running on treadmil and ask someone to notice.

Can someone help me and tell me what am doing wrong? or its just shoe, I do not think i have flat foots, they have normal arche.

  • ydiez Pro 161 posts since
    Nov 7, 2011
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    1. Mar 6, 2012 8:23 AM (in response to mittu)
    Re: New runner: Advice on mid-foot pain.



    I would not worry too much, at least at the first moment, I have personally experienced similar pains to the one you describe and they generally just fade away with rest, ice maybe some compression... I mostly got them on race days as I generally try my best and am more focused on the race than on listening to my body.


    A lot of things can cause minor (and not so minor) pains and sores, from small traumas caused by some inadverted blow to small muscular ruptures or the old and alway present plantar fascitis (this might be caused by an innappropiate running shoe). Of course, in some rare cases these minor pains migth also be the start of something more serious.


    I would recommend you to let it rest for a couple of days, R.I.C.E. it and it will just probably just go away. If the pain persists after a few days, then it is probably time to go see a doctor.

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    2. Mar 6, 2012 1:01 PM (in response to mittu)
    Re: New runner: Advice on mid-foot pain.

    I agree with the excellent advice from ydiez...the foot pain may be totally normal following a race.  It does happen often.  I would only suggest maybe looking into inserts (perhaps through a sports PT or there are some options that you could try out on your own).  A lot of times, certain shoes begin to perform differently on a LR schedule, so alternating several different pairs might be of assistance.  Remember, they also wear down quickly in running (about 300 miles), and then the lack of support, comfort, flexibility and so can actually cause injury or aggravate existing foot issues.  (Look at the bottom of your shoes and see if you can locate a wear pattern) I'll bet it looks different on the right shoe.  In any event, if the wear pattern is along the edges as opposed to directly up and along the center, then you will want to look at other options. 


    Again, it is a good idea to have as many different pairs of running shoes as possible so that you are not placing stress on the same areas over and over again.  Nike has wonderful products.  I have five different kinds of their running shoes currently.  If they work well for you, then look at a newer version or different model (consider orthos as necessary and take a look at your socks also).  I learned the hard way that socks are almost as important as shoes (some of them cost as much), but well worth the investment.  I switched to over-the-calf compression and it really made a big difference.  Basically, search around for the right combination that fits your individual needs, increases your performance and reduces the risks of injuries.  It may take some time and experimentation, but it is worth the effort. 


    Wishing you many happy miles and successful races!

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    3. Mar 6, 2012 6:17 PM (in response to Jasko123)
    New runner: Advice on mid-foot pain.

    I have had that pain, found it was Plantar Faciatias, as soon as I started massaging and streaching my feet it went away. What really seems to help is if I streach and massage my feet first thing in the morning before I get out of bed.

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    4. Mar 7, 2012 9:22 AM (in response to mittu)
    New runner: Advice on mid-foot pain.

    mittu, to avoid running injuries, I suggest running about 180 steps per minute.  This will prevent overstriding and hard heel-striking.  Sometimes I carry a Seiko DM-50 metronome, which I set in the range 60-62 or 90-93.  I try to take about three running steps every second.  Descending hills, I try to increase my cadence and avoid long lunging strides.


    I used to run with cushioning inserts, but now I remove the sock liners, and practice a midfoot or forefoot landing.  You can practice midfoot and forefoot running on grass when you are barefooted or wearing only socks.  I usually wear light-weight rather minimal shoes with zero or 4 mm drop from heel to toe.


    Even so, I sometimes have a pain in my left foot, which may be caused by a Lisfranc foot injury.  So far, it hasn't interferred with my running and racing.

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