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Authentic True Religion Jeans! How To Know The Difference Between The Real Deal And Fakes!

UHello everyone! Are you a big fan of designer denim? Have you always wanted a pair of true religion jeans, but don't live near a store that sells them? Well there is always the option of buying them online, which is very convenient for just about everybody! The only problem that arises with buying online is- "Are they authentic? How do you tell? How do you know you are not getting ripped off?" Well in this article, I will discuss a few ways that YOU yourself can learn to spot the REAL DEAL versus the FAKES! Ready? First off, you must know that true religion jeans are very, VERY expensive. There are the regular stitched True Religion jeans, the BIG T stitched (with thicker stitching), and the SUPER T stitched (with super thick stitching). The Super T's are the most expensive, around $319 per pair. Your first clue to whether or not the jeans you want are safe to buy is: PRICE. If they are too cheap, then chances are they are FAKE. However, this is not always the case. I have seen countless fakes being sold at very high prices. So look out! Pay attention to details!! Details such as the stitching, shape of the horseshoes, inner pattern on the pockets, rivets, placement of the back logo patch, inseam length, material, inner tags, and even the belt loops are all ways to tell the difference between a REAL pair and a FAKE pair. I will cover each one of these for you. 1. Stitching: Real true religion jeans have stitching throughout the jeans that is comparable to regular thread. It is very clean, even, and without flaws, such as running out of the lines or being stitched on top of. It is very professionally done, and doesn't look like a two year old tried to sew them. Fake pairs tend have have stitching that looks more like yarn, and gets fuzzy looking. It is often sloppy, with a lot of mistakes. 2. Horseshoe shape: The back horseshoes on the pockets should be evenly places inside of the back pockets. This is a huge clue, as MANY and MOST fakes cannot get this right. Authentic True Religion jeans have horseshoes that are centered evenly from the top to bottom, and left to right. They are not narrow in shape. 3. Inner pockets: True Religion Jeans have small red Buddhas on the inner pocket lining. They are small, evenly spaced, and red. FAKE pairs have larger Buddhas are often very faded (or barely there), maroon in color, and the pocket material looks tan, not white. The pocket material should be white, with smaller red buddhas. 4. Rivets: The rivets near the front coin pockets are made out of a metal-like material. They are never plastic, which is commonly seen on fakes.

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