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The composition and uses of perlite

Perlite is a volcanic eruption of silicic lavas, rapid cooling from the glassy rock, named because of its pearl fractured structure. Perlite ore includes perlite, obsidian and turpentine rock. Perlite of the ingredients include a variety of general perlite composition of SiO2, TiO2, and so on.
Although the perlite is widely used in various fields, is a Bulgaria Coal Mining  late Ai industrial, but it is facing tough challenges in some areas in the near future, many materials will replace perlite.


The use of perlite
Perlite is an ultra lightweight, thermal insulation materials. It has light weight, low thermal conductivity, color, white, good acoustic performance, also has a non-toxic odorless noncombustible borers, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, etc., the character of its price is other insulation materials can not match. Has been widely used for national defense, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, refrigeration, electricity, textile, food filtration, Europe Gold mining tools residential architecture and interior decoration and other industries. Perlite sand by fine grinding and ultrafine grinding, can be used as a filler in rubber products, pigments, paints, inks, synthetic glass, insulation bakelite and some mechanical components and equipment.


Process characteristics of perlite
When acidic lava eruption surface, the magma is quenched with a large viscosity, a large number of water vapor can not be escaping from the magma and deposited in the vitreous in. When roasting, due to a sudden heat to soften extent, combined with water vapor to produce a lot of pressure in the vitreous, and the rapid expansion of volume. Vitreous cooled to below the softening temperature, and then cemented in the cavity structure, the formation of porous expanded perlite. bauxite fine powder make


The vitreous is caused by the ore expansion of the basic conditions, the water is caused by the underlying causes of the ore expansion, iron is one of the negative factors affecting the ore expansion.
Perlite expansion and a lightweight, multi-functional new materials. With light, apparent density and low thermal conductivity, chemical stability, wide temperature range, moisture absorption capacity of a small, non-toxic, odorless, fire protection, sound-absorbing characteristics, widely used in many industrial sectors. Antimony ore crushers

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