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Methods for chemical analysis of tungsten concentrates

Tungsten is a lithophile elements present in the pegmatite and hydrothermal deposits, mainly in the form of tungstate; known tungsten mine about 15 kinds, including wolframite and scheelite two. Wolframite (Fe, Mn) WO4, also known as tungsten manganese iron ore, containing approximately 76% of WO3 was brownish black to black, the remarkable semi-metallic luster, specific gravity of 7.1-7.9; in the monoclinic crystal system, crystal often has thick plate, the crystal surface often vertical lines.


The wolframite often symbiosis together with quartz veins. Scheelite gravel crushing machine, also known as calcium tungstate mineral, containing approximately 80% of WO3, often has off-white, sometimes slightly yellow, purple, light brown and other colors, significant adamantine luster or oil sheen, accounting for 5.9-6.1; the case of the Quartet crystal, the crystal often has dual cone, a collection of more than irregular granular or dense block. Scheelite often symbiosis with molybdenite, galena and sphalerite. Known tungsten-containing ore quartz - wolframite ore, skarn - scheelite ore and placer deposits and other types.


Beneficiation process of wolframite wolframite ore has mining dilution rate, and low grade mineral disseminated coarse particle size, density, hardness, easy to mud, deep color, dressing in order to re-election. The process includes a pre-selection, grading re-election, selection and comprehensive recovery of fine mud for four parts. Suriname bauxite crushing


Of WO3 tungsten fine mud content is higher than the ore, metal share of around 15%. Metal recovery of the fine mud of the majority of tungsten processing plant less than 50%. Tungsten slime sorting using the shaker belt chute and centrifugal concentrator. The single-use shaker sorting tungsten fine mud, the lower recovery. Centrifugal concentrator since the 1960s, the centrifugal concentrator - flotation, high intensity magnetic separation  Bahrain Marble mining flotation beneficiation process, the recovery rate of tungsten slime processing operations increased by 10% to 20%.


Scheelite ore dressing process the thickness of the disseminated ore particle size using a single flotation re-election - the flotation of two kinds of processes, disseminated scheelite ore is generally a single flotation process-based, coarse-grained disseminated scheelite ore - flotation process-based re-election.

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