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Titanium sponge pollution

Magnesium reduction of titanium tetrachloride production of titanium sponge, in the production process of high temperature burns, electric shock, poisoning, suffocation, acid burns, lifting injury, fire, explosion and radioactive against other dangerous, is a more dangerousindustrial production. Chlorination to produce titanium tetrachloride in boiling pass chlorine gas, the furnace also generates carbon monoxide, hydrogen chloride and phosgene (COCl2) and other toxic gases, with each class to put the residue and chlorine run escaping, they can cause acute poisoning with chlorine. african djibouti mining
Are original and distillation vacuum heating, high temperature and pressure conditions of production, requiring a high degree of sealing, if any leakage of water, it will explode. Ilmenite often contains radioactive material, smelting, chlorination, the last polymerization in the chlorination residue. Therefore, from ilmenite ingredients briquetting, electric furnace smelting to slag chloride, there is the radioactive infringement on the human body. botswana quarry equipment


From titanium sponge production process, the emission of toxic gases can not be avoided, because a process called to put the residue in the production, meaning the rest of the slag for the emission of raw materials, will emit large amounts of toxic gases. In addition, the raw material itself has a radioactive titanium sponge pollution removal can not afford.


From a medical perspective, the titanium is a biological affinity of the metal, its most important feature is that the human body without any side effects, and high biocompatibility, stability is good, used to make jewelry than gold and silver more light weight and special titanium color. angola iron copper machine


Consumer goods, we are the most common contact is pure titanium frames, although titanium purity but often because the price of different differ. Similarly, titanium frames will not have any health effects, to produce pure titanium frames only to the quality of light can reduce the burden on the bridge of the nose. Japanese manufacturers of titanium into the water through special liquefaction technology, and then fiber cloth soaked which make fiber adsorption of titanium particles, and ultimately made ??into clothes or socks to wear things said to have a relaxation of muscles.

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