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Vanadium pentoxide chemical properties

Vanadium is a non-ferrous metal, vanadium pentoxide is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, mainly used for smelting vanadium iron. Used as an alloying additive, accounting for more than 80% of vanadium pentoxide, the total consumption, followed by organic chemical used as the catalyst, the catalyst, about 10% of the total, a further as inorganic chemicals, chemical reagents, enamel magnetic materials such as accounting for 10% of the total. Benin mining equipment
Vanadium pentoxide chemical properties
Vanadium pentoxide is an amphoteric oxide, but mainly to acidic. Significantly above 700 ? volatile. 700-1125 ? broken down into oxygen and V2O3, this feature makes it the number of organic and inorganic catalysts. A strong oxidant, it is easily reduced to a variety of low-cost oxide. Slightly soluble in water, easy to form a stable colloidal solution. Dissolved in alkali to generate vanadate. Dissolved in acid does not generate the pentavalent vanadium ions, generated Croatia limestone mining. Toxic substances, the maximum allowable air less than 0.5mg/m3.


Vanadium has many excellent physical and chemical properties, and thus the vanadium pentoxide use a wide range of metal "vitamin," said Most of the initial vanadium are used in iron and steel, and grain refinement of steel, to improve the grain coarsening temperature, and thus play to increase the strength of steel, toughness and wear resistance. Later, people gradually found excellent improvement of the role of vanadium in titanium, and applied to the aerospace field, Costa Rica copper mining makes aerospace industry has made a breakthrough.


With the rapid development of scientific and technological level, the human requirements for new materials is increasing. Vanadium in the field of non-steel covers many areas of aerospace, chemical, batteries, paint, glass, optics, medicine.

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