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Gold commodity plunged you could start to?

The Greek general election triggered a different round of global financial market turmoil. S & P GSCI Spot Index tracking 24 commodities last Friday fell on the lowest level since December 22 a year ago, endless decline is a longest since December 2008. The index fell 0.8 percent on Friday, fell 0.4 percent as compared with December Christian Louboutin sale 31 recently, this can be a goods first down year since 2008. The main commodities, the past Friday of oil dropped by another 1% to $ 96.13, has dropped to a minimum of 2012; London the other day, gold fell below the 1620 key support, all around Dollar,579; London copper weeks or 2.23 percent, to $ 8,039; chanel bags U.S. corn index closed $ 542, setting an alternative reduced November 2010. At one time, winning a hot the dollar has been show alone, the dollar index in the last nine trading days rising continuously rising continuously to your longest since 2008; U.S. Treasury yields massive continuous decline in the 8 weeks, the length of the longest since 1998 . 10-year Treasury yield closed Nike Air Yeezy Glow In The Dark 1.84 percent on Friday. Because of this there are a number of income to shop for U.S. Treasury bonds. Cause It's a small market turmoil may happen agitation within the multiple factors: a Greek general election adverse EU aid implementation within the treaty, nike free run Greece right out the euro develop risk; french presidential election Hollande came to power, opposed to France and Germany to rescue co-ordination the debt crisis in Europe; 3, the Spanish banking system risk increases cited market worry; JP Morgan bond derivatives trading huge decrease of 2 billion U.S. dollars, shaking market investors to shop for dollar bonds hedge; poor Chinese economic indicators, released on Friday. In April, industrial production rose Beats by dr dre only 9.3 percent, far below market expectations of 12.2%. India's industrial accident contracted by 3.5%. Among these, the Greek general election and then the Bank of Spain hidden may be the major reason. The largest negative cast an intense shadow over Greek election brings about the EU aid. In March 7th, I remember when i stated that "Greece still is torture global investors nervous," a text warning: "(even if you March rescue clearance), Greece holds a broad election in May, the modern government are not going to refuse anyone with recognize Greece's obligations still suspense. "unfortunately. The earliest round of parliamentary elections, no party received many, against tight left-wing radical Alliance (Syriza) Party emerged since Parliament's second large party. The past week, the Parliament leading to a three major parties take turns in the future toward form a government, had failed. Next, the President has to take charge to form a national unity government. If more will not be successful, it got to do this in June re-election in your second round of election, are not going to political party, is accountable for occurance on the Government. As reported by the latest polls show, the pioneer round belonging to the second left-wing radical alliance support rate of 23.8%, Jeremy scott adidas Jeremy scott shoes JS wings Adidas x jeremy scott Adidas by Jeremy Scott Christian Louboutin Outlet has exceeded the 1st round of ranking first during the New Democratic Party. If resolutely oppose tightening the radical left-wing alliance won in the second round and formed a government, its leader, Samaras (Antonis Samaras) Once you really want to put his campaign about the platform of implementation - the Greek election results bailout failure, have to be suspend payment on the debt, Greece has voted against the barbaric rescue ". Greece and then the EU's salvage agreement are going to be at the mercy of a deadly threat. Rescue agreement, Greece have to be issued in June, less support measures towards the specific specifics of the full 11 billion euros. European Financial Stability Fund will be paid 5.2 billion euros of funds to alleviate their urgent has got to Greece before the end of June. The dollars is certainly caused by used to the return of Greece's maturing debt. If Greece refused to less support, the EU is probably going to refuse relief, Greece was struggle to refinance maturing bonds, Greece even more than 26 billion euros of debt default, or maybe even zero. Troika up to 150 billion 260 billion debt, others in the industry are commercial banks and also the private sector. If evaporation, will the European Union, the ecu Central Bank and also the IMF carries a direct impact, and further aggravating the losses of economic banks in Europe. Like a penalty, the EU or Greece expelled in the euro area. Given that the market respond to last Friday, the Greek ten-year bond yields have risen to 24.75%. Consequences for Greece in the event the exit within the euro, the U.S. rating company Fitch has issued a warning: If Greece could be to exit the euro area, the eight countries, including France, Italy and Spain shall be downgrade. The second big bad Spain Banking hidden deepen. Spain previously underestimated all the potential decrease in their bank and disregard the potential price of housing home loan defaults. At this time, the Spanish government has asked the nation's banks will further increase the total bad debt reserve 54 billion euros to have scale of 166 billion euros. The nation's central bank estimates that this amount will cover most belonging to the property development credit losses, but you can forget about money to make up in the damage to individual home and corporate debt. The study analyzed, considering all the potential bad debt, bank's bad debt reserve total with respect as much as 270 billion euros, in case crammed with fiscal and government debt surged Fifty percent, had the international community for help. If Greece refused to pay your debt, then a Spanish commercial banks also suffer additional losses. Thus, last Friday, the ten-year bond yields vacation again over 6%. In view of the Spanish treasury bonds totaling to as much as around 700 billion euros, comprising 8-9% on the total public debt of one's euro zone, Greece, Ireland and Portugal combined, Spain swallowed the appetite on the bailout funds is noticeably greater than Greece. Behind Italy plus Spain also bode well, its national debt is the sum Spain, Greece, Ireland and Portugal. By Greece and Spain caused a panic with the euro area, its largest beneficiary is definitely the America. For the reason that euro, gold and commodities slump, lots of international capital to obtain U.S. Treasury bonds hedge, that causes the U.S. 10-year Treasury yield was from the early rebound fell to one.84 percent yesterday morning, a couple of.3%. If the panic on the euro and commodities continue, the odds of the government Reserve short-term launch QE3 will fall - but the remaining portion of the year, the u . s, to be removed nearly 1 trillion dollars with debt, in case your market has extra income to own the Fed naturally without direct Note Printing a. Therefore, the Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs and bond king Gross vowed in June to push QE3 not play with. However, in that instance national monetary policy is exceedingly loose, as well as the global commodity resources are increasingly scarce, the U.S. 10-year note yields just 1.84%, is really a distorted view to your already incredible affordable. If the usa aren't able to still output risk in Europe and East Asia, there's really no a higher price to circulate straight into the America to obtain U.S. debt, the Fed inside lover continues to be not completely exclude the possibility of pushing QE3. In america and Europe balance between China's attitude is much more important, modern sign that China's weight is a lot more inclined within the Country. February getting Twelve dollars.7 billion of U.S. Treasury bonds; Yesterday evening, the leadership of the investment company stated it hasn't purchasing euro-denominated debt. That the U.S. is constantly on the success of a political compromise - much like the South China Sea issue in exchange for the practical interests of China, and further approaching the endurance limit in China plus the EU. If China as well as the EU because of the monetary economy, the past can not afford the collapse of america will win without fighting. If you state that China is a Liu Bei, the EU is Sun Quan, the U.S. is Cao Cao. The "Three Kingdoms" over the following will undoubtedly be much more wonderful subtle, to ensure that we go on to watch tv

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