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hazencage Rookie 2 posts since
Jun 1, 2012
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Jun 1, 2012 6:02 AM

I just started to take long distance running more seriously.

In both college and high school I was often one of the best runners in the district/conference, but my level of training was never done at a high level. My three mile time was around 17:00, and for the five mile I often finished the race in 27, or 28 minutes. After graduating from college I had a hard time getting back into running, and staying healthy until I decided to study for the police exam. Henceforth, in just the past few months I have been lifting weights, and running on a consistent basis at a level I have never done before. Finally, because of this effort I have decided to run a half marathon, and eventually a marathon while continuing to train my body. The only obstacle that may get in the way sometime in the future would possibly be the police work, because I am not exactly sure how to balance shift work with my sport.


my routine is

I run 18 miles every other day, and in between those days I do 12x 1600 intervals.

I also lift every day.


Most of my workouts are done during the day, because in the morning its just hard to get going. any advice?

  • skypilot77 Legend 1,077 posts since
    Dec 16, 2009

    Welcome back to running.


    I'm not sure I understand your training schedule.


    You are running 18 mile runs every other day?


    Or you are running 18 miles per week by running every other day?


    You are doing speed work at about a mile (1600 meter)


    It really does not matter that I understand or not. You said you want to run a half marathon. There are plenty of on-line training plans. Grab one of those that you feel comfortable with.


    This plan -- which ever one you grab --- will put you on a good training schedule that will be a mix of different types of runs -- long, short, fast, pace, recovery, etc. This will build your base of miles, and safely get you to a half marathon.

  • Kinver88 Pro 80 posts since
    Oct 2, 2010

    18 miles is a lot for regular training but then again I have heard of some people running miles more than they need to in one go as then the shorter race that they are training for feel alot easier. It sounds like you might be a competitive runner so you should clock a few 13 milers and see what kind of times you can pull off. Shift work shouldnt be a problem as you can run at the times of the day when other people will be working so gyms, roads and footpaths will be a lot less busy!


    Happy Running!

  • Jasko123 Legend 461 posts since
    Apr 18, 2011

    I am not sure I understand the training schedule of 18 miles every other day in combination with the intervals.  Are you splitting the LR into separate sections three times per week and then focusing on speed for the a couple of days?  I am confused about the nature of the 36 or potentially 54 miles per week. 


    Are you running a total of 18 miles in a single effort?  If so, I would say no worries about the half and even the full would be totally in range. 

  • Joseph Tree Legend 378 posts since
    Oct 22, 2010

    To call your training unconventional would be an understatement.  Who knows, it might work fine for you, but it sounds a lot like too much, too soon and way too hard on your body.  Truth is that I'm the last one around here to push for schedules and plans and such, but your training just sounds like the runner's equivalent of a blunt instrument.


    Try this: Take a bit of a break from the 18 milers (dial it back to 10's maybe), and in the freed up time read up on aerobic training (getting the highest return for the time spent) variations in tempo, terrain, rest breaks, and the whole world of knowledge a lot of people have assembled regarding not just how to run, but how to be healthy and how to train your body to run well, safely, and with joy.


    Just be glad, maybe, that your first impulse wan't to run a marathon, or you'd have been out there for 30 miles a day to train for a 26 mile race.

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  • skypilot77 Legend 1,077 posts since
    Dec 16, 2009

    hazencage wrote:


    I run 18 miles every other day because right now my focus is running a half marathon. When it comes to running long distance it is always a good idea to run more miles that what the actual race is.

    Now that I understand that you are running 18 mile runs -- every other day -- your original post asked for advice.


    My advice would be to change your training ways. I mean, you are obviously free to be  ---


    But if you want to run a half marathon or eventually train for a marathon find an on-line training plan. You will become a better runner by mixing the duration and intensity of your workouts. And you will be healthier.


    Have fun, and good luck

  • nowirun4fun Legend 208 posts since
    Oct 22, 2010

    Having enjoyed this post, and the great replies from the folks who take their running serious...I just had to reply.


    Keep that training up for 5 years then come back and tell us how it is seriously working out for you.  One of two things will happen - either you aren't as serious as you now think you are, or you'll be all prepped for the 2020 olympic trials.

  • BOSNPM We're Not Worthy 2,482 posts since
    Nov 20, 2007

    You are headed to shoal waters for sure, injury on the horizon.  Pick a plan as Sky stated, if you want to run a good 1/2 every run should have a purpose (some of which is to recover!).  Even the best runners in the world don't do 18 mles every other day and 12X 1600 interval between.  Good luck

  • ALatteCrazy Pro 105 posts since
    Feb 6, 2011

    18 miles every other day (with 1600 mile interval repeats on the off days) sounds like a really tough training schedule. Don't get me wrong, I love my long runs but I generally do the long ones once a week and add mileage slowly. Sometimes I have time constraints too which prevent me from doing more than an 8-10 mile long run because I don't have 2+ hours which would include the drive time to the trail or place I meet others to run and water drops for a longer run (I live in the desert where 100+ temps are common). A half marathon is pretty easy to train for if you already have a long mileage base, the most I ran before I tackled my first one last year was 10 miles and that was actually run on my treadmill. I don't recommend doing your only long run prior to a half or marathon on a treadmill but live and learn, right? I trained much better this past year and ultimately had a really fun half experience with a great PR. To date my furthest long run is around 14 miles but I'll get up to 20 soon since I'm training for a full in Oct.


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  • lenzlaw Community Moderator 10,539 posts since
    Jan 18, 2008

    Interesting post and interesting replies.  I admire your enthusiasm and your ability.  Your training probably more closely resembles that of an elite runner than a "serious" amateur.  Except elites would be doing 2-a-days to get that 18 miles and though they might do 12x1600, it would be no more than once a week.  You really need to better organize your training for variety of type, pace and distance.  Try a book like Daniels Running Formula(by Jack Daniels) or Advanced Marathoning(by Pfitzinger and Douglas).  My fear (as expressed by others above) if you continue is over-training, stagnation and possible crash-and-burn (injury).  I hope you can continue to train at a high level but you need to better plan your training.




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