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Jul 7, 2012 10:21 PM

Fastest way to get BACK into shape after Losing  it?

I was off running 3 years. I  used to be below 19 mins on most 5k and below 1:40 on all my half marathons besides 1. Now I am having trouble doing almost anything. It took me a long time just to run under 9 minute mile for a single mile OMG i can't believe that. I ran that in march or feburary. Now its july I only gotten a little faster doing 7:26 is my fastest mile and my pace for runs is like 11 minute miles. Slower if its hot even :\


I seem to be improving to slowly. I think maybe I am being patient rather than agressive? I used to be a super agressive runner that would do anything crazy. But it took me years to run under 19 min 5k's I know some people excell faster than me but I take alot of work to improve always it seems. More than an average person to get the same goal I think. I am only 25 im not old and im 6'3 176 pounds. I spend most of May and the end of april basetraining like 6 weeks doing as much miles as I can it seemed to help but I only improved in 1 month so much. It seems in march of this  year When i was going all out 20 min runs on the treadmill I was making more progress than I am with half the milage per week I did in may. But not sure. I only got up to 28 miles per week which isn't alot compared to what i Used to do but if I did more than that the miles would probably be  so slow it would be redicilous so I couldn't do more than 28.. Trust me..



Some of the problems this year after reading my logbook is the month of April. I overtrained april seconds So had to totally rest my quads. It was one of those freaky overtraining things where you cant even run. I had to do not much 10-14 days. This happened Once in my entire life before this significatly so I knew right away it was overtraining so i rested and my quads went back to normal. Not sure the cause of the overtraining but im just telling you that I did. Then near the end of april I got the flu which 4 days ruined. I missed running 3 days but I walked 1 of the days and jogged super slow the 4th day but all my momentum faded. Then last week of april and all of may basetraining with no speedwork so i can make my milage per week more. It helped me a bit but i feel only a little progress not enough like i wanted.Then june and july im mixing speed worrk in with all a variety of training doing it all and not overtraining.


Has anyone ever lost it all and had to bring it back? What is the fastest way to bring it back? Should I attempt getting to 40 miles a week or doing more tempo type runs? Fartlek is not good dont even suggest that to me please its just uncontrolled intervals. My milage is 18-25 now with speed work but if i went to the 30s i wouldnt be able to do speed work. I can do around 32 maybe per week if i slow it down alot and all long slow distance. My experience with that is that LSD long slow distance is not good to do to long becuase you will not benefit from faster speed work. So if i keep my intervals balance and add on a few miles i can get up in miles but my intervals will have to slow down. I cant add more of everything at the same time because then I would slow slow slow down to 12 min miles Like i was doing in Janurary



I am making progress but 3-4 months from a 8:45 mile to a 7:26 mile is not progress. The slower miles are easier to improve on. I dont know how the hell when i was 16 i ran a 6:19 mile without speed training I dont think i justt did tons of 8-10 mile runs. Anyway if you read all this and found it interesting im glad. Anyone have an idea? I hope I explained the situation where you don't tell me anything silly because u misunderstood me.


One more question: is improving my 1 mile time more important than my 4 mile time or doesnt matter? It seems that 1 mile is easier to improve but they are all connected I think. Like if your mile time gets faster so does yout 4 mile and 8 mile time so I cant just focus on 1 mile fast run and expect that to be the easy guy then build off that adding on distance once i get it down to a 6 minute mile or faster. BTW i ran 11 miles max only without stopping ever since i got back. IF i build my long distances maybe tats the key? Im really confused and im tired of slow progress. Im running on flat ground mostly too and not even adapted to hills so if i hit a hill on a race even after i get faster ill be in trouble!

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    1. Jul 8, 2012 10:17 AM (in response to MarcusB092)
    Fastest way to get BACK into shape after Losing it?

    You're making pretty significant progress on your mile time, even if it isn't where you want it to be. You need to put in more miles to make your longer runs faster, because you need to rebuild the strength of your muscles. The bad news is that that takes time (and it will take longer if you push too hard and have an injury). The good news is that it will happen even with 11 minute miles. From strength comes the power to do faster shorter runs.


    A sensible running plan builds a base mileage by running three to four times a week, with one run either a long run or speed work. When you've done this for a few months you may add days, add mles, or do one long run and one tempo run in a week. I suspect that if you keep to this program you will be doing six minute miles in 6-12 months.


    Good luck


    Robin from Maine

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    2. Oct 29, 2012 6:09 AM (in response to MarcusB092)
    Fastest way to get BACK into shape after Losing it?

    I'm 60 and just started running again after 5 years of not being able to run. The road back has been difficult. I started simply by building my base, went from 16/mi week to 40+ miles/week. 2 weeks ago I started incorporating speed training, I varied the types of speed training, fartlek,surge, tempo and also some speed training on the treadmill. I will start at a 7. 2 setting warm up for 2 minutes, then increase the speed to 8.5 for 2 minutes, rest for 5 and repeat for 30 minutes. Evently hope to increase the total time to 1 hour. I also do hill sprints and quad exercises and pylometrics. After 2 weeks of speed training I've been able to improve my 10k time from 49:49 1 month ago to a 46:19 I ran 2 days ago . The key is to be patient and gradually build up, or you'll end up with injuries. When I was in my 30s I used to average 5:50 -6:00/mi for 10k and 1/2 marathons, trained a lot different then ran 100-120/week and all my training was done at race pace. I had a lot of injuries during that time and also a lot of GI problems.  I've learned over the years that quality trumps quantity when it comes to running. Gradually build up your base and speed. I like to start with building my endurance first then work on speed. Don't forget weight training/stretching and  inbalances in muscle strength can cause problems. Rest is also critical allows muscles to rebuild/heal after hard work outs.  The key is to find what works best for you.

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