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Experience Tourism Malaysia

Tourism Malaysia is a destination many tourists attention. But before we come to this country, you should consider a number of features in the daily activities of local people to away crestfallen. 1. Immigration:

Vietnam travel Malaysia for 30 days without a visa.

Everyone entering Malaysia can bring 200 cigarettes. In Malaysia, the items such as cameras, watches, pens, perfumes, cosmetics, lighters are duty-free. For goods subject to tax as clothing, clothing accessories, jewelry, ********, spirits ... when brought into Malaysia, you must deposit a sum of money called a temporary import. Leaving Malaysia, you produce the item and receipt of the deposit and will be refunded 50% of the amount you deposit.

2. Law

You may not smoke in areas where signs prohibit. You will also be fined heavily if if littering the streets, especially in the capital, Kuala Lampur.

You are not allowed to bring drugs, the drugs, the depraved cultural products. If trafficking, drug trafficking in Malaysia will be the death penalty.

3. Money Exchange:

Money Malaysia Ringgit Malaysia (RM). However, you should not rush to change money at the airport of Kuala Lumpur or in the bank. Let the money to the shopping center, you will change to a much higher rate.

Ringgit Malaysia (RM) - bear the currency of Malaysia. 4. Dress:

Malaysia is a Muslim country so discreetly costumes should be your priority in his luggage. When I met the woman Muslim or Hindu, you should wear at least half of the arm, can dress knee-length or longer, the better.

When visiting temples or Hindu, Muslim you remember dressing neatly, cover the arms and legs off his hat, took off his shoes before entering and not touch the idols and paintings. especially when visiting Muslim shrine, if new agreed you should enter the temple, it is best to be Muslims.

5. Eating:

Food Malaysia is quite light, will not appetizing for tourists eating salty. Malaysian noodles also handy for guests because of a some Malaysian noodles label even with the coconut milk. If you do not like the food not appetizing at the hotel, guests can down the street a few Chinese dishes.

6. Culture:

How to greet familiar Malaysia is touching the palm of the other hand, then clasped her hands together across his chest. However, you should pay attention to avoid shaking hands or contact with the opposite sex. If in a public place, you should not miss hand pockets.

while in Malaysia, all actions you should use your right hand to perform for the concept of Malaysia, the left hand is considered unclean.

All hotels in Malaysia have to add 10% service charge and 5% tax. You do not need to reward employee commissions.

7. Contact Information:

In some hotels in Malaysia, if you want to call from your room, they must contact the reception and to sign a new, they give you money to make a call. Phone the hotel is very expensive, so buy phone cards in each country and then call in a public phone booth. How to call from Malaysia to Vietnam:

00 +84 + area code + telephone number

00 + 84 + Mobile

Please prepare yourself for a minimum knowledge to Malaysia and while traveling if there get lost or need help. Look for a tourist police officer. You can identify them through green dress shirt, dark blue pants and hat band checkers their team and one of the features the letter "I" (information) on the red and blue band on the breast pocket. 

( Source TwinTigers)

"Twin Tigers - ready for an adventure"

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