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Nov 22, 2012 12:03 PM

30th Fifth Third Turkey Trot 10k, Stuffing Strut 5k, & Mashed Potato Mile Reviews

Share your experiences with the 30th Fifth Third Turkey Trot 10k, Stuffing Strut 5k, & Mashed Potato Mile below Back to event details page.

  • smsudlow Rookie 1 posts since
    Oct 21, 2012

    This was the worst event I've participated in because of how unorganized the event was.  I had over ten family and friends in the race, they all felt the same way.  They didn't really release people in "waves" and it was chaotic, no room for running.  Just utter chaos.  In addition to that the signage was very minimal on the 1-2-3 (etc.) mile markers and split from 5K to 10K.  Also, at the end of the race there was a HUGE bottle neck that added minutes onto everyone's time! They ran out of medals to give out (I told all members in our group to start in the Comit group to avoid this issue).  They also ran out of food for the runners (I had plenty when I went through). How does that happen?!  If I knew who organized this event I'd never attend a race of theirs again! I'll never participate in a Detroit Turkey Trot!!!

  • jjspw Rookie 1 posts since
    Jun 23, 2012

    This was the worst, most poorly-organized race I've ever participated in.  I will never participate in this eventor any other event put on by The Parade Companyagain.


    (1)  No one was directing participants to get into corrals.  Participants were simply "following the crowd" to the starting area, but once there, no one really knew what to do.  It was impossible to see signage/corrals through the crowd.  This resulted in many people starting in the wrong corral, not starting at the right time, and not knowing where to start.  More signage and having a race director clearly and loudly give directions here would have helped.


    (2)  Same as above for inside Cobo prior to the race.  Race volunteers/employees were yelling at people to get to the start line.  No one was listening to them because they weren't speaking clearly and couldn't be heard through the crowd.  Much much more signage and direction was needed here.


    (3)  Numerous times on the course, people who were waiting for the parade literally ran across the road THROUGH THE PACK OF RUNNERS!!!  Several times, this caused me to have to come to an immediate stop for these people (and their kids and strollers).  This is a MAJOR SAFETY HAZARD.  Police and volunteers along the route need to be more alert to this.


    (4)  Everyone with kids, a baby jogger, pets, and walking absolutely must be forced to start at the back of the pack in such a huge race.  There is never a reason why a runner (even a slow runner like me) should have to dodge packs of walkers four abreast all the way up to mile 2.  It's a safety hazard and causes unnecessary bottlenecking on the course.


    (5)  Signage along the course was poor.  I only saw one mile marker along the 10k route.  Water stations needed larger signs.


    (6)  The finish line was a complete mess.  Had to wait for a massive bottleneck to get through, which added a good 2-3 minutes to my time.  Once there, it took another few minutes to wade through the crowd so that I could get a bottle of water.  They also apparently ran out of finisher medals a few thousand finishers too early--mainly because they failed to cap the registration, allowed for huge numbers of race-day registrations, and were giving medals to babies who had been pushed in a stroller.

  • Meghan0526 Rookie 1 posts since
    Dec 2, 2010

    As a tradition I have always done this race with my family and it was one of my favorite races. This year it dropped from that list and we will be looking for a new Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot to run. There were far too many participants for the race to support. Why was there not a cap on how many participants you could handle?? From the water overflowing out of the bathrooms in Cobo, the completely unpoliced "corrals" at the start, to the 3 dead stops during the race and walking across the finish line due to crowd congestion, there were clearly thousands more than the race was equipped to handle. Having a race be sold out for those trying to register too late would be immensely better than taking everyone's money and spoiling race experience for all.

  • WeirdFish Rookie 1 posts since
    Aug 2, 2011

    Both the organizers and defenders of this poor excuse for a race claim that those who are mad are being unreasonable because this race was supposed to be a "fun run."  That is, unfortunately, a poor excuse for a poorly organized event.


    A "fun run" is not timed, yet this one was.  The start was disorganized and I was passing people who were supposed to be in slower waves.  Race bandits were everywhere (which contributed to the shortage of medals, because there was nothing stopping me from grabbing 2 or 3 more for myself.  I would have just had to put one in my pocket).


    All in all, this race was poorly organized. The Parade Company clearly was overwhelmed and was unprepared for the number of participants as well as basic running etiquette.


    If it's billed as a "fun run," then eliminate the timing.  If it's to be timed, then it's not a fun-run.

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