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Nov 23, 2012 6:31 AM

Training and want to lose weight

I'm running my first half marathon on Dec. 30 and would like to lose 5-7 pounds.  But I can't seem to get my calories right.  I have a body media and some days I burn 2500 calories.  If I reduce to 1800 for a couple of days, then I'm starving and my training suffers.  What do you guys suggest?

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    1. Nov 23, 2012 1:15 PM (in response to Runner grrrl)
    Training and want to lose weight

    Hi Victoria,

    I understand the dilemma and it is difficult to find the right combination of nutrition, supplements, vitamins and so forth to best balance with training. 


    The short answer is that everyone is different with regard to body chemistry and that is why there really is no specific diet or weight loss plan that is going to be beneficial across the board.  There are fancy equations out there about figuring caloric intake, the type of calories and what is required to lose one pound and so on, but honestly, most specialty diets are not reliable or predicatable, (again, because there are just too many individual circumstances). 


    I can offer a few things that might be helpful.  First, try smaller portions more often with healthy snacks as opposed to larger meals.  This is (usually) a benefit to keep metabolism moving at a steady rate and helps avoid blood sugar spikes and food cravings. 


    Next, try to combine complex carbs, high-quality proteins and healthy eating those together because they work better together.   Of course, remove any highly refined flour/sugar products or processed items altogether. 


    Finally, try reversing/rearranging the timing so that the majority of your calories are consumed prior to 4:00PM.  For example, eating high-protein first thing in the morning and having a quality snack late afternoon to off-set a hunger burst later in the day. 


    I would also say check out some vitamins, supplements and protein shakes.  They make a big difference when you identify the right choices for your personal needs.  I utilize them on a regular basis, but it is a search (with some experimenting) to find a good match.  There are some products with Chromium, for instance, that may be okay (for some) to reduce sugar and starch cravings.  Also, CLA and green tea have been beneficial for others, but read the labels and do the research on any supplements and providers.  


    Overall, I would say look at the quality vs. quanitiy of your calories...and remember some carbs have a short energy benefit and a nasty side-effect of making you feel like you are starving 30 minutes later.  (pancakes with regular syrup, for example!)  If you are feeling weak with reducing overall intake, then it is most likely the type and timing of the foods as opposed to anything else.  It could be as simple as just needing more iron in your diet.


    P.S.  Try not to estimate how many calories your are burning...that is another big trap that can disrupt your weight-loss goals.  It is just human nature to consume more when we feel entitled to compensate for exercise (and then the benefits fade away).  This is why it is possible to actually gain weight on race days. 


    Wishing you all the best with your half. 

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