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Air Bags In Car: All You Need To Know

Air bags for vehicles (including front, side and head) quickly inflate to cushion and protect the driver and passengers in case of an accident. The air bags have deployed 3.8 million times since its initial use in the 1980s and has saved more than 5,000 lives. Installed in 56 million vehicles, the air bag is a supplemental safety device, the first line of defense is always a seat belt. The risk of dying in an accident is reduced by 65% ??with the use of seat belts alone, the use of seat with the airbag reduces the risk by 15%.


The benefits of air bags are checked, but many of us have seen the safety notices contained in vehicles and heard the news that can cause death. Till date, the deployment of air bags has killed 147 people worldwide, due to the force of the bag itself, to not wearing a seat belt and sitting too close to the airbag. Air bags are not fluffy pillows, air balloons are inflated with a burst of energy.


What are the air bags?


They are an innovative energy dampening system to prevent the driver or passenger from hitting the face or torso violently on hard surfaces or plastic toyota altezza gita.


In the case of side air bags, its function is to reduce injuries in the pelvis and neck, being very important the speed at which they are fired, varying it between 200 and 300 kilometers per hour.


The airbags curtain, are the most used in the recreational vans, known as sports utility or SUV, whose propensity for rollover is higher than in a car sedan. These bags mainly trying to protect against violent blows head on the ceiling or roof when turning.


An air bag is designed for adults or older than 12 years, so a 10 month old can literally be beheaded by force out of the element.


What is the correct distance between you and the air bag?


The optimal distance of a driver or passenger front bag is 25 inches according to research from the National Highway Safety in the United States, the NHTSA for its acronym in English.


You should be able to control your vehicle and as a reference, your wrists should reach the top of the wheel in a comfortable way, this is the correct distance from the steering wheel should be.



Are there risks with air bags?


According to the above-mentioned institution, NHTSA, there are risks when traveling with the airbags activated. Only be dangerous to be exposed to them at a distance of five (5) to eight (8) inches at the time the bag is detonated.


If you are very small, you should install a switch your supplier to avoid being damaged by air bags.

clear bags only if your doctor has advised you to do so or if the doctor believes that the bag can be more dangerous than a blow against the dashboard of the toyota altezza gita.


What happens if you are pregnant?


If you are expecting a baby, no need to disconnect the air bag should care but the distance from it, as well as the mounting point seat belt. The latter must be placed under the abdomen or "belly" commonly known as the baby in the womb.


The biggest risk we can take a woman who is pregnant, is injuring his neck, head or chest to hit the steering wheel. The abdomen should be the most protected when you go in a Toyota Rav4 or toyota altezza gita.


If you wear your seat belt properly, the air bag and distribute the impact of a mishap will save more.


Is there a law?


No. In Mexico and many Latin American countries there is no legislation or regulations in this respect, being that all manufacturers should include them as standard equipment like brakes with ABS or ABS.

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