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Dec 28, 2012 11:31 AM

Getting better: Training regimen?

What's up guys! So here's a little background information about myself, before I ask my question.

I'm currently 20, and started playing basketball when I was almost 17. So I didn't have years of practice growing up. When I started out, I completely sucked. If people hadn't been nice and helped me after pick-up games, I probably would have given up.
Now, I am a very strong 3 point shooter (I try to keep track of my shots when playing and I usually shoot around 40% from the 3 point line in pickup games)
As I have progressed, so has much of my game. I can dribble with my right hand, but not with my left. And I am a little chubby, and want to be able to get in shape so I can guard anybody I have to. 


So what is a training regimen I could do, every day or every other day (Workout, practice shooting, dribbling drills, etc) to make my game become better than it is now. I need a workout regimen, some sort of shooting regimen I can do, and dribbling drills I can do every day or every other day.


When I say I'm chubby, I mean I'm 6 foot, 235 pounds. So I got a few extra pounds on me, which I am currently working on getting off. (I weighed 255 like 3 months ago) So I need a workout regimen to build muscle as well as endurance on the court.


And a dribbling regimen to help me progress my left hand, because right now, if I start dribbling with my left, I probably will lose the ball within a few feet.


I'm just trying to become the best player I can be, and was hoping you guys could help me out! Thanks!

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    1. Dec 28, 2012 8:17 PM (in response to BallinMatt)
    Getting better: Training regimen?

    I would go to youtube or look right on here for some good ball-handling drills. I would make sure to stick with things that have game-like moves in them. Some ball-handling drills dont make sense because they are moves you will never use in the game, you will only get better at the drill. It is tough to describe types of drills but like i said, look for drills with game like moves (crossover, through the legs, etc) in them, as well as 2-ball dribbling.


    As far as a schedule or regimen, it depends on how much time you have during the day. If you have free days to yourself, i would say in the morning, do some ball-handling/conditioning work for like an hour, around midday lift weights, and then later in the day do a ball-handling and mostly shooting workout. If you have say school or work during the day, i would say weight lift/conditioning in the morning and skillwork (ballhandling/shooting) later in the day.


    for weight lfiting, i would do lower body one day and upper body a seperate day and try to lift about 4 times a day.


    It is tough to descibe how to do the drills in this post, so youtube is a huge help or if you have a basketball coach or center in your area that you can go to that is good to. Make sure you do game situation drills, drills that simulate moves you will make in the games.


    P.S. a simple way to improve your left constantly is using it for simple things like picking things up, using untensils, holding the remote, opening doors, etc


    Hope this helps! Good luck!

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