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Jan 4, 2013 11:42 PM

I just turned 16 - is it too late to start basketball

I just turned 16 and I am a sophmore (will be a junior next year). I probably started playing basketball in kindergarden and I was  always on some sort of team up until freshman year. I always really enjoyed it but I was never taught how to shoot the proper way until the end of summer before the 7th grade. I practiced a lot and by the time my school team's (private school so we only had 10 kids on the team or so and I was the tallest) season was over I was playing drastically better than before and I actually had near-perfect form. When I realzed that I could actaully be good at basketball and how much more fun it is when you are actaully skilled I fell in love with the sport. I felt confident in my skills enough that I decided to try-out for the best team in my area. I played ok the first two days of the tryout but I felt like I wasn't going to make it. But on the third day I did very well in all of the shooting drills and (the tryout had around 60-75 kids and there were probably 6-8 assistant coaches evaluating) the main coach noticed my good form and the success I was having (I was probaby the 5th tallest in the tryout so the fact that I was a big man and could shoot probably intrigued him). He pulled me apart and asked who I had played for? and I said that I had only played through my small catholic grade school and he was surprised. Then he asked who taught me my shooting form becuase he thought it was very good and I said that my dad did. After the tryout I thought that I was definite to make a team (they were fielding 3 I think) and I ended up making the 2nd team which I was very proud of. My team had a decent amount of talent but we were poorly coached and the organization started to fall apart at the end as they went bankrupt. We barely ever won but we did go to Louisvlle (I live in St. Louis area) for a big tournament which was good because it showed me that there are much much better players out there. During the offseason I began to grow a little bit too cocky and became complacent when it comes to practicing. I still ended up playing much better than the school year before. Looking back now I realize that I thought I was way better than I actually was which actually hurt me in the end. I didn't practice very hard over the summer because I thought I was definitely going to make the highschool team. We had about 60 freshman (out of a class of 250) tryout and I became instantly worried. I never really played well in the tryouts (because my skills had weakened) but I made it through the first 2 cuts. There were about 25 kids left and there were going to be 20 spots ( An A and a B team). I thought I was going to make it because I was one of the tallest. I ended up being one of the 5 kids cut and I was heartbroken. I didn't touch a basketball for at least a month. Before the tryout I always legitemately thought I was going to play in the NBA. Being cut made me think that maybe basketball shouldn't  my career plans. I still started practicing again and I promised myself to get on a workout regimen but I never really got with it. Over the summer I gave up on basketball and up until now I didn't really think I would ever play again.

Not making the team and ultimately giving up on my biggest dream really made me depressed and ever since I have gotten into pretty bad shape and have been really stressed lately.


I follow basketball very, very closely and know alot about college basketball and it is still my biggest passion. I actually decided a couple months ago that I am going to try and be a college coach when I am older.


I was actually just googling is "Is 16 too late to get my tonsils out" because I am having my tonsils out soons and I wanted to know the risks, but I saw on the suggestions "is 16 too late to play basketball" and I found somebody's post on heren and the encouraging comments made me realize that it is not to late and that I do not want to regret giving up on basketball when I am older. My dream is no longer to be an NBA player or any type of pro-league player. I just want to play college ball. I realize that it is probably a bit too late to get recruited to a big-time program but maybe I can go to a small d-2 school or try and walk on to a small d-1 team.


I am 6 ft.1 - 6 ft. 2 and I am supposed to reach around 6-5 ( all of my mom's 3 brothers and her dad are at least 6-3. My mom is 5-10 and my dad is 5-11 ( but he has an uncle who is 6-7). Right now I way about 185 lbs but the problem is that my body fat % is like 24% or something because I have never lifted and do not get ample exercise. I haven't played in a very long time. I am obviously slow and can't jump (i'm white). I have P-90x and access to a gym and a trainer. Other things that I have that could potentially help me reach my goal are: my mom works at a highschool and I have access to the gyms there, I have access to my old grade school gym, and I actually have a half-court basketball court in my backyard. The other thing that could help me that is particularly interesting is that I know a close family friend, who played 4 years at St. Louis University in the late 90's and is actually still really good, who would be willing to train with me.


Do you think I could reach college level?

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