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Reduce Fuel Consumption Of Car

Uses nitrogen instead of regular air

If normal car tires, has no major advantage. This is becauseregular Mazda Bongo tires undergo much smaller changes intemperature and pressure conditions where the atmosphere behavesalmost the same with nitrogen.

After several studies and observations on normal users, it wasfound that the swelling tires with nitrogen instead of air iswithout air fuel decreases, or, at best, fuel economy isinsignificant and does not justify higher price for usingnitrogen.

Powers morning when it's cold

It's a myth of 'I learned something physical, but I do not knowexactly what ... ". In theory, fluids (and hence gasoline anddiesel) are more dense at lower temperatures, hence the idea thatif you fill up when it's cold, a liter of fuel will contain moreliquid than when it's hot. But dismantling this myth is verysimple, simply applying logic: fuels are kept in tanks buried belowground, where the temperature is almost constant, whether it'snight or day.

Cauciurile inflate above the recommended

True, but very little, and the effect of this solution iscompromise traffic safety.

After several specialized tests, it was concluded that if theincrease in tire pressure of 1 bar above face value, low fuelconsumption is about 0.5%.

That is, if you normally use is 5 litres/100 km, inflating tiresto 1 bar above face value you get 4975 consumption litres/100km.

So insignificant saving money about 15 per hundred kilometers,or 0.15 cash per kilometer. What is, however, downside? Rubberbecomes more rigid control of the Mazda Bongo at high speed,especially on hard braking gets worse. Conclusion: not worthit!

5 tips

1. Do not go too fast - if you want to eat less, it's good tokeep a decent speed on public roads, to note that, not only intheory, if more than 100 km / h to 10 km / h, the mitsubishi galantconsumption will increase by 10%.

2. Adopt a good style - generally those with a more aggressivestyle of driving, suddenly brakes and accelerates heavily, eat morebecause the engine needs more fuel.

3. Check your tire pressure regularly - it's good to not havetires deflated, because forwarding resistances are higher, so themitsubishi galant will consume more, especially at highway cruisingspeeds.

4. Respect between revisions - the your works betterand has all systems and components in order, the chances are thatthe engine optimally consume so normal.

5. Use appropriate season tires - winter tires used summer driveconsumption because this tire has great grip on dry pavement, sorolling resistance is higher, winter, summer tires or all-seasonlosing the most Often grip, so in addition to taking safety risksthan lower engine revs up nothing, consuming extra

Thus, leu strengthened by 3.3% compared to the historical highof 4.6481 lei / euro, recorded nearly two weeks ago. Last month,Petrom announced price increases at the pump three times: on July9, with eight money every sort, on July 17, the price of petrol anddiesel increased by 9 and 8 cash per liter and 31 July, pricesincreased by 9 other money per liter. Thus, expensive gasolinereached 5.97 Standard 95 lei / liter at 5.69 on July 1, dieselStandard - 6,08 lei / liter, from 5.83 in early July. And noannounced price cuts for the next period!

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