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Mar 22, 2013 2:31 PM

New to marathon running...

Hey everybody, I just made an account here =D


     To start off, I'd like to run my first marathon probably around August 0f 2013.  I'm 5'5, 140 pounds, and 20 years old.  My past experiences with running have been all pretty good.  I quit smoking several years ago, and got to a major appetite increase along with some weight, and was at my highest of 160 pounds.  I began running 5 miles a day, and got down to 120, something that has made me really appreciate running as an exercise.  After this, I decided to join highschool cross country my senior year, and managed around a 19:30 5K time.  After that, I joined the swim team, put on about 10 pounds of muscle, and then joined track in the Spring and lost that.  I've been running college cross country for 2 years now, doing...  somewhat ok.  I think my best 8K time is around a 32:30.


     Now that all of that is out of the way, a little more personal background.  I have had problems with alcohol since a lower than average age, and I would say these first two years at college brought out the worst of them.  Frequent blackouts, weight gain, high tolerance, withdrawals, depression.  Being 140 pounds has sort of put me in my place.  I went to see a counseler almost exactly a year ago, got on an anti-depressant, and cut down my drinking a lot.  I went through withdrawals, and it sucked, but I managed to get down to drinking only Fridays and Saturdays.  This was fine for a while, but my tolerance grew, and now I'm downing more whiskey on the weekends than I feel comfortable with, along with occasional smoking again.  Still, I feel much safer all around now that I at least have it under control to the point that I black out very rarely, but this still sucks in general.


     And finally to why I want to run a marathon.  I'm pretty out of shape (in my eyes) though I can still run long distances without much effort, just at slower paces.  I feel the ability to pick up running again with ease doesn't leave one quickly.  The only problem, is since it is the off season, and I have nothing to work towards, I tend to just forget running, and run to my vices for comfort.  I figure a marathon would be a good goal, it would get me in shape, shed off all of this fat, and have me feeling good again.  The happiest time of my life was my senior year of highschool since I was constantly doing sports.  It kept my endorphins flowing, and I was always in a postive mood.


     Now, here are a few concerns I have.  Is running a marathon good preperation for running 8K's in college in the fall?  I've heard that with that kind of mileage, its hard to pick up the pace when trying to transition back into shorter, faster paced distances.  Also, while I'm looking to shed fat, which shouldn't be a problem with marathon mileage, I want to maintain some if even a miniscule amount of muscle so that I don't look like a twig.  The only problem with this is, I have no idea where to start with weightlifting and marathon running.  I've lifted and gotten decent results, but with marathon training it seems like a whole new ballpark.  Will I actually be maintaining/building any muscle if I'm running that far? 


     Lastly, a question a bit unrelated...  any advice on the drinking?  I'm considering just sticking to Fridays and leaving Saturdays out of the picture, but the older I get, the less appealing alcohol seems.  It really is becoming a crutch at this point, though I will inevitably get bored with friends tonight and drink a substantial amount of Jack Daniels =( It is embarrasing to say the least to be a 20 year old who can be classified as an alcoholic, and probably could have been for many years, while my peers in college are seemingly just experimenting and have things under control.  I really think running is the way out of this whole mess.  Like I said, during my senior year, I was my happiest...  I wasn't drinking very often at all either. 


     Anyways, to be honest I haven't really lurked at all to see how things work around here, but this seems like it is in the right forum and a reasonable post, I'm just in an anxious mood and wanted some venting and answers to those questions at a site I know to be reputable.  If I did something wrong...  yell at me and throw a running shoe at my head or something =)



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