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May 6, 2013 6:38 PM

Can't shake the shin splints- C25k




So I am starting the C25k for a second time. I am a sedentary male 6'3 259lbs.The first time in week 2 day 1 I encountered bad knee pain to the point I couldn't walk, especially down stairs along with shin splints. I just started today again and the shin splints are full force. I have proper running shoes fit with orthotics after going to running store for evaluation. I am overpronated and my foot rolls bad while running which was corrected with my current setup. I stretch really good for 5 min before and after. I use a foam roller as well. I am always hydrated. I am not running fast at all, just a little faster than a brisk walk. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Getting pretty discouraged and I am trying to train for an Academy.


Also, I encountered something extremely weird for the first time in my life today. About 30 seconds into my first run, my legs, thighs, stomach, and ches twhere extremely itchy. It was under my skin feeling. It stopped as soon as I stopped running and started walking but it kept starting up again as soon as I started running. It was purely unbearable. Anyone familiar with this?

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    2. May 7, 2013 8:52 AM (in response to AnthonyJJS)
    Re: Can't shake the shin splints- C25k

    This kind of thing is difficult to diagnose long distance.  Shin splints is an over-use injury, like most running injuries.  Basically, you're stressing your legs/body in ways they are unaccustomed to and unprepared for.  One thought is that you may be overstriding, that is, you are reaching out with your foot and it lands well in front of your body.  Run so your foot lands directly under your body (as near as you can).  The other thought is your comment about overpronating "which was corrected with my current setup".  Note that pronation is a normal part of the running (and walking) stride.  There has always been the idea that over-pronation needs to be controlled but it's unclear how much.  These days there is even some discussion about the value of controlling it at all.  That is, the cure may cause as many problems as the disease.  One example I like that illustrates overpronation is this video:  The runner shown is someone who recently owned the world record for the marathon.  Another possibility is that you may benefit from several weeks of brisk walking to introduce yourself more gradually to running.


    So these are things to consider.  The last thing is to post this question in the Med Tent, where you are likely to get more informed responses.


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    4. May 15, 2013 9:28 AM (in response to AnthonyJJS)
    Can't shake the shin splints- C25k

    Hey Anthony,

    I had (and continue on occasion) to have issues with shin splints myself and so far, I've just kept to walking (35, 6'4'', 270) so far and have done two 5ks (currently training for a 10k now).  Considering my experience with walking/running, I'm not completely sold on splints strictly being an over-use issue and under-use can also be a factor -- when I started training for my first 5k, the first few weeks were pretty rough on my shins.  I would definitely suggest after doing your stretches after your walk/runs that you ice them down and also try massaging them (I typically didn't have any problems doing it by hand - there are a few massage rollers out there, I like the smoother ones over the ones with the steel balls on the surface).  As I kept doing this after walks/runs, I noticed that I typically didn't experience them (or not as badly - typically, the longer, faster I went, they started up, but once I slowed down for a little, they became managable or went away).


    One way I discovered that helped me in developing those muscles more without running was while I was at work, I'd keep my feet on my heels and repeatedly step down (the closest I could think of in relation to this are those step-petals for the bass of a drum set).  You keep doing that, slow at first, but gradually getting faster helped me out.


    Can't speak to your itching thing though - does that happen whenever you workout or just when you run?

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