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10 Secrets Men Fall In Love On You

10 Secrets Men Fall In Love On You - Who says makes a man fall in love with you hard? The key is only one, you want to try and not passively wait for his arrival. Not passive aggressive but also because many men do not really like the aggressive woman. So what to do? Just try the following 10 ways to make him fall in love with you.

1. Be friendly and do not forget to smile when I see him. Make him comfortable when meeting with you so that he was not afraid to approach you.

2. Create multiple opportunities for you to meet him. Design scenarios that you encounter, and he as if accidentally. But not too often! See how he likes, if she looks 'shine' when 'accidentally' meet you, then move on to the next point.

3. When you talk to him, do not remove the eye. Listen and save it in your head what he's talking about. Do not take yourself so enthralled that what he said just missed. Do not want it if he said "Not today I've told you? You forgot or something? "

4. When he tells his personal issues or things that make down, lightly rub shoulders as a sign that you understand her feelings. Do not cut her off and let her finished, the new endorsement give sentences that he could solve the problem at hand.

5. For men, a woman laughed heartily thanks guyonannya is a remarkable achievement. Therefore, do not hesitate to laugh when he tells funny things. If the story is 'crisp' still laughing.

6. Find out what are the things he liked. You did not have to like what he likes, but point out that what she likes you can understand. Keep smiling when you know he's like maintaining a spider.

7. Listen carefully what he was told in a relaxed moment. Men are more open to him and his past in a relaxed condition. At times like this, you can read how the original characters. Could be he's told he likes, what he hates, record all that well.

8. Men love to praise, so do not forget to praise her looks, intelligence, humor and the things he's done for you.

9. Although he is an ignorant creature, he is still human beings with feelings. Not because you want respect, you do not respect her feelings. If there are things that can be discussed calmly, it is necessary not to grumble and yell.

10. We know, as they fall in love, you'll want to continue to be nearby. It does not seem willing, if he left you to go out with friends or to shop for men beloved motorcycle. Remember, ladies! Men need time for herself. Not that your presence does not mean, but he also has a life outside of you that can not be left behind. Look at how she would be happy when you let him get together with old friends without you.





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