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Jun 11, 2013 1:39 PM

Physical Workout Plan

Can anybody Suggest a physical workout that worked for them previously? Thanks

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    Jan 8, 2014
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    1. Jan 8, 2014 8:18 AM (in response to Cman1244)
    Physical Workout Plan

    Phase I    Day 1

    This is a 2 weekphase!!!

    All exercises are 2 sets of 20 reps with a 15 second breakunless otherwise noted



    SingleLeg Squatà___________lbs


    Single Leg Hip BridgeàBody Weight


    DBStep Upsà__________lbs


    DBLateral Squatà___________lbs


    DBPro Pressà__________lbs


    MedBall StandsàBody Weight




    DBAlternating Lungeà__________lbs




    DBFrontal Pressà___________lbs


    DBStiff Shoulder Flyà_____________lbs








    Phase I      Day 2


    All exercises are 2 sets of 20 reps with a 15 second breakunless otherwise noted


    DipsàBody WeightàIf you are unable to do 20use a bench


    PushUpsàBody Weight




    PullUpsàBody Weightà If you are unable to do 20use a spotter


    DBRowà___________lbsàReps are per side & Do 1Side at a time


    DBIncline Bench Pressà___________lbs




    DBUpright Rowà___________lbs


    DBStiff Shoulder Flyà___________lbs


    RockBack Leg LiftsàBody Weight


    In& OutsàBody Weightà3 second negative


    Phase I      Day 3


    All exercises are 2 sets of 12 reps with a 20 second breakunless otherwise noted




    DBClose Gripà____________lbs


    PhysioBall Traveling Push UpsàBody Weight




    MedicineBall StandsàBody WeightàReps are per side


    SingleLeg Squatà___________lbsàThis exercise is non-stop


    PowerStepsàBody Weight


    DBReverse Flyà___________lbs




    ReversePull Downsà________lbs


    PhysioBall CrunchesàBody Weight


    NoHand In & OutsàBody Weight



    Phase II    Day 1


    This is a 4 week phase


    Inch Wormsà2x





    Use 57.5% of max squat &add 2.5% per weekà2x10


    Physio Ball Hip Bridge & Leg Curlà____________lbsà2x15 

    Finishing position is astraight line from shoulders to knees


    DBRunning Lungesà__________lbsà2x10 each side




    PhysioBall DB Lateral Raisesà_____________lbsà2x15




    GluteHamàBody Weightà2x10


    DBStiff Shoulder Flyà_____________lbsà2x15


    SlingàBody Weightà2x15


    PhysioBall Reverse CrunchàBody Weightà2x15


    StiffLeg In & OutsàBody Weightà2 x15


    RockBack Leg LiftsàBody Weightà2x15



    Phase II      Day 2







    Use 55% of max clean &add 2.5% per week


    DipsàBody Weightà20 Reps

    Add weight if you can do 10reps


    PauseBench Pressà__________lbsà 2x10

    Use 55% of max bench &add 2.5% per week


    PullUpsàBody Weightà20 reps

    If you are unable do 12, usea spotter/gravitron/or super band to do reps

    If you are able to do morethan 10 straight add weight


    InvertedRowàBody Weightà2x15


    DBIncline Bench Pressà___________lbsà2x15




    FitnessPush UpàBody Weightà2xMax


    PhysioBall DB Stiff Shoulder Flyà___________lbsà2x20


    3 Up & 3 Down ABS

    ObliqueDipsàBody Weightà2x15


    MedBall V-Twistsà_________lbsà2x15


    DB Oblique Leg Tapsà2x15

    Phase II      Day 3


    All exercises are 3 sets of 12 reps


    Inch Wormsà4x


    PhysioBall DB Pro Pressà_________lbsà2x15


    OneArm DB Snatchà___________lbsà3x8


    DBTowel Lungeà____________lbsà2x12 each leg


    BosuBall StandsàBody Weightà2x15


    TowelLeg CurlsàBody Weight2x20


    DBIron Cossà___________lbsà2x12


    DBUpright Rowà___________lbsà3x12




    DBReverse Flyà_______lbsà2x15


    TrapBar Dead Liftà___________lbsà2x10



    AB CIRCUITà15 Reps Each Exercise


    Phase II      Day 4


    All exercises are 3 sets of 12 reps

    Inch Wormsà4x




    DBClose Gripà____________lbs


    ForwardPush UpàBody Weight


    PhysioBall Traveling Push Upsà__________lbs


    InclineBench Pressà__________lbs




    MedicineBall Push Upà___________lbsàReps are per side


    BosuBall Elbow StandsàBody Weight


    FitnessPush UpsàBody Weightà2xMax


    DBStiff Shoulder Fly’sà____________lbs




    AB CIRCUITà15 Reps Each Exercise


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